Very vs Zody – Which Haworth Chair is More Unique?

Haworth may not make much noise,  but it is one of the more interesting office chairs on the market. With the popularity of more intuitive mesh office chairs, the brand made a big leap into the limelight with the Fern chair, one of the most comfortable office chairs for long hours of sitting on our list

But today, we will take a look at the Zody and the Very. The Zody is next to the Fern in terms of popularity. But the Very also seems to be a promising chair. Not to mention, it has a lot of similar features to the Zody. So let’s compare these two Haworth chairs. 

Let’s get first to the similar features

Among all the Haworth chairs, these two units are the most identical. They share a lot of similar features and adjustment options. One of our favorites is the asymmetrical lumbar support. 

The lower back support of the Zody and the Very are height adjustable. At the same time, they are asymmetrical. You can change the depth of the lumbar support independently. So if you need more firm support for the left side, you can easily adjust it and leave the right side as it is. You will not find any other brand that offers such a unique function.

Haworth Zody Office chair - overlook

Though the design at the back will look a bit different. The Zody has levers that are covered with a squarish plastic piece. So you might not see immediately where the levers for the lumbar depth adjustment are located. The Very also has similar levers but they are quite exposed so you can readily tell where they are. Regardless, they function the same.

Both the  Very and Zody have a seat height range from 16”-21”. They can go high enough for users who stand up to 6’1” and those who are of average height. But the Zody can also be used by those who are slightly petite. The backrest has a forward tilt and this can make it comfortable for users who are slightly smaller. 

Still pretty much, a large group of people will be able to find them suitable for working or studying.

It has a similar design but the mesh feels a bit different from one another

The overall design of these two chairs is also alike. Upfront, you will be able to see the difference. The backrest has almost the same height and these have rounded edges. But there is a slight difference when it comes to the feel of the mesh.

Back of Very Chair
Back of Haworth Very Chair

The mesh of the Very feels a bit loose. And there are both advantages and disadvantages of a more loose mesh. The loose mesh will make you sink into the backrest a bit more when you are reclined. So at some point, you may be able to feel the plastic frame below, so it can be uncomfortable for heavy users. You might feel the plastic material digging into your shoulders. 

The very chair from Haworth

Though a more loose mesh means that it has a more pronounced backrest compared to the Zody. 

The mesh material of the Zody, on the other hand, is more flexible. The backrest has the same height, it feels a little bit wider. So the combination of a more flexible mesh and wider backrest will make it comfier for those with wider shoulders. You will also not feel the frame underneath. The mesh is also more flexible so it can feel a bit like the Fern in a way that the backrest can move with you. 

Both chairs feel solid but the Zody has more metal parts

When it comes to construction, an office chair with fewer plastic parts seems to be more preferred. It makes sense since it can make the entire unit more resilient and more sturdy. Thus, if you are going for a more heavy-duty chair, the Zody is a better one. It is a bit more expensive than the Very, so it is indeed an upgrade from the more plastic part.

Though the Very doesn’t feel cheap, it is still solid and stable and can provide firm support. But you can still tell that it has more plastic parts. The Zody, on the other hand, has a metal frame and more metal components.

You can also notice the more solid feel when it comes to the arms. The arms of the Very though soft, feel a bit jiggly compared to the Zody. The Zody’s arms feel less wiggly, but it can nudge if you push it, so it is not rock solid and can still sway when enough force is placed. But it is softer and feels comfier than the arms of the Very.

Both offer a deeper recline similar to an Embody or an Aeron

The Zody and the Very can be cheaper alternatives to the more luxurious brands. They do have that same relaxing deep recline most love about the Embody and Aeron.

But you will be able to tell the difference in the tilt function. 

These two Haworth chairs are quite unique and you might not see the same tilt functions in other brands, let alone for the same price. 

Haworth Very vs Zody office chair

But keep in mind that even if the Zody has a locking mechanism that can stop the chair from reclining,  it can still continuously recline when you’re moving, even with the slightest force. And you can’t lock the chair in an upright position. So if you need to work at a more 90-degree angle, these two chairs might not be ideal. 

Who will love Zody or the Very more?

Those who want a more cushy feel for the seat will love the Zody better. The softness of the cushioned seat of the Zody is the best among the other units of the brand. It also holds itself pretty well and does not easily deform. So if you love cushy support for your tush, go for the Zody. 

The cushion of the Very is a bit thinner, but it does provide firmer support for the butt. So go for the Very if you need a more firm base for your tush. 

Haworth Very chair

If you need an office chair for more task work or in an upright position, the Very will be a better choice.  But if you need a more intuitive backrest, the Zody will indulge you. But keep in mind that it’s not going to be as liberating as the Fern, but it would be able to move with your back more than the Very. So it can still provide the same support even if you’re stretching or reaching for something from the other desk. 

Zody >> check price

The Zody also has a wider backrest and less edge. Though the design of these two chairs is very similar, the Zody is more comfortable for those with wider backs and shoulders.

Those needing more firm support for the lumbar must go with the Very. Though you can adjust the depth of the lower back support independently, the mesh material of the Very makes it more pronounced.

The Zody and the Very each have a weird feature

The Zody has this pelvic support that can sometimes poke into the tailbone. And it’s made of plastic. So this particular part may compel you to choose the Very if it does irritate your tailbone. 

The Very also has a weird feature. It has a forward tilt. But there is no way to lock it and it might feel weird. It will make the chair have a free-floating forward tilt, which can really be uncomfortable for some. And we do not see a need for such. It might even make the chair confusing to use. 

Check price of Very

So both Haworth chairs have their own quirks. But we see more people learning to live with Zody’s weirdness rather than that of the Very. But the Very is the best alternative if you can’t afford a Zody yet.  

But we have to mention that both chairs are quite unique. Even the seemingly flaws are very unique to each unit. That makes them a rather interesting alternative to steep-priced office chairs.

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