Herman Miller Embody Logitech vs Secretlab Titan 2022 – Which Premium Gaming Chair is Better?

Embody Logitech vs Secretlab Titan - the gaming chair showdown

This one will be a challenging feat. 

We are going to compare two quality gaming chairs. These two brands are king. The Secretlab reigns over other gaming chair brands. And the Embody Logitech, though a newer player in the realm of gaming, has amazing ergonomic features as its office chair counterpart. 

So we are also excited about the Embody Logitech. Herman Miller doesn’t really have a dedicated line of gaming chairs, so this is one of their firsts.

So let’s do this.

Which has the better back support

When it comes to comfort and back support, you can’t go wrong with a Secretlab or an Embody chair. 

Embody Logitech gaming chair

You can enjoy the same benefits of an Embody back plus a lot more. Embody offers a different type of lower back support referred to as a pixelated support system. And though it does not have an independent lumbar system, it features a matrix of pixels that can support all the parts of your back.

Embody Gaming Chair from Herman Miller

From behind, you can see that the nodule-like features are evenly distributed from the upper back part to the lumbar area of the chair. The material of the backrest is also very flexible and more breathable than the Secretlab.

Despite not having an independent back support system and a lack of adjustment for the lumbar It can conform to the movement of the users. So this is perfect for someone who tends to move a lot when they are seated. You can get full support for all areas of your back, not just the lumbar. 

The Embody Logitech also feels more fluid and can make you seem like you’re floating and yet your back is fully supported. It is sublimely comfortable to sit on for long hours.

And like the office chair,  this one has one of the best S-shaped backrests. Compared to other models and brands it felt more intuitive. 

It also has a back angle adjustment so that you can fine-tune the chair more to meet your specific needs. So combine this with a very supportive and flexible backrest and an adjustable seat depth, you can tell that more people will find this office chair supportive and comfortable.  

Secretlab Titan Evo Black3 Gaming Chair >>> check price

So with the Logitech, it has more fancy gaming features than the Embody office chair. It also has a more cooling material so you will find this pretty cool for playing long hours.   It has a Backfit adjustment that makes the chair more intuitive. So this Embody gaming chair conforms to the movement of the person better than the office chair. 

The back support of the Secretlab 2022, on the other hand, is the best among the previous models of the brand. Thus it’s expected to offer promising upgrades from the previous versions. 

Embody Logitech vs Secretlab Titan 2024

The lumbar support has an internal mechanism that can be adjusted up and down. It’s actually a two-part lumbar system that is an upgrade from the previous models. You can also change the depth of the lumbar support, you can push it out or pull it down. And only Secretlab has this type of back support, you’d rarely see this in a gaming chair. Most gaming chairs are not really focused on giving the gamer a more supportive back or adjustable lumbar support. So the Secretlab is a gem for those who need more support for their back and those who need to play for very long hours. 

And compared to the previous models, the seat of the 2022 version feels just right. It’s not too soft or too hard, it has the same amount of firmness and cush, and it’s quite and cozy.

So to compare these impressive features will be hard. 

And though both models can offer a better seating experience compared to their contemporaries, there are slight differences in the type of support they offer.

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair

The Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair can offer more support for those who have back issues and lumbar problems. Though the seat has an additional layer of foam for comfort, it is still firm. 

The same thing goes for the backrest, it still provides firmer support. We reckon that if you don’t need pronounced support for your back, you will likely not love how these nodules work. But if you do need more, then you will be happy with an Embody, you might not want to stand up.

The Secretlab Titan 2022, on the other hand, will feel softer, though the support is still there, it’s just not as pronounced as that of the Embody. You can instantly tell the difference.  

Secretlab Titan 2022 offers a better recline but the Embody has better seat support

With the Logitech, you can consistently kick back and recline in the chair and it will not feel wobbly or shaky. You will still get that support that you want even if you are in a recline function. 

But if we are going to compare it to the Secretlab chair, the recline function of the Embody will seem subtle. So if you want to lounge around more and indulge in a more sublime recline, this is the better option for you. You will find the Embody less indulging for a recline compared to the Secretlab chair. After all, the Secretlab is still a gaming chair, so we already expect that it would have a better recline than the Embody.

But when it comes to the seat support, we feel that the Embody gaming chair did it again. 

The seat of the Embody is also pixelated, it’s the same material as the backrest. So it is quite flexible too. You can move around the chair in a variety of positions and your butt will still feel supported. But take note that it is still more on the far side and not a cushy one, but it is definitely more breathable. 

Secretlab Titan chair

So users who need to sit for a long time will love the Embody more. Though you will also find the Secretlab Titan 2022 great or long gaming hours, it might just feel too hot by the end.

Both have lots of adjustment features but the Secretlab offers three sizes

When it comes to the build, quality, and amount of customization, we’re fans of these two chairs. Both are made of high-quality material. So rest assured everything is stable, there are no flimsy spots. 

You can also fine-tune everything to your needs. The Embody Logitech and the Secretlab Titan 2022 can indulge you. So both are winners in this category.

The difference, however, is that Secretlab offers its users three different sizes. You can choose from small, regular, and XL sizes. And the XL size is very accommodating for bigger and chunkier people. 

Titan chairs

And with three different sizes, petite and taller users will be able to find a unit that can accommodate their height. The Embody Logitech, on the other hand, is ideal for taller users but might not go low enough for petite folks. 

The seat of the Secretlab is also very wide and deep. Even the armrests are very wide and comfortable too. So bigger folks will definitely find a better seat with the Secretlab chair. Chunkier folks will find the Embody a bit narrow, both the backrest and the seat.

The Secretlab Titan also has fancier features. Being the newer model, it is packed with more updated specs and newer features. Though both chairs are packed, the Secretlab has something new to offer to gamers, especially for gamers, specifically the wheels and casters are better. 

So if you are a gamer and you’re looking for some more fancy features, then you’ll definitely love the Secretlab more than the Embody Logitech. Fancy features can liven up the game, especially if you want your gaming chair to have more character and charisma. 

Embody gaming chair

So which gaming chair is for me

Before we decide, let’s not forget that the Embody Logitech still packs a heftier price than the Secretlab Titan 2022. It’s almost double the price. 

Check price

 It might seem confusing as to which chair to buy, but you can make it simpler by heeding our advice.

The back support of the Embody is still the best, especially for those who need more pronounced advanced overall back support. So gamers who have back issues or want to prevent back problems will benefit from the Embody more. Despite not having an adjustable knob to fine-tune the back short, the Embody still has a more sophisticated back system. 

On the other hand, the Embody is a firm seat overall. So if you do not have such needs for super, you will find it too firm Thus, the softer Secretlab will be a better choice. It will also be indulging for those who want a better and deeper recline function.

Durability-wise, you can’t be wrong with the two. 

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