ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll Review – very flexible

Knoll ReGeneration Chair review

In terms of flexibility, many say that Knoll ReGeneration is king. It could also be one of the most comfortable and flexible office chairs that you have sat on. Let’s see if these claims are indeed true.

About the brand – Knoll

Knoll is a premium brand that develops modern designed office chairs with high tech engineering. In terms of quality, it’s on par with other premium brands such as Steelcase and Herman Miller. In fact, the two most popular office chairs of the brand are often compared with the iconic Herman Miller Aeron.

ReGeneration Desk Chair by Knoll Review

Comfort Seat

The seat has a cushioned padding. It’s a little bit thinner than what I hoped a cushioned chair would be. So it feels a bit firm on the buttocks. But the thin cushion seems to hold up pretty well. Albeit the thin padding, I didn’t feel the frames under the chair will poke my butt. Hence, you might find the seat of the chair comfortable if you’re looking for firm support. 

But keep in mind that it’s not the type of cushion that will cradle your butt since the shape of the cushion is pretty much straight. I think this one is intentional. As the straight design of the cushion allows you to sit in the chair sideways.

Back and Lumbar support

The ReGeneration is made from a very flexible material called onyx. The backseat has an S curve and you’d feel instantly that the material can move with you. Even if you try to bend the backseat with your hand, it will give and it won’t break. The backseat feels kind of thin but it’s surprisingly very supportive 

And the netting design enables proper ventilation so sweating is one last thing to worry about. The chair also features adjustable lumbar support. There’s a thin bar at the back that you can move up and down to adjust the lumbar support. 

I find it very comfortable for the back. Since it’s flexible, I can move almost any way I want or sit in any position I want. And I still get nice support for the back. 

One of the most prominent features of the ReGeneration is called the 270 degrees sit flex design. This allows you to sit in a sideway position and still get that support for your back. I find this feature extra nice since it allows you to move. This chair somehow gives you more liberty to move but it won’t hurt your back at the end of the day. 


The chair initially comes with armrests that can be adjusted up and down. It’s made of plastic and I find it kind of short and a bit slippery. It also feels a bit too rigid and tough on the arms and skin. So I find it a bit uncomfortable. It could have used soft or thin padding to make it more accommodating for the arms.

Shipping and assembly

The ReGeneration will come in one big heavy box. So you might need help in carrying it. And you’ll find the handles at the side so the box is very convenient. 

There are very minimal steps involved in setting the chair up. It comes in pre-assembled and you’ll only have to connect the three parts- the legs, the chair, and the barrel. You might not even need to look at the instruction manual. It’s a no brainer.

You just need to slide the seat onto the barrel and connect the barrel to the leg frames. So you’ll find it very convenient if you’re not into DIYs. It won’t even take you more than 5 minutes to set it up. Carrying the box from the front door to your home office might even take longer. 

Customization and adjustable features

ReGeneration offers several customization options. If you’ll hover through their website, you have several options to outfit the chair with. You can choose to build it with 4-way adjustable armrests, an aluminum base, and better caster wheels. Though it doesn’t offer a heft of adjustable features like the Steelcase and the Herman Miller, these few options are still nice to have.

Adjustable features

Except for the armrests, I am quite satisfied with the adjustable features of the ReGeneration. The seat height can go high enough for users who stand 6 feet, and it also works well for shorter and petite users. So if your old chair has your feet dangling from the seat, this Knoll office chair can be a great alternative. 

The chair has a lot of flex. It gives off a nice comfortable bounce whenever you lean back. But you can also lock the tension in place. The chair seems to have a decent give and it doesn’t force your back to be in a certain position.

And oh, it has an adjustable seat depth. That’s why it can work for both taller and shorter users.

Build, structure, and warranty

It’s quite stable, sturdy. And it looks and feels well made. You’ll feel very stable and safe even if you move and fidget a lot. I felt similar comfort when I sat on the Aeron chair. Actually, it feels a lot like the Aeron chair, only with a few exceptions. 

The brand offers a 10-12 years warranty, similar to what Herman Miller and Steelcase offer. And a generous warranty period speaks volumes of the durability and construction of the chair. 


The chair looks simple and modern. It looks similar to the Herman Miller Aeron and the Sayl chair. The S-shaped backbone also resembles the Mirra a lot. And flexibility wise both premium chairs are at the top of their game. But the Knoll chair is flexible and giving. 

Knoll ReGeneration Chair

Knoll Generation vs ReGeneration office chair

There are several differences:

  1. The ReGeneration is a lighter and more compact version. Hence, the Generation can accommodate those who are a bit wider around the waist. 
  2. Generation is more expensive.
  3. The upper backseat of the Generation is more flexible. It allows you to enjoy an extreme recline. It can even serve as a comfortable headrest if you are going to slouch down on the chair. Also, it can serve as an armrest if you’re going to sit sideways.
  4. Both chairs have almost the same adjustable features with a few exceptions. The Generation lacks adjustable lumbar support. 

If you find the ReGeneration smaller, the Generation will give you more seat space. Though in terms of comfort the two Knoll chairs feel almost the same. And it can be a matter of personal preference.

You have adjustable lumbar support with the ReGeneration chair. So if you need more customized support for your back, this is a better option for you. But if you want to enjoy an ultra-flexible backseat with more give, you’ll find the Generation more comfortable. It’s also a more fun way to sit.


  1. This office chair is very flexible. It gives you more freedom to move. And It even allows you to move in a sideways position and still feel supported. Those who are very finicky and tend to slouch will find this chair the most comfortable.
  2. It’s made for 44 percent recycled plastic. And if you choose the aluminum base, it’s going to be 46 percent green.
  3. The ReGeneration has several adjustable features. Among my favorites are the adjustable lumbar and the seat depth. You rarely come across an office chair with an adjustable seat depth. Hence, it works for both shorter and taller users.
  4. The chair seems a bit small. So I don’t think those who are larger around the waist will find it uncomfortable.
  5. The armrests could have been better. The thin plastic is not comfortable at all. And taller people might find the armrests a bit short.
  6. Adjustment wise, if you want to make it more adjustable, you can opt for an upgrade of the 4 way adjustable arms at an added cost.

Who will benefit from the chair the most

You’ll love the chair if you’re looking for an ultra-flexible and firm office chair that can move with you. If you want to sit in a variety of positions without your back hurting at the end of the day, this is for you. If you tend to slouch a lot, this chair will give you additional support.

Though the chair can be used for both taller and shorter users, the armrests may be a bit short. If you stand higher than 6 feet, you’ll find the length of the armrests lacking. And since it does not have a high back seat and the size is smaller, really tall users might not have their back fully covered. 

Final Say

Indeed, the ReGeneration is one of the most flexible, if not the most flexible office chair I have tried. And the flexibility does not only from the thin material. Instead, it’s made from skillful engineering. And it’s a greener option too. 

It fits the checklist of modern office chairs. But be ready to shell out a bit more dough for it.

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