Jarvis vs Uplift: Who Has a Better Desk Drawer for your Office?

If you own a standing desk, you may find it frustrating that traditional work desk accessories do not come with many of these models. Because the desks are motorized and require space to be able to move freely, many do not come with shelves, drawers, or other commonplace features of older desks. Fear not, because major companies often offer accessories you can add on if you find yourself needing extra storage. Both Jarvis and Uplift are major players in the standing desk and office furniture market, and a popular item for both companies is their under desk drawers. They can be added on to their own desks, or others you may be wanting to add something to, and both have major pros. They are a little different, so let’s break down the major variations between the Jarvis Under Desk Drawer and the Uplift Locking Under Desk Drawer with Shelf.

Jarvis vs Uplift: Who Has a Better Desk Drawer for your Office?

The Jarvis Under Desk Drawer

If you find that your Jarvis desk is short on space, you’d be happy to hear that the Jais Under Desk Drawer both matches the popular standing desk’s bamboo finish, but also offers a great deal of extra space. The 15.75″ x 13″ x 4.25″ inner compartment increases space on any Jarvis standing desk, as well as fixed, traditional desks. This means you have an entire new compartment on your desk that slides in underneath the desk for papers, writing utensils and more. The drawer supports a maximum weight of 15 pounds, meaning your keys, laptop, and a few extras can go in safely and securely. Even as you adjust your desk’s height, you can have peace of mind that your items are safe.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Desk Drawer

It’s worth noting that the finish on the Jarvis Under Desk Drawer is naturally finished in the bamboo style, but because it is a natural finish, it may not match the color of your desk entirely. Each Jarvis desk is designed to its natural material, so there may be a slight difference. If that makes you wonder if it is worth buying, keep in mind that the bamboo line of Jarvis desks and drawers are crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo grown without pesticides or fertilizers These organic colors and finishes contain no colors or artistic designs from any chemical dyes or stains, meaning these are incredibly eco friendly and sustainable.

The Jarvis Under Desk Drawer

Best of all, it could not be easier to get the Jarvis Under Desk Drawer installed into your desk. While it does work best and look even better on a Jarvis standing or traditional desk, this drawer can be installed in any sort of desk you may have at home or in the office. Even the Jarvis desk will not have pre-drilled holes for this drawer, so no matter which type of desk you are installing the Under Desk Drawer, make sure to be careful in measuring for a straight, even layout. The makers recommend you use a power drill for installation, but it’s likely you may have luck using a screwdriver as well. The drill just allows for more power and control, which is why many find it easier.

The Jarvis Under Desk Drawer will fit naturally on any desk with surfaces 48″ or larger. If you do have a surface of 48”, Jarvis warns that you may see the drawer protrude from the corner. Many buy two so that each side of the desk match and provide extra storage, but one looks just as great. If you are on the fence about picking up a drawer for your office desk, this Jarvis Under Desk Drawer is a great option with secure design and great decorative finish.

The Uplift Locking Under Desk Drawer with Shelf

If a more clean, futuristic finish is more your style for your workspace, the Uplift Locking Under Desk Drawer with Shelf is your best bet. The first and most obvious difference between this and the Jarvis model is the fact that this option does have a keyhole for locking and securing items. If you share a large office space and want to make sure things stay in your possession. The key holds in place a sliding mechanism that allows the drawer to come out from the under of your desk. From a vertical viewpoint, you can not even see this drawer, making it invisible to anyone standing at the desk surface.

The Uplift Locking Under Desk Drawer with Shelf

There’s an impressive amount of storage in the Uplift Locking Under Desk Drawer. For starters, a 12″ by 12″ inner compartment increases space for files and more. It’s an added bonus that the drawer comes with enough room between its bearings and the drawer itself for storage of larger items. The 13″ by 13″ shelf above drawer holds items like tablets, laptops, and other devices to make room for a double faceted storage area under your desk. Allowing for this extra room does make the drawer hang down further from the surface of your desk, but you also can free up more space for your desk surface for writing, reading, and other desk accessories that need to be up near the monitor like keyboards, mouses, and more.

Uplift Locking Under Desk Drawer

Depending on the desk you have, whether it be from Uplift or other brands, you might want to try to match this drawer to your existing desk. Unlike the Jarvis bamboo finished drawer, the Uplift drawer comes in black, gray, and white powder-coat finishes to help match more accurately to your desk. With the Uplift desk, you also get the added protection of a guard stop near the back of the shelf to help contain items so they don’t fall off shelf. In case you slide something too far back, it catches the guard instead of falling to the ground, risking damage.


Depending on your current desk or interest in a new desk from these two major brands, each under desk drawer has different features that may appeal to you more than the other. Take these reviews into consideration before buying a new drawer for your standing or traditional desk, and enjoy the perks of having more storage underneath for added space on top.

Comment from garepottamus

I have the Jarvis with the bamboo drawer. It’s nice but overpriced. The front wood piece popped off a few months back—I used some wood glue and repaired it myself. The most annoying thing about it is the drawer is not on rails, it just friction slides out of its cubby. When it gets about 75% out, it will drop downward. Hard to explain but pretty lame design wise. Overall, about 3/5 stars in my eyes.

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