Sihoo V1 vs M57 – Will the more expensive V1 make a remarkable difference?

sihoo m57 vs v1 chair

The SIHOO M57 is already loved by many people, even gamers. What’s not to love about a cheap chair that will not break your back?  But there’s also a similar SIHOO chair that is more ergonomic and more expensive, the V1.  Let’s see if the added features are worth the cost.

SIHOO office chair V1 M57
Seat height range 16.7”-20” 19”-21.8”
Weight capacity 330 lbs 330 lbs
Seat width 20.4” 20”
Seat depth 17”-19” 20”
Tilting backrest 103-123 degrees 110 to 126 degrees
Warranty 3 years 1 year
Armrests 4D Flexible 3D
Lumbar Support 4D adjustable
Footrest option No Yes
Headrest options adjustable, big-size adjustable
Where to buy

The M57 will not break your back even if its China made but if you need to fine-tune back support, go for the V1

This SIHOO model has become one of the more popular units of the brand. We did find it a good find and did not expect a China-made chair to be this comfortable. 

The mesh material did not disappoint. We sat on several entry-level mesh chairs and more than half we didn’t find comfortable even for 2-3 hours of sitting. Most offer tons of discomfort. The rough mesh can irritate and scratch your skin so forget about wearing shorts or sleeveless tops. They are also not flexible and this can give you back pain, it mgt even feel like you’re sitting on a thin piece of plywood.  

black or gray of M57

And this is where the M57 excelled. The mesh is soft enough, flexible, and supportive enough. 

m57 chair funny
Source: SIHOO

The M57 is also one of the cheap mesh chairs that feels nice on the back. The combination of the quality mesh material and the shape of the backrest makes it ergonomic enough. 

You might not even need the adjustable lumbar. Though it’s a nice feature since it is height and width adjustable, it doesn’t seem to make an astounding addition to the comfort. It feels more basic, not that remarkable. 

Hence, even if you remove it, the chair will still be able to lend great back support.  You will be able to move side to side and have the chair still supporting you. That makes it ideal for sitting for more than 5 hours. 

There are a lot of good things we’ve experienced with the M57, considering the very affordable price.  But then comes up with a newer and more promising unit, the V1.  One will always get excited whenever a promise of a more pleasant seating experience comes up, and this is one of them.  

The V1 looks the same as the M57, but it is an upgraded version, in terms of everything plus the price. model, the V1. Now, ask us quickly if it can provide a better experience and if the additional cost is worth it. We’ll answer yes outright. 

The deciding factor is actually the price and if the new features warrant that increase.  It costs double the M57, it’s not just 200 or 300 dollars more.  So you have to discern everything very well if you plan on going for this upgraded chair. 

We already find the backrest of the M57 decent enough if you do not need to be pushed way forward to do tasking jobs.   

But if you need to fine-tune the comfort, the V1 offers more adjustable features. For one, the backrest of the V1 can be adjusted, so if you have longer legs compared to your upper body, you will be able to sit better in the V1 since you can have a longer backrest.   

V1 is more heavy-duty compared to the M57

One of the caveats of the M57 is that it is not a heavy-duty chair. 

Though everything is nicely built and connected and most of the components do not feel cheap, it can’t seat heavier folks. When compared to the V1, it is like a junior version. 

Both Sihoo chairs have almost the same seat height range. The V1 just has a wider range, accommodating more people on the lower end of the height spectrum.  But when it comes to the load that each chair can bear, the  V1 has more muscles. Those who weigh 250-300 lbs can sit in the chair comfortably. 

sihoo v1 chair review
SIHOO V1, image source: SIHOO

Though the weight capacity of each unit almost seems the same. there is a difference in how you will feel if you are heavier than 200 lbs. 

The M57 will not break right there and then, but there is a slight feeling of instability if you are over 200 lbs. 

If you are 250 lbs, creaking sounds may develop over time, especially if you sit on the chair every day.  And the feeling of instability intensifies.

SIHOO M57 >>> view price today

The mesh of the M57 also seems to deflate over time if you are more than 200 lbs.  And remember that the most flimsy part of the M57 is the arms and the headrest. So you can expect these parts to be more of a nuisance if you weigh heavier.

The V1 is more true when it comes to the advertised weight. It feels stronger and more stable. if you’re 250- 300 lbs, you will still feel comfortably supported even if the chair is tilted and even if you move a lot while seated.  

So it can better accommodate heavier folks who weigh 220-300 lbs.  

The mesh material of the V1 also feels stronger but still soft and flexible. It is still soft to the touch and has this decent flexibility almost similar to steeply-priced intuitive office chairs. Thus if you move a lot, you will feel better supported in the V1 compared to the M57. 

Both chairs can almost do what the height and depth adjustable lumbar support

There is a notable feature that both units seem to have. Both feature a width and height adjustable lumbar support.  But this feature does not feel sublime or remarkable. It will make these Sihoo chairs on the top of your mind if you need more pronounced lumbar support.  Both are basic and decent enough. 

sihoo m57 chair review

M57 and V1 have the same backrest shape, and each part also seems to be connected the same way, they are also shaped the same. 

And the way their backrests are designed makes them sufficient enough should you remove the adjustable lumbar support. So even without it, it will not make a significant difference to the comfort the chairs can give. And even with it, it doesn’t make a big contribution to overall comfort.  

It can get in the way sometimes, so most opt to remove the lumbar support altogether if it doesn’t even give them any benefit. 

The not-so-great things about the V1

We’re flexing the V1 since the added price is well worth it. But it will have its own Achilles heel. 

So here are some not-so-nice things about this unit. 

The knobs for the lumbar adjustment can be easily accessible by the side, but when you use it, it doesn’t feel fluid at all. 

You might even need to put in a little bit more effort so that it would turn.  Not a biggie, but can be a cause of nuisance for some.

There are also some design issues that we have spotted. The stickers on the adjustment underneath the chair look cheap. It seems like it would fade off easily. Again, small things that only those with a keen eye for detail would notice. 

sihoo m57 office chair
Sihoo m57 office chair

SIHOO M57 vs V1 – Our final verdict

So we are going to dissect our final verdict into sections so you can decide better. 

The V1 is more ergonomic

The V1 is a more ergonomic choice. You will see added features that are not in the M57. 

There’s the retractable footrest that functions as it should, it’s not flimsy at all.

The seat depth is also adjustable, should you have longer legs, this will be more comfortable for your knees. 

And it has a more stable armrest. It can be locked firmly in place. That is one of the caveats of the M57, the arms just unintentionally slide out of place when enough force is applied, actually, even a subtle force will move them.  

The headrest of the V1, like the armrest, also feels more stable and comfortable. 

The V1 is more durable

The added price of the V1 reflects not just the added ergonomic features, but also the overall build and construction of the chair. 

As we’ve said above, the V1 is the heavy-duty option. It is for those who weigh more than 200 pounds, up to 300.  If you’re looking for a unit that can last longer and yet you’ll still feel supported, go for the V1.  

The V1 has more metal parts than the M57, which explains the more muscles and more load.

Go for the V1 if you can afford it

V1 has tons of adjustable features, 11 of them. So this is a highly ergonomic chair. And even for the added price, double that of the M57, it is still within the mid-range tier. All of the features also function as they should, there aren’t any flimsy parts that don’t do justice to the unit.  

Though the lumbar support is not that remarkable, it can still be of value to some users.  And the chair being supportive enough even with the adjustable lumbar support speaks volumes of how the V1  was well designed and put together. 

Of course, it is best for those who stand up to 5’11” and not taller. But it is a tough mid-range option that can last for years.

And to answer the question if the V1 can result in a more remarkable seating experience, yes it can. It will be easier to move and still feel supported in a V1.

You will also be able to sit longer and more comfortably in the V1. 

But that’s not to totally downplay the M57, it is still a great entry-level chair.  

If you do not need the additional features in the V1 and can’t really decide if you want to splurge more, then the M57 will still be of great value to you if you fit into it. 

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