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ErgoChair Pro or formerly known as Ergochair 2 is one of the first chairs of Autonomous. They created this one with the slogan “work smarter”. Today we will take a look at this office chair & you can see more detail than “smarter”

Ergochair 2 review standingdesktopper

Firstly, you need to consider this problem. We are the reader-supported. So we take a review of this chair, but it does not mean you have to believe what you had read. It’s just experience

Sometimes, the experience is wrong

Such as a lot of people believe that “sitting is the new smoking…” or “you need a standing desk to help you have a better life”. No, it’s all PR

Totally agree with you guys, Your sitting posture at work has a lot to do with your health both in the short and long term. If you are aware of this, then you need to make a conscious effort to ensure that you maintain the best posture all through your stay at work.

But it does not mean you have to take care of your office chairs if they are still great. So if you don’t have to change your office products, just ignore this article.

Ergochair Pro 2 chair setup
Ergochair Pro 2 chair setup

Ok, now we will focus on the Ergochair 2, one of the popular chairs in the US market. If you already know about this office chair but you are still worried about anything like warranty or price, this post will help you make a clear decision.

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Let’s go, move on!

Ergochair 2

An ergonomic chair with mixed reviews from users

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If Herman Miller, Steelcase, or Haworth are considered the high-end brands, this chair from Autonomous with the mid-price range gets lots of reviews from all users. Some claim it’s a great chair for working, some hate it because of back pain problems, and some have bad experiences with their customer services.

Let’s break down a few comments below before we go into the deep detail of the Ergochair Pro’s feature

  • The issue from Autonomous Ergochair 2 Seat Cushion: A person claims that after using this Ergochair 2 for a few years, he has the interwebs and not him but others take the same problem with the material. When sitting on the chair, the black felt that covers it gets torn up inside of its cushion. This causes a whole bunch of disturbing lumps and ridges to form in various places throughout our seat’s fabric surfaces! Source
  • Another who has a bad contact with the brand: He bought an ErgoChair Pro and was so disappointed at the lack of quality. The chair is poorly built, and uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time; it’s like sitting on rocks with no cushion or anything else! He wanted the money back but the brand won’t allow him or others to return a chair for a refund if didn’t buy an item at full price! Source
  • As I assemble my ErgoChair 2, the features and comfort of this chair are finally making sense. It took me 20 minutes to put together but it’s worth every second! This thing has so many options that you can adjust according to your needs – not just physical ones either; there is an app for iPhone/android available as well if needed (not tested). So far everything seems perfect with no real complaints other than maybe wanting more time on hand before finishing up today’s project…Source

Autonomous Ergochair Pro review

Look like this ergonomic chair will make lots of people get confused before buying. Well, the truth is, this chair and other office chairs, are not fit everyone so worry if it is not for you. The best way to make sure it’s good is to try it at the showroom if it’s near you. Unfortunately, not possible for all people because Autonomous’s showrooms are limited to a few specific locations.

So, if you don’t have other chances to try first, then keep reading to find out.

Features of ErgoChair Pro 2

The ErgoChair is packed with a lot of features to give you the best possible experience from an office chair. Below are some of the features you will enjoy purchasing this product.

Molded Cushion Seat and Mesh Backrest

The first and most important feature an ergonomic chair should have is a comfortable seat and backrest. If the seat is too hard, you will start to feel uncomfortable in no time, and if the seat is too soft, the cushion will compress over hours and you will start feeling the frame on your buttocks. The molded cushion on Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is neither too soft, nor too hard; and as such, you can sit on it for a long period of time without aches around your waist region.

The backrest is made of mesh material which is really sturdy enough to support your back. Although some people have reservations about mesh materials in terms of durability, the one used in this product is quite durable. The mesh allows air as well, making you feel cool and comfortable for extended hours.

Ergochair pro at home

Fully Adjustable Backrest

Nothing feels better than having an ergonomic chair with a full range of adjustments, especially at the back. Most designs out there focus more on seat height adjustments and have a limited range of adjustment at the back. The Autonomous chair features V-shape support with a hidden hinge at the bottom of the seat. This support acts on the rectangular frame of the backrest and the whole assembly is designed to make the backrest tilt forward or backward. The angle of tilt can be adjusted with a lever that is located on the right side of the back. The chair feels sturdy no matter the angle at which you prefer to sit. There is also lumbar support to keep your back free from aches no matter how long you sit on the chair.

Autonomous Ergochair 2

Adjustable Armrests

Some ergonomic chairs do not come with armrests and some people also do not see it as a necessity. While armrests may not be a necessity, they can be important in some situations. The ErgoChair 2 comes with a pair of armrests attached to both sides of the seat. The armrests are roughly 10 X 4 inches wide and are adjustable. They are constructed from a vinyl-type material and are not uncomfortable, but at the same time, not overly comfortable too. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to type for a long period of time, the armrests will definitely come in handy.

Curved Adjustable Headrest

A headrest is an important part of ergonomic chairs. If you are unable to keep your head in an ideal position while reclining on your ergonomic chair, you will in no time start to feel aches around your neck. The ErgoChair 2 features a fully adjustable headrest that is curved and constructed with the same mesh material used for the backrest. The curved headrest keeps your head comfortable, allows air to your neck region, and can be adjusted forward, backward, upwards, and downwards.

Sturdy Base with Height Adjustment

There is really no point in having all the beautiful features discussed above in an ergonomic chair that has a bad base. The base is one of the most important parts of the whole chair because the chair is totally useless without it. Autonomous employs a tough base that consists of 5 casters rather than the 4 found on regular ergonomic chair bases. The casters are positioned strategically and allow smooth movement on dense carpets.

ergochair 2 pro

On top of the base is a standard gas lift shaft that carries the weight of the chair. The height of the shaft can be adjusted using a lever that is located directly beneath the base of the seat.

Easy to Assemble

The ErgoChair 2 comes disassembled so it is up to you to assemble it. A lot of people do not like to assemble products like this because they see it as too much stress. The truth is that it can be stressful if there are no clear instructions on the steps you need to follow to assemble the product. This is definitely not the case with Autonomous as they provide you with every single tool you need to assemble the chair. They also provide you with straightforward written instructions as well as an assembly video that clearly shows the steps. You will definitely find it easy whether you are tech-inclined or not.

Ergochair 2 autonomous office chair review

ErgoChair 2 is relatively easy to assemble as it hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes to put everything together!

ErgoChair 2 – the great Office Chairs for Posture

The ErgoChair 2 is one of the great ergonomic chairs that offer excellent support for a healthy posture. It features a mixture of Italian and Korean designs, which makes it an elegant piece of furniture to have in your workplace. The office chair is pure hi-tech and well-designed to ensure that you get the balance and the comfort that you need throughout the day.

Ergochair 2 office chair

Design and Ergonomics

Coming to design, the Autonomous office chair is a mixture of Italian and Korean designs. The piece of furniture is fully adjustable as it is equipped with tilt tension mechanism, which is a trademark of Italian artisanship. This fantastic feature allows you to tailor the resistance and support of the chair to suit your requirements. Besides, the chair features an all-Korean design mesh back that provides proper cooling and ventilation allowing you to stay in harmony. The breathable and responsive mesh back minimizes any precipitation. Moreover, it allows your back to be aerated ensuring that you remain work-ready throughout the day.

It also prides on a fine Korean mesh that offers a new level of ergonomics. The breathable fabric provides unmatched support and comfort for long working hours. Consequently, the company claims that ErgoChair 2 provides productivity at work and enhancement to your lifestyle.

ErgoChair 2 is fully adjustable and built to provide 360 degrees of flexibility. Therefore, it has a full-scale capability to be adjusted in virtually every direction and angle, unlike most standard office chairs. It also comes with a full-body support feature that is available in any seated posture or position.

With the flexible design and unique full-body support, the ergonomic chair allows you to maintain a good body posture for a comfortable and healthy seating experience. Furthermore, maintaining a good body posture also helps keep your mind sharp and most importantly enhances your blood circulation.

The ergonomic chair also comes with adjustable lumbar support that helps relieve strain in your lower back, especially when sitting for long hours. This makes it ideal for people with chronic lower back problems. In addition, the process of adjusting the lumbar support is straightforward. You are only required to pull down on the handle to adjust the back support feature.

Ergochair 2 review office chair


The ErgoChair 2 offers several benefits. Here are some of the major ones:

  •    Durable construction that offers long-lasting reliability
  •    Comes with a wide variety of customizations that allows you to adjust it to your preferred head, back, and neck resting position
  •    A high number of ergonomic adjustments
  •    30-day return period
  •    Features a modern design that makes it easy to assemble
  •    Made of highly breathable fabric
  •    Easily adjustable for a wide range of sitting postures
  •    Ideal for people with lower back problems


Just like other top-quality products in the market, the ErgoChair 2 has a few areas where some users feel that it needs improvement. These include:

  •    Some of the users have expressed their concerns about delays in shipment
  •  A high number of customization options are incredible, but gaining control of all the functions and features can be time-consuming
  • Autonomous delivery is so terrible. Their customer service is impossible to get a hold on. Due to Covid-19, they even can not support via phone. Their products (Desks & Chair) shipped via FedEx & they will make you wait at least a half of the month to get. So in our opinion, you shouldn’t buy it from their website

If you still want to buy Ergochair 2, we recommend you buy it here & get it within 3 – 5 weeks.

Ergochair pro with puppy

Ergochair Pro vs Staples Glenvar Leather Chair

Comparison with a similar product, we will see why lots of people choose the Ergochair 2

Important Considerations for Selecting the Right Office Chair

It is an important factor to consider that an office desk chair is not an ordinary piece of furniture. It is not just meant for decoration but also to provide you comfort for long working hours. Moreover, office chairs are not only limited to office spaces only, but they can also be adequately placed in homes, institutions, and libraries.

With the changing requirements of the business sector, it is evident that top-class infrastructure and work environment has become a necessity for every successful company. It includes using the best available equipment to develop an effective workplace for the employees or the workforce. Inherently, office decorum includes paint color, theme, and complementary furniture that reflects the values and philosophy of the company. Therefore, it is essential to only select the office furniture including desks, tables, and chairs in accordance with the brand identity of a company.

Apart from the styling factor, another important factor to be considered before purchase an office chair is employee health. As per industrial standards, all employees and workers must have a proper seating setup to proliferate working. To remain healthy is important for employees, hence, office chairs are incorporated with features such as posture customization, tilt mechanism, and other customizations to provide seamless comfort and support. It has been found in studies that incorrect posture and positioning can cause cervical issues, spine problem, and disc relocation.

Lastly, we have considered the price point of every office chair as a strong factor to determine its purchasing. If the chair is too expensive, it can affect the financial budget of the company. On the other hand, if the chair is too cheap, it may have been manufactured from sub-par materials. Hence, it is important to select the best available chair, within the budget of every company.

Essential Chair Autonomous Office Chair with Footrest

What’s special about the Staples Glenvar Leather Chair

The Staples Glenvar Leather Chair is a comfortable chair that has a very old-school design. Even though the chair has traditional styling, it is sophisticated and reflects a high degree of workmanship involved in its construction.

Package and Assembly: The Staples Glenvar Leather Chair is carefully packed and shipped. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble the product, and you don’t need any expertise or skill to assemble it. Unlike its competitors, the company has taken great care of adding extra padding to avoid any damage to the chair while shipping.

Coming to its assembly, the chair takes about 35 minutes to assemble up. The instruction booklet provided in the packaging is easy and convenient to understand. It is filled with different images that help you to assemble the chair easily. Although, a major drawback here is the lack of any specialized tools provided with the packaging to assemble the chair. You will need to arrange a distinct torque drill, and hex screwdriver to join the various parts of the chair. Another important factor in the assembly was the lack of screws which caused a problem.

Design and Styling: The design of the chair can be best described as an old-school office chair. It delivers a unique and contemporary feel with its plush leatherwork. The extra cushioning on both sides of the chair is adequate to comfort you for long periods of time. Another distinct factor in styling is its closed-loop arm style that is easily recognizable.

It has to be considered that the company has used best-in-class leather, cushioning, and other materials to build this chair. The users can be carefree about its long-term usage, and durability. It is unique styling also lets it fit inside any office or workplace. Apart from the mixture of traditional and contemporary styling, the chair is wide and roomy in its build. Thus, providing extra comfort for people weighing up to 270 lbs.

Features: The Staples Glenvar Leather Chair has a number of important features including height adjustment, tilt adjustment, backrest adjustment, and armrest adjustment. Furthermore, it provides ratchet back height adjustment functionality that is able to maneuver the lumbar support as per your preferences.

It has a curved shape back, which ensures that you are seated in a comfortable and correct posture. It provides free 360-degree swivel rotation that ensures that your work is never affected while maneuvering the chair.

Pros: The Staples Glenvar Leather Chair available at Wayfair provides wide-range benefits that make it a unique and ideal piece of furniture.

  • Its traditional and contemporary styling is unique and adds grace to every office space.
  • It provides a polished black leather finishing that is comfortable and unique at the same time.
  • The Staples Glenvar Leather Chair offers adjustable arms with an optimal positioning feature that allows you to customize it as per your requirements.
  • The Staples Glenvar Leather Chair is extremely durable, and you can be care-free to use it for many years.
  • The strong lumbar support maintains the correct posture and provides you with a healthy and comfortable seating experience.

Cons: There are some minor drawbacks in the Staples Glenvar Leather Chair, which are compiled below:

  • The assembly of the chair is a bit more tiring than its competitor – Ergo Chair 2. It takes more time, and you need to arrange certain tools for yourself to assemble it.
  • The company doesn’t provide you with any solid return policy, which is a major flaw.

In the bottom line, 2 different office chairs – ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous, and Staples Glenvar Leather Chair are compared. Both the chairs are unique and different in their styling and outlook. However, there are various similarities in the number of features provided by both of them. Importantly, the ErgoChair 2 is more of a hi-tech design, one which is made for the future. On the other hand, the Staples Glenvar is more of a traditional, sturdy, and reliable design which is timeless and goes with any decorum.

Selecting a winner, from both of these chairs is a difficult process. However, the ErgoChair 2 is slightly ahead of its competition because it provides more features in terms of the return policy, and assembly.


If your job involves spending long working hours sitting, you need to invest in a good ergonomic office chair. Choosing the best & cheapest chair for posture keeps your mind sharp and ensures good blood circulation allowing you to remain work-ready throughout the day. The ErgoChair Pro 2 is a durable, highly stylish, and elegant piece of furniture that is ideal for different workplaces.

In addition, the chair is equipped with a wide range of customization features and ergonomic functions. It also offers multiple adjustment options that allow you to adjust its tilt, height, rocker resistance, armrest position, and backrest position.

The Korean mesh back design enables you to stay in harmony with proper cooling and ventilation. This unique feature helps minimize any precipitation by keeping your back aerated throughout the day. With the customizable functions and features, the ergonomic chair will bring productivity at work and improvement to your lifestyle.

This Office Chair is definitely one of the cheapest and most classy office chairs out there. It comes with a wide range of adjustments which we have taken time to discuss above. It perfectly fits into all offices, as well as homes. It is sold which is a fair and affordable price considering all the features it packs. You definitely need to give this product a try if you want to work smarter & healthier at your office!

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