Sidiz T50 vs Nouhaus Rewind office chair – Which Has the Better Back Support?

Sidiz T50 vs Nouhaus Rewind Showdown

We’ve been hearing a lot about Sidiz T50 lately, it has become one of the new favorites nowadays. And this time, we’re going to compare it to a not-so-popular Nouhaus office chair, the Rewind. While this is less popular than the Nouhaus Ergochair, it’s still considered one of the brand’s bestsellers.

The T50 became popular for its sublime back support. So can the Nouhaus Rewind keep up with the more popular Korean-made office chair, Sidiz T50?

Let’s start the ball rolling!

Features Sidiz T50 Nouhaus Rewind 
Tilt mechanism
  • Synchro tilt 
  • 5 tilting angles
3 tilt angles
Arms 3D 3D
Seat width 18.5” 19.7”
Seta height range 15.7” to 18.7” 18.3 – 21.3”
Frae material aluminum aluminum
Backrest mesh Nylon mesh
Seat memory foam with fabric covering Mesh seat
Lumbar support Height and depth adjustable Dynamic lumbar support
Weight capacity 300 lbs 275 lbs
Seat depth 18”-21” 16.7”
Price Check Check
Headrest none yes
Retractable footrest none yes

The Rewind is a less popular Nouhaus office chair but has more features

You can see a lot of user reviews on the Nouhaus Ergo chair. And it is one of the rising stars. Like the Sidiz T50, it’s also becoming one of the crowd’s favorites. It also has an affordable price.

Comparing the two Nouhaus office chairs, there isn’t much difference when it comes to the technology used in the chair. There are a lot of similar features and they both have the same quality. 

Nouhaus Rewind chair
Nouhaus Rewind office chair

The Rewind has more features. It has a retractable footrest. But from the weight capacity, seat height range, the dynamic lumbar support, and the 3D armrests everything else are the same. So you will also not be able to adjust the lumbar support, instead, the chair is designed to follow your spine’s movement. The lumbar region and the upper back region of the chair seem like two different parts that are fused together. So, like the Ergo chair, this is also very supportive for the back. 

And Nouhaus dynamic lumbar support system makes them one of the affordable chairs that can help you correct your posture.

The cheaper price of the Ergo chair made it more popular than the Rewind. Though the Rewind can be appreciated more by gamers because of its retractable footrest. 

Did the memory seat of the Sidiz serve it better?

The cushions of the Sidiz T50 are made of a memory foam material. Memory foam is notorious for being so cushy and comforting. It can be quite cradling to your butt. Hold on, there is also a big but there.

Yes, memory foam is a very cushy material…that is provided that it comes in the proper thickness. So the seat cushion of Sidiz T50 could have been sublime on the butt as the brand opted for thicker memory foam. 

Though the price can increase because memory foam doesn’t come cheap. Or maybe the brand could have given the clients an option to upgrade to a thicker seat cushion. There will be people who are willing to shell out for a bit more cush for the tush. 

A lot of users complained about this. The cushion of the Sidiz T50 is just damn too thin. That’s why this office chair is not ideal for taller and heavier dudes because the foam will easily flatten out. 

Even for someone with average height and weight, they will still be able to feel the memory foam slowly panning out to the sides. It may be decently cushioned at first, but over time, it still tends to flatten out. That’s why we reckon these I sets used by petite folks, the lesser the weight the better you will be able to preserve the integrity of the memory foam seat. 

Sidiz T50

Could the Sidiz T50 come with more cushion, this could have heaven for your bums.

The seat of the Rewind, on the other hand, is made of the same mesh material as the backrest. You’ll also find the same mesh used in the Ergo chair. So a thin memory foam vs a mesh one? Which do you think is more comfortable?

Honestly, they basically would feel the same because the mesh isn’t that cushy and the thin memory foam flattens out quickly unless you’re really light. That’s why we had to go for the Rewind when it came to the seat.

Because you already know what you’re expecting to feel. You know that this chair will not be cushy because it is mesh. But the mesh material is not bad, it’s quite flexible, it’s not some cheap quality mesh that snags your skin that you can sit on while wearing shorts.

When you buy the Sidiz T50, on the other hand, you know that it has a memory foam seat. So it could be one of the reasons why you opted for it in the first place because it was advertised to have a cushy memory foam feel. But you’ll be disappointed once you sit on it. It may feel like an average overpriced cushion.

So expectations vs reality. You’ll not be disappointed with Rewind because it’s true to what is advertised. The memory foam seat claim of the Sidiz is just too high an expectation for most users.

Why do we love Sidiz? Simple, multi limiting tilt position

Check price of SIDIZ T50

One of the best features of the Sidiz T50 chair is its multi-limiting tilt mechanism. It offers 5 different tilt angles. The Nouhaus Rewind, on the other hand, only offers 3 tilting positions. But you’ll be able to lock the tilt in both office chairs. 

The multi-tilt position is also one of the reasons why Sidiz T50 is considered as one of the new highly ergonomic chairs. And we will not disagree. While we have been fooled by the memory foam seat, the chair can redeem itself with tons of adjustable features. 

And it has a Synchro-tilt mechanism, it’s one of the two tilt mechanisms that you’ll see in an Aeron. And this could be one of the cheaper alternatives to the lumbar support of the Aeron. Though it has a less sophisticated back support system than the Aeron, it does feel rather nice, less stiff than the iconic chair.

The multi-tilt position does allow more range of movement. But there is where the limitation takes place. Though the Sidiz T50 is a stable chair, the dimensions are perfect for petite users. Though average users can squeeze themselves in, they might feel less comfy  

We also feel that the tilt lock will be able to hold itself better if the max load capacity is around 250-275 lbs.

The Rewind, on the other hand, has a lower advertised weight capacity of 275 lbs. And to be honest, we felt that the chair was able to uphold this. 

So summing it all up, the real weight capacity of both chairs is pretty much the same. But when it comes to tilting positions, the more options you have, the better it is. This will allow you to fine-tune your needs. 

Also, the tilt mechanism of the Rewind is not really one of the more commonly used ones. So when it comes to the tilt mechanism, the Sidiz T50 has more to offer.

Petite users will love Sidiz T50 but the Rewind has more scope of users

Check price of Rewind

When you compare the table of the features above, the Rewind can go a little bit bigger than the T50. It also has a slightly larger seat. Though the Rewind has a wider scope of users, petite folks will find the Sidiz very comfortable and sublime for the back.

The Rewind can be high enough for someone who stands 5’9”-6”, but beyond that, you may feel that the headrest will not be able to support you in the right places. You may also feel that the frame of the backrest is pinching against your shoulders. 

Which has the better lumbar support?

When it comes to back support, these two office chairs are winners in their own way. They have a different type of lumbar support that you will not be able to directly tell which is better than the other. 

The lumbar support of the T50 comes in an adjustable lumbar cushion. You will be able to adjust the depth and the height of it. At the same time, it is very soft and flexible. We even compared it to the Aeron and it seemed that more people would find it better for their backs. 

Aeron’s is just too aggressive, it has a specific group of people that will need that type of lumbar support. So more people will find the T50 very nice for the back. It had the right blend of softness and support at the same time. 

The Rewind, on the other hand, doesn’t have an adjustable lumbar. It instead has a dynamic one, it’s integrated into the chair itself. The upper and lower back are of two separate parts, so this allows the lower back portion of the chair to move with you, providing support at every angle. 

Both chairs have comfortable lumbar support. You just have to determine what your needs are. The lumbar support of the Sidiz is softer and what you would generally look for in an office chair. But Rewind offers a slightly more firm, but not as stiff as that of the Aeron. Like the Ergo chair, this Nouhaus unit will be able to help support and correct proper posture. 

So we’re seeing the Nouhaus Rewind as a combination of a training chair and an office chair. Training chairs can be tiring for your back, but the Rewind isn’t. And that’s what makes it exceptional.

Firm vs soft-Firm back support

So this is how we see the Sidiz T50 vs the Rewind. The lumbar support system of both chairs made a huge impact on why a lot of people love them. Though Rewind has yet to prove itself because the Ergo has always been the brand’s more prominent unit, cut it some slack and you’ll see this chair’s worth. If you’re okay with the additional cost, it’s worth trying this office chair out.