Why Are Herman Miller Chairs so expensive?

Herman Miller office chairs
Herman Miller office chairs

Back pain can be debilitating. That’s why you’re willing to spend shell out more moolah for a comfortable office chair. And when it comes to comfort, Herman Miller chairs stand out from the rest. But it does come with a pretty price tag too. Do you often wonder why Herman Miller chairs are so expensive?

Even if these chairs may eat a chunk of your budget, it’s still advisable to invest in a good quality chair. You could be saving money for future orthopedic sessions caused by a poor quality office chair.

Herman Miller chairs

Let’s see what makes Herman Miller Chairs on top of their game

Highly customizable

Herman Miller chairs are perhaps one of the most adjustable and customizable ergonomic chairs in the market today. The brand took the extra mile in ensuring that its potential clients will get the best chair that’s suited for their height, weight, and circumstances. 

We’ve chanced upon the brand’s site. And buying one can be quite interactive too.

Herman Miller boasts of a variety of ergonomic office chairs, the Aeron and Embody being its most popular models. Now if you’re keen on getting an Embody or an Aeron, good for you. But if you’re not sure as to what type of Herman Miller chair to get, their website has it all figured out for you.

Choosing the best chair is like buying candy from a massive candy store. You’d get lost if you don’t know what you need and want. 

So the brand’s website will ask you several questions that are relevant in choosing the best chair for yourself. 

What desk are you going to use? How long are you going to work? Are you looking for a chair with more lumbar support? Or perhaps your priority is a breathable material. Answering these questions will lead to the best recommendation. 

The brand will give you 3 of the best options and it’s up to you to make the final decision. But of course, it will be easier by then. Now that the options are narrowed it’s easier to choose. And you’ll be sure that the Herman Miller chair that you are going to buy is the perfect fit for you.

A longer warranty period

No brand would not give a long warranty period if they’re not confident with their product. Otherwise, they could end up losing more money as consumers return items for repair in such a short time.

So a longer warranty period means that the product is built for the long haul. Herman Miller offers a 12-year warranty for its seat and components. While you can get a 5-12 years warranty on the fabrics, depending on the type of chair that you would purchase. And the brand covers the shipping and labor costs.

Herman Miller even sends out technicians to your location for the repair, if deemed necessary. This is something that most brands don’t offer. 

Furthermore, we checked that Herman Miller is indeed acknowledged by reputable sites as having one of the best warranties in the market. It even sits on the top most of the time. 

Herman Miller brand

It’s a reputable brand

Herman Miller has been around for over 100 years. And it’s an extremely strong brand. And they’ve been innovating for years and focusing on making designs that are built for comfort. 

Moreover, Herman Miller has several licenses to produce certain designs such as Geroge Nelson’s. Also, this brand strictly adheres to DIE (Design for the environment) protocols. So apart from making one of the best ergonomic office chairs, the brand also has a heart for the environment. This is also one of the telltale signs of a reputable brand.

It has a less environmental impact so the more reason to love this brand.

High-end design

Herman Miller takes pride in its luxurious and high-end designs. Their range of office chairs is not only functional, but they’re eye candy too. They‘ve successfully combined function with aesthetics. To improve the working environment, aesthetics and design are also important components. And Herman Miller understands the need for both.

The brand has collaborations with several great designers. The brand is in tune with the ever-changing trends in the market. So Herman Miller chairs look really stylish and modern. And the best thing is these designs do not only make for a beautiful chair. But it also makes the chairs more functional. And it’s rare to come across a brand that can fashionably combine both aesthetics and function. 

Multiple Positive Reviews

Is Herman Miller worth the extra moolah? Well, a lot of reviews seem to agree that the extra cost is indeed an investment for your health and comfort.

We have scoured the net and found out that Herman Miller chairs lead the top picks of multiple reliable sites. This is a strong indicator of the brand’s performance. With increased recommendation follows a surge in sales. 

And this allows the brand to invest more in research and modern innovations. Thus, you can be assured that Herman Miller chairs are among the most innovative in the market.

Health benefits

There’s more to improper posture and a bad back than just the pain. It can be a domino effect and can spark other health concerns. That’s why the health benefits of a customizable office chair should never be downplayed.

Herman Miller chairs do not only provide comfort, but it prevents such problems from getting worse. And of course, if you are healthy you’d be more productive at work. 

So Herman Miller was able to get to the core of the problem. And by addressing this issue, they were able to invent chairs that are beyond everybody’s expectation in terms of comfort and health benefits.

A decent resale value

A second hand Herman Miller chair can still be sold at a decent price. This brand has a decent resale value. And consumers who are on a budget can still get a functional chair at a low price. 

But of course, you still have to purchase from a reputable reseller. So that you’ll also be guaranteed of the warranty coverage. 

Used and refurbished chairs have more chance of breaking apart overtime than new ones. But compared to most brands, Herman Miller can be resold and the consumer will still be happy about the purchase.

Unmatched durability

Herma Miller chairs are made of high-quality materials. The brand did not skimp on any parts, hence the higher price tag. You’ll be able to immediately notice the difference of the built, the feel of the seat, the almost perfect lumbar support, and the substantial weight. 

Nothing about it is substandard or flimsy. So your initial investment is worth it in the long run. You won’t be ending to buy a replacement because it’s built to last. 

Ahead in innovation

Herman Miller keeps up with ongoing trends and technology. So you can expect this brand to always come up with something fresh, modern, and fit for your fast-paced lifestyle. These chains have gone through extensive research and testing. 

Not only do Herman Miller chairs look classy and modern, but they’re also built to provide comfort. We love how this brand can combine aesthetics, comfort, and increased productivity. Herman Miller was able to perfect this recipe time and time again.

As they say, if you won’t innovate, you’ll be left behind. And that’s something that this brand is quite good at- innovation.  

Wide variety of ergonomic office chairs

Herman Miller showcases a variety of high-quality office chairs. Each chair caters to a specific need. Let’s take a peek at some of Herman Miller’s most popular ergonomic office chairs


Aeron is perhaps the most popular chair of this brand. This stylish chair was co-designed with Don Chadwick. Aeron chairs are adjustable in so many ways. That’s why owning an Aeron chair is in everyone’s bucket list. 

Aeron chair - the classic Herman Miller chairs

The Pellicle fabric is one of the most comfortable we’ve ever sat on. It’s breathable and provides extra support for your body. Also, you can custom fit it according to your needs. So it can seat people of all shapes and sizes. It’s one of the most ergonomic and most customizable Herman Miller chairs.

If you’re looking for an alternative to an Aeron chair, you can find your best bet with the WorkPro Quantum 9000. Like Aeron, it has fixed lumbar support and supportive material.

How much is the cost of an Aeron? Check here and don’t surprise


Herman Miller Embody was created by Jeff Weber. This chair is designed to move with you. It encourages proper posture and corrects the alignment of your spine. The backseat design mimics the curve of your spine. So expect this chair to flow with your every movement. And as it keeps the fluidity of your movement, your blood circulation is improved.

Embody Herman Miller chair - Why Are Herman Miller Chairs so expensive

We find this Herman Miller chair to be one of the most intelligent chairs of the brand. If the cost is a bit off-putting to you, there’s a decent alternative in the market. The HAG Capisco chair boasts of a saddle seat that also encourages proper posture like the Embody. Also, it supports and encourages the natural movement of your spine. 

Check price

Mirra 2

Mirra 2 chair - one of the best Herman Miller ergonomic office chairs

Stylish and fab, these are the first words that we uttered when we saw this Herman Miller chair. It comes in eye-popping colors too. These chairs will surely inject an element of fun in your office. 

Mirra 2 offers two types of back support, the Triflex back and Butterfly back. These chairs feel ultralight. It’s as if you’re sitting on clouds. That’s because the seat flows with you. It’s one of the most flexible chairs of Herman Miller. You might even forget you’re sitting on a chair! It follows your every movement but still provides you with great back support. You can even stretch comfortably while seated. 

And if you’re looking for an ergonomic chair that shares almost the same functions as the Mirra 2, it has to be the Humanscale Diffrient World mesh chair. Like the Mirra 2, it boasts of a stylish and lush design. It also feels lightweight yet provides your lumbar with enough support. The price is just a bit high-end though.

Check available!!!

Cosm chairs

Cosm chairs let you enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. It provides great support for your back but you won’t be able to notice it. It feels as light as a feather. And the feeling of weightlessness relaxes your spine and back. 

Furthermore, Cosm offers 3 options for the backseat – low back, mid-back, and high back. You can choose the best chair depending on the type of back support that you need. The all-mesh material feels nice and cool on the back too.

What makes it different is that it makes use of a continuous piece. So you feel the support from the legs, shoulder, lower back and all the way to your upper back. And the mesh leaf arms, though not adjustable, can still provide the same level of comfort for both tall and short people.

Looking for an alternative? The Steelcase Gesture offers the same amount of comfort to your arms with its highly adjustable armrests. And this chair can also support your back with every movement. Though it doesn’t give that feeling of weightlessness, it’s the closest thing to it. 

Check their available


Herman Miller chairs may be one of the most expensive chairs in the market today. If you have a budget to spare, it’s a wise investment. This brand puts a strong emphasis on health. 

And Herman Miller offers a range of posh-looking and modern chairs that can inspire you to work even more. So if you’re working on your desk for more than 7 hours, it’s high time to treat yourself to what you really deserve. After all, you’ve been working so hard. 

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