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SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair mesh

SIHOO ergonomic chairs are gaining popularity. A lot of its users can vouch that it’s a good value for their money. The SIHOO M18 feels pleasantly surprising to a lot of users and many love the backrest and titling function of it.

The M57 is an all-mesh chair that feels comfortable and airy at the same time. While the T3 is a designer version of the SIHOO ergonomic mesh chairs. And it offers more adjustable features compared to the older models. 

SIHOO chairs can give other mesh chairs a run for their money. These ergonomic office chairs rose to fame when everyone started trading their cushioned office chairs to mesh ones. But wIth a lot of satisfied users, there might be something more to it than just hype. Let’s dive deeper and see what’s in store for us. 

What’s up with these mesh chairs

You’ll likely see a lot of positive reviews on SIHOO chairs. If you try to search Amazon for ergonomic chairs for around 300-500 bucks, this brand always pops up. Reviews are one thing and numbers don’t lie. But then again, we have to see it for ourselves.

Looking at the Build quality

Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s offerings.

We find the build of the M18 chair a mix of okay and flimsy. The base itself or the foundation of the chair seems durable and has metal parts. But when it boils down to the caster wheels, these are rather flimsy and you can instantly tell by the way it moves that it is a budget chair.

The M57 of SIHOO with 3D Arm Rests and Lumbar Support, check price now

The M18 also has 90 percent plastic parts, even the knobs and adjustment levers are made of plastic. At first glance, you can tell that it will not break your wallet at a reasonable price.

Let’s take a look at the M57. Like the M18, the construction is a mixed bag, the foundation is made of metal while the wheels are plastic. But the M57 has a rather different look. While the M18 has a fabric seat and a mesh back, the M57 is an all-mesh chair offering from the brand, but you can still opt to get this model with a foam seat. The mesh is just the standard one. 

What about the M90?

It looks a lot like the M57 with all mesh material and the location of the levers Thus, the build quality is almost the same too. But it has sharper corners and makes it look edgier. 

But this also presents a sleeker and slimmer design compared to the M57, even to the M18. 

Considering the build quality of these three models, it can seat those who have small to medium built. Though the weight capacity claimed by the brand can sit an overweight person, the material might not be able to keep up, or the mesh can sag if a heavier person will sit on it for a prolonged time. The chair will not give away or anything, but the mesh might not be up for it.

But there is a SIHOO chair that can be suitable for heavier folks, it’s the V1. It has more metal parts than plastic. And it’s also heavier and more robust than the other models we have mentioned above. 

Who will find these chairs the most comfortable

Check the price of M18 – SIHOO Chair

The M18 offers just a narrow range of adjustment, it can go from inches 18 to 21 inches. The lowest setting can accommodate those who stands 5’3” while the highest setting is comfortable for users who stand 5’10”.

The M57, on the other hand, can be adjusted from 18.5 to 21.5 inches, almost the same as the M18. Well, except if you are 5’3 that .5 inch increment might mean a lot. You might feel your legs dangling a bit from the seat. Thus, this is best for those who stand anywhere between 5’4” to 6’1”.

The M90 has a slightly higher range, from 24 to 30 inches, so it can seat users taller than 6 ‘1. But we are half-hearted if the taller people can find the seat comfortable. The set width is narrow at 19 inches. So those who are heavy and bulky will not be able to squeeze themselves comfortably in this chair.

Let’s see how wide or narrow the seat is.

The seat of the theM18 measures 20 x 20 inches. These dimensions are pretty adequate and comfortable for most users, even those who are a bit heavier on the legs and thighs. 

The depth of the seat offers a nice clearance between the end of the thighs and the seat’s edge. 

So you will not feel the chair pushing you towards the front to the point that your knees overlap your toes. But if you are very large, you might still find it a bit narrow. 

Also, the seat of the M18 is made up of rather rough fabric. Though the width of the seat is large enough for a fully adult man, the fabric is not the most comfortable. When you sit on it you can feel the roughness and there is some sort of static buildup.

Looking at the M57, the seat width and height are 60 x 64. So compared to the M18, this will offer better comfort. So those who are a bit wider and heavier can find the M57 more comfortable.  

Heading over to the M90C, this office chair is a slimmer and sleeker offering from the brand so the seat will be a bit narrow. It’s perfect for those who are thin to average body build. 

Heavier and chunkier folks can find the V1 comfortable enough. It offers a wider seat and the seat pan can be adjusted up to 5 cm.

If you want a detail comparison between 2 budget versions of SIHOO, check this out: SIHOO M18 vs M57 – Should You Buy the More Popular Chair?

And the comfort?

The mesh material of the M18 is rather rough, but it’s not as rough as the seat cover. And it does the job of keeping your back cool. Not to mention, the backrest seems to offer nice support for the back. The cushion does feel too firm at first and needs a break-in period.

The M57, on the other hand, can be bought in an all-mesh material. And we find the mesh material of the M57 a bit softer than that of the M18. And when it comes to seat comfort, it has a memory foam at the edge of the seat making it more comfortable for the thighs.

Now let’s move on to the M90C. The mesh also seems to look and feel a lot like the M57, except for the back part. We find the mesh back of the M90C more stretchy, so it feels more pliable. 

Thus we feel that it can offer a more comfortable spot for your back. 

We also chanced upon the VI, which we are loving by the way. The mesh of this chair is very pliable and feels more like the M90 C. But what makes it stand out is that it feels like a stronger type of mesh. So it has less tendency to sag and can support heavier users more.

More on  the Adjustability

The M18 offers various adjustable features. From the headrest, the height-adjustable armrest, and tilting mechanism. You can also lock the tilt. But this is not the chair’s best quality, it often gets stuck when you try to lock the tilt angle in place. But the adjustable lumbar support is adequate for most people.

The M57 offers almost the same adjustable options as the M18, with some additional pros. You will be able to adjust the tension of the lumbar support and the armrest are more adjustable. You can move it up and down, side to side and back to front. 

Thus in terms of adjustability, the M57 offers more personalized comfort. 

The M90C offers 8 adjustable features, such should be the case of ergonomic chairs in its price range. It shares almost the same adjustable features as the M57 except for the lumbar support. 

From the seat height, the tilt, the recline, headrest, and the armrests. The arms are the same as the M57 but you can also adjust the distance from the chair, but you have to unscrew and screw this part to be able to do that. 

The M90 feels more like the M25. The lumbar isn’t adjustable but it’s made of a flexible material that adjusts itself as it moves with you. Kind of how more expensive chairs like the Freedom chair feel like. We find this more comfortable than the one with adjustable levers and knobs.

Who will find these chairs the most comfortable?

Overall, everyone will be able to find a comfortable spot with one of the SIHOO chair models. Gamers and those working from home will find the M90 and M57 very comfortable. It can give them a respite front the whole day with the tilt and recline function. You may even be able to take a nap in it. 

WFH folks can also find the more basic M18 still comfortable. Even students will find these suitable for their online classes.

How we see them versus other affordable chairs 

Chair Notes Price
SIHOO M18 The current bestseller, most comfortable. Only the backrest is meshed and has basic adjustability in terms of ergonomics. NOT the best quality but most suitable for mankind Check
SIHOO M57 Pro than SIHOO M18 with more options. All mesh seat rest, backrest, headrest, but basic adjustability in terms of ergonomics. Aluminum alloy in Casters. Consider for basic guys who love more than just a chair Check
SIHOO V1 All mesh seat rest and cool, backrest, headrest, everything is fine but you may need more ergonomic adjustments, 4D Arms, 2-Way Lumbar Support, Depth Adjustable Seat, and more Check
SIDIZ T50 Mesh Seat Korean-made chair with more ergonomic adjustments but the mesh part is only the backrest. The headrest is a separate purchase. Check
SIHOO A7 On order basis only but very premium in terms of ergonomics and build. You can easy find this chair for all market US UK and Canada Check
Gabrylly mesh chair It’s a promising buy with the same features as SIHOO M18 Check

The M57 is often pitted against the Ikea Markus. Though the Marcus is also an affordable option, it lacks adjustable features. It either fits you or it doesn’t. But once it fits you, it’s sublimely comfortable. But only a few will be a le today. So we find the M57 a better purchase.

The M90 is a sleeker and more slender version of the chair. This is also more suitable for those who stand 5’4 to 6’4. But heavier folks might find it too squishy.

But the V1 offers more premium comfort. Though it’s priced higher than the other models, it does feel premium and caters to more users, even the tall and the heavy. 

The M18, you’d have a narrower height range and only suitable for average-sized users with thin to average built. But in terms of overall comfort and adjustability, this is a real value for your money. It is even more affordable and more adjustable than the Samofu office chair.

And if you are looking for more personalized comfort, the M57 is a better value at more or less 250-300 bucks. We all didn’t feel the tilt function getting stuck with this model. Plus you’ll get more adjustable options and you can opt to have the entire chair in the mesh. 

The Gabrylly mesh chair is also a promising buy. It also has several adjustable features and is one of the go-to budget mesh chairs. It even looks the same as most SIHOO office chairs. 

It has a rather wide seat at 20 inches and it can accommodate users as tall as 6 ‘2. But it doesn’t feature a tilt or a recline function. It can do if you’re looking for just the basic adjustments.

But looking at the price, the M57 or the M18 will be more valuable since it has a fully functional recline and tilt. But if you’re taller, the MC90 is the next best option. It will just run a buck more than the Gabrylly chair

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