What is the Best IKEA Ergonomic chair?

The brand IKEA is synonymous with affordable and DIY furniture and desk. The brand is one of the pioneers in low-cost furniture. And it also entices its customers with the exciting task of assembling the furniture by themselves.

IKEA ergonomic chair

There’s more to IKEA than just the cabinets and desks

Yes, you heard it right, IKEA also has ergonomic chairs that you can pair up with a lovely IKEA desk.

Introducing the IKEA Marcus Swivel chair

This is by far the most comfortable IKEA ergonomic office chair.

The overall look of the Marcus swivel chair might not look too exciting or too fancy for you. It actually is a great compliment to the brand’s basics and minimalist standing desk like the Bekant sit and stand desk.

But if you’re looking for an extravagant or fancy design like the Herman Miller Sayl chair, you might find it lacking. But don’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a minimalist, clean, and simple design, this IKEA office chair will definitely tick that box. This minimalist design also features some more advantages. Without the bulky armrest, you can comfortably cross your legs up on the seat.

But if you’re after the racer car feel, this isn’t for you.

When we’re speaking of ergonomics, the Marcus Swivel chair has its fair share of advantages. So if you’re enjoying the mesh back of the Herman Miller Mirra and Mainstays Mesh chair, you’ll find the Marcus swivel chair quite comfortable too.

Instead of a padded backrest, the mesh back can provide continuous air circulation so you don’t feel hot and you won’t be sweaty. But you can enjoy a nice plush feel with the cushioned seats. It feels nice and firm. 

The backrest also has a slight curve to it, it follows the normal curve of your spine. And the built-in lumbar support is quite on spot for people of average height.

The seat height can be adjusted from 48-57 inches. It even offers a higher seat adjustment compared to the Herman Miller Sayl with 38-48 inches. And the Sayl chair almost has double the price of the Marcus swivel chair.

In terms of the material, it’s nice that the Marcus swivel chair gives you options, you can choose between polyester or leather material. Though I’d recommend the fabric to be more comfortable. The leather can be a bit hot for some. And also the polyester fabric costs cheaper.

The Marcus Swivel chair has one unique feature that almost no other office chairs have

It has to be the full-stop brake. This stops the chair from sliding underneath you. Your old office chair might make you think someone might have pranked you. But in reality, most office chairs with wheels tend to swivel away the moment you stand up. And if you’re not mindful, you might find yourself sitting on the office floors instead. 

But be ready for some trade-offs

Of course, it’s not going to be a perfect chair. The adjustability of the armrest is one of the downfalls of this office chair. 

Yes. it’s an ergonomic chair, but not a fully adjustable one. Even the lumbar rests are stationary. So lucky you if you fit right in. And if you don’t, it’s either you add an additional lumbar pillow or go get another chair. 

So before you buy one, sit on it first to see if it’s a good fit. If you’re extremely tall or short, this isn’t the chair for you. So the Marcus Swivel chair perfectly fits a person who has an average height. 

But for the price point, you can’t argue with that. That’s why highly adjustable ergonomic chairs such as the Herman Miller Aeron and Stellecase leap are priced sky-high because they are fully adjustable.

But you can enjoy these adjustable features

Apart from the seat height, you can also adjust the tension of the recline. Though it can be reclined, don’t expect a full 180-degree reclining feature like the Reccffer reclining office chair or the KILLABEE reclining chair. 

But what really makes it stand out?

It has to be the pricing versus the quality of the chair. Honestly, it may be hard to find another ergonomic chair with the same qualities as the Marcus swivel chair. It can be comfortably used for the office and for gaming, and the price is such a steal. 

You might be able to find a very affordable office chair within the price range such as a Reccifer executive office chair. But it lacks some desirable features of the Marcus swivel chair such as the breathable contoured mesh back and full stops. 

Runner ups

So let’s name a few runner ups for the best IKEA ergonomic office chairs.

VOLMAR office chair

The VOLMAR is IKEA’s high-end chair, the most expensive among the bunch. But it’s still quite affordable compared to other adjustable office chairs on the market.

So what we love about the VOLMAR chairs, is unlike the Marcus Swivel, it has more adjustable features. The VOLMAR may almost have all the adjustments that you’re looking for in an office chair. But of course, there are limitations too.

First, off, the seat pan depth. It’s adjustable but it doesn’t push all the way to the back. So the seat width seems to be more comfortable for shorter people. The backrest is also quite flexible and can be adjusted. And you also have an option to get the headrest, even it is a bit too short

As for the height range, it has a lower height range compared to Marcus. Now let’s dabble on the armrest, while Marcus has stationary armrests, the VOLMAR initially doesn’t come with one. But, you can purchase it and it’s a bit adjustable. Though It felt a bit flimsy, so we won’t really recommend you to buy them. You might be better off without them.

The seat cushion is too firm. If you like a really firm seat and backrest this is for you. But if you want a mesh or a more plush one, you wouldn’t like this office chair.

So all in all, it’s friendlier for shorter people compared to the Marcus swivel chair. It also has a decent reclining position. But like Marcus, it can’t be pushed all the way to the back. It offers just a nice position to let some pressure off your spine but you won’t be able to recline to 180 degrees. 


Now, this could be one of the more stylish ergonomic IKEA office chairs. It includes more adjustable features that can fit taller or shorter people. But what sets Marcus Swivel apart is the cushion. The IKEA HATTEFJALL has a firmer seat. That it doesn’t feel too comfortable for prolonged seating, unlike the Marcus Swivel.

But what makes it better than the Marcus is the seat depth can be adjusted. 

It is a bit more round. And you can remove the padded cushion. The shape of the seat can put too much pressure on the middle part of the seat. 

The HATTEFJALL has a foam back, but it’s quite short and can only support the lower back. 


The IKEA JARVFALLET looks a bit similar to the Marcus swivel. But Marcus is more comfortable. The backseat of the JARVFALLET has the same height but it is more rounded and has a slimmer profile. So if you have broad shoulders it’s not going to be comfortable or wouldn’t even look nice for you.

You might look like you’re wearing an undersized shirt. And if your shoulders extend beyond the mesh back, you might find it pressing against the hard edges of the frame. In a nutshell, Marcus gives more support to the spine. 

And like the HATTEFJALL, the JARVFALLET also has a firmer cushion. Though the shape is the same as that of Marcus, it’s too firm


Overall, the Marcus swivel chair is the cheapest and best IKEA chair if it fits you. Since there are several nonadjustable features, you have to make sure that it fits your height, otherwise, you can look for other adjustable ergonomic chairs. But if it’s a perfect fit, you won’t find anything else in the market with the same price and comfort.