SIHOO M18 vs M57 – Should You Buy the More Popular Chair?

Mesh office chairs are all the hype that a lot of choices have been sprouting like mushrooms. It was trending and still trending. Thanks to global warming that compels most to scout for a breathable and airier office chair. 

SIHOO m18 vs m57 - the battle of SIHOO office chair

And today we are going to review these two affordable mesh chairs from Sihoo, the M18, and the M57. If you already know about this brand, we have an article about SIHOO all versions you can check and see which one is your ideal. Within this post, the only thing we mention is the showdown between M57 vs M18!

The M18 is the more popular choice since it’s easier on the pocket.  But let’s see how these two units will perform. 

Office Chair Seat height range Lumbar support Arms Backrest tilt Weight capacity 
Sihoo M18 18″ – 21.5″ Height adjustable 2D Up to 125 degrees 230 lbs
Sihoo M57 19”- 21.8″ Height and depth adjustable 3D Up to 130 degrees 330 lbs

The M18 is the more affordable version of the M57

Apart from the mesh seat, these two Sihoo chairs look rather similar. They basically have the same style, the same profile, and the same vibe. But you will be able to instantly tell one is more expensive than the other. 

M57 >> check price

When you check the features, one is more ergonomic than the other. And of course, once you sit down on the chair and fiddle through the settings, you will know the difference. And you’ll be able to tell which is more expensive. 

The M57 costs more than the M18 but only by a handful. It will seem like an upgrade since you will enjoy more features with the M57. And being a more upgraded unit, it also has more heft to it. The build of the M57 is also better than that of the M18. 

The mesh seat of the M57 is better than the padded seat of the M18

Both units have a generous 20-inch seat width and depth. So larger folks will be able to squeeze themselves comfortably into these chairs. Both also had a W-shaped seat and it did feel supportive for the butt and less numbing on the back of the thighs. 

The seat depth of both units is generous so you’ll less likely find too much tension on the thighs.   Comfort-wise, both can be used for more than 5 hours. 

M18 >>> check price

Take note that the brand used a different material for each chair, the M57 is of a mesh material while the M18 is padded. 

Surprisingly we find the mesh seat comfier than the padded one. Though the padding of the M18 seat is not stingy at all, it’s about 2”, so it even fared better than some padded office chairs of the same price.  

But in terms of the cradling comfort, we love how the mesh seat was able to cradle our butt more. 

It perhaps had something to do with the type of mesh materials that each unit used, they are different. 

Even the mesh used for the backrest of the M57 is comfier than that of the M18. It feels less rough, more flexible, and almost feels natural when you are seated on the chair.  

Though it will not be able to follow your every movement like an intuitive mesh chair, it feels comfortable enough for 6 hours.

And this is also the part where you can tell that the M57 is a more expensive chair. 

SIHOO m57 chair

The backrest of the M57 is more stable

And it’s not just the backrest. Everything about the M57 is more stable and feels more sturdy.

The M57 also has a higher weight capacity, it can bear 100 lbs more weight than the M18. 

So while the seat of the M18 can accommodate bigger bums or larger users,  we only recommend it to those of average weight. 

Aside from the 230 lbs weight capacity, the backrest of the M18 can be finicky sometimes.

There can be instances where the backrest either gets stuck or shifts out of place even when you engage the tilt lock. can 

The headrest is also a different story. This feature, but only if it works fine. In the case of the M18, it did not do much good to the chair. The headrest is not that stable and it easily shifts away, especially if too much force is given to it. 

The backrest of the M57, on the other hand,  feels more stable and sturdy, and we didn’t have any issues with it unintentionally shifting away or getting stuck.  The headrest is also very useful since it’s highly adjustable and stays in the setting that you have locked it in. 

So if you are going for a chair with more heft, is more stable and sturdy, and can be used by larger folks, the M57 performed better. 

The lumbar support is great for both units, but the  M57 is more ergonomic

Another area where the M57 exceeds more is the lumbar support. Though if you are not looking for a depth adjustable back support, you’ll find that the M18 will suffice.  The lumbar of the M18 feels more supportive since you can also fine-tune the depth. It will also be more pronounced.

SIHOO M18 - Gaming Chair
SIHOO M18 – Gaming Chair

So if you want more push towards your desk, you can adjust the depth of the back support. 

Thus, we also see this being a good option for those who multitask and also have to do typing jobs on the side. When you push the backrest forward it will be more amenable for task jobs and typing works. Then you can tone down the depth if you need to stretch your back and take a breather. 

So we also felt that this adjustable feature can add micro-movements to your back and can minimize back pain and numbness, especially if you’ve been sitting for a long time.

The headrest of the M57 is also more stable. If you’re going to choose the M18, we’d rather remove the headrest. We didn’t see much use for it since it often shifts out of place. It will just be a cause of nuisance for you, it can also be dangerous.

But these are not for the taller dudes

If you are taller, however, you will not find delight in any of the two units. 

So if you stand taller than 6 feet, you might as well go on to our other recommendations. These office chairs have both a narrow seat height range, with the M57 offering just a slight increment of an additional .5 inch. 

 So we see the M57 is still comfortable for someone 6 feet but not taller. On the other hand, the M18 can accommodate those who stand a max of 5’8” or 5’9”. Also, these are not for petite users. If you stand less than 5’3, you might find your legs hanging from the seat. 

The M57 will provide a better seating experience

With just a slight increase in the price tag, the M57 will be a better choice for most. Every aspect of this chair is better- from the build, the stability, and the height range, to the adjustability of the arms and the lumbar. The additional moolah is pretty well justified.

But we see those who favor a cushioned seat over a mesh one go for the M18. Some have a hate relationship with mesh seats.

We also see those very strict on the budget favoring the  M18 over the M57. It’s not bad at all but make sure that you are of average height or slimmer. 

Sihoo ergonomic chair review

That will mean fewer issues with the backrest and the headrest shifting out of place since there is less weight. That’s why it can also be okay for teenagers or adolescents. 

Also, the M57 has a more consistent build and quality. We do see some enjoying their M18 and they did not encounter any stability or shifting issues yet. 

So there seems to be a problem with quality control in this particular unit. Maybe the manufacturer can also pay more attention to the M18.

So is the Sihoo M57 a good value for your money?

Now that we have picked the better option, the question arises- is the M57 a value for your money? And what makes it stand out from other mesh chairs for the same price? 

Definitely yes, we are happy with the seating experience. And compared to some mesh office chairs of the same range, it feels more expensive than the price tag.

And both units can be a better option for those who stand 5’4” or 5’5” and need an office chair that allows their feet to be comfortably placed on the ground. 

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