[Compare] Secretlab’s Titan vs Corsair T3 office gaming chair – time to make a better decision

Are you ready to replace your old generic gaming chairs? We’ll help you hunt for a more comfortable and functional one. So in this post, we are going to pin two of the more popular gaming chair brands, Secretlab vs Corsair. And we will particularly be pinning Secretlab’s Titan against the Corsair T3. Let’s see which chair will end up in your gaming room! Hope you like this comparison, even we know sometimes it’s hard to make everyone happy.

Secretlab Titan vs Corsair T3 comparison

Everything about the Secretlab Titan

If you a big fan of our blog, you have already known that we had a detail review about this gaming chair here. But in this post, we are going to bold the main factors of this amazing gaming chair to make sure the newbie can easy understand & compare to the others.

Like we have already told you, the Titan is a big and heavy gaming chair from Secretlab. Where the Secretlab Omega has a smaller weight capacity and narrower dimensions, the Titan can accommodate taller and heavier gamers.

This is also one of the more popular gaming chairs among game masters and even beginners. Let us break the bubble, it really is a comfortable one. But let’s elaborate on how comfortable it is. 

When it comes to the Titan’s dimensions, the brand went all the way out. It has a wider backrest and a much wider seat. So if you tend to sit with your legs crossed or have a habit of lacing your legs on the chair, the Titan will indulge you. 


The Titan is big and heavy And if you’re going to set it up on the second floor, you might need help in dragging it along the stairs. But even if it’s hefty, it’s still easy to assemble. One of the reasons may be because careful attention went into packaging the parts. There’s this big instruction card that you will surely not miss. It also includes all the tool kits that you need and everything is packed neatly. 

For comfort, as we have mentioned earlier, it is one of the more comfortable gaming chairs we have sat on. It does not feel hard compared to these bulky gaming chairs stuffed with tons of padding and foam. It is actually really soft and cushy. It feels nice on the butt. So it came as a surprise before because we thought it would feel too firm. The chair does not look like it’s going to be plush. 

There is still decent firmness, but the softness will super exceed the fitness. And it still feels quite supportive at the same time. And we did not feel the need for a break-in period, though there were a few complaints about the need for one. To amp up the comfort, it also has a neck pillow that has memory foam inside.

For the adjustable features, it has the same features you’d find in other gaming chairs, same with the Corsair T3. and oh, the leather covering is decently nice, it doesn’t feel rough and you can tell that it’s made from quality materials. 

What makes it stand out is that it features integrated lumbar support that you can adjust using a knob. You can tighten it to move the lumbar forward or loosen it to push it back. It feels like you can customize your lumbar support. 

Also, this chair stood out because it doesn’t have a flimsy base. The base is very sturdy and supportive. For the recline function, it can go all the way back to a full recline. And even for a big guy, it feels supportive and all.

The dimensions of the chair are wider. The absence of the side wings made it more liberating. And since it doesn’t have a bucket-style seat, you will still feel supported. 

Everything about the Corsair T3 gaming chair

The T3 is a midsize gaming chair and can support a weight of 260 lbs. So it is a smaller version compared to the Titan. The thing is, this chair is comfortable for average size persons. One of our team members weighed 190 lbs and he did feel quite comfortable. The width of the chair is just right for him, it’s not too cramped but you will not have that much space to cross your legs. So it can accommodate those who are of standard height and weight.

Corsair T3 gaming chair

And the chair is rated to hold 250 lbs. But it felt lacking if a heavier gamer would sit on the chair. It will be too cramped and too stuffy. The side of the seat isn’t that wide for big and heavy users. And since it has side wings, that will also feel restricted for someone wide. You will be feeling the pressure from the side wings rubbing against your thighs. And you will also find it difficult to squeeze your entire butt in the chair.

So for the scope of users, this is for an average size gamer. It’s not for those who stand over 6”1’. 

But if you do fit in the chair, it can feel comfortable. The design of the seat is bucket style. So it will be more hugging and slimmer. Provided that you favor a more hugging sensation, then you can find this comfortable.

As for the backrest, it has the same wings that can encapsulate your body within the chair. It goes further to the stomach part. So again, this chair will really hug and even envelope you in its seat. So you won’t be able to squeeze yourself in if you are wider around the waist. You might just end up with a bad back if you do.

For the shoulder support, the wings are wide enough for those with wider shoulders, so it fared better than the backrest and the seat. 

For the customization, it has the basic adjustable features that you can see in most mid-range gaming chairs. You have the tilt lock, the full recline, 4d armrests. It also has a nice neck pillow. But when we took a peek inside, it’s made of regular foam and stuffings. It’s not memory foam to look forward to. But the size is just perfect for the dimensions of the chair.

The armrests are 4d but they are all plastic. The good thing is they are pretty wide and have soft rubber pads on the top. And the armrests feature these unique and cool carbon fiber accents. This makes the chair look edgier and game-worthy. They are also decently comfortable, but they do have a little bit of play in them.

Another limitation that we noticed is that the seat pan isn’t pushed back to the front. So it’s quite narrow and shallow. So if you want to cross your legs or place your legs on the front edge of the chair, this is not for you. There will be no room for you to do that. So this chair does not allow for fidgeting. 

The T3 has several other plastic parts. The wheels are all plastic and it doesn’t seem that durable to hold an adult for a long time. So we are not that confident about how long it will be able to support the chair. The base is also full plastic. Though it is hard plastic it feels a bit shaky. 

It will definitely be the finish of the chair. The chair is wrapped in a very breathable and comfortable fabric material. It will not be too sweaty and can be a cooler option, especially if you live somewhere where the temperature tends to rise. 

And for the lumbar support/ lumbar pillow, the memory foam used is slowly rising. So it does feel nice and comfortable on the back. And it is properly shaped so it can hug and protect your back in the right places. 

Secretlab’s Titan vs Corsair T3 Overall

We find the Titan with better lumbar support compared to the T3. And for the overall feeling of comfort, we have to give it to Secretlab Titan. Though those who want a more hugging experience might prefer the T3, they have to be slim to fit into the chair.

Also, the Titan felt more strong and more supportive. Build and quality-wise, the Titan has a stronger base and foundation. But in terms of the breathability of the covering material, the T3 will provide a cooler seating experience. So if you live in a hot region, this is a good gaming chair to consider. Though the leather material of the Titan does not feel bringing and all, it is less breathable than the T3. 

Aesthetic-wise, both chairs look pristine in their own way. Though if you are into leather gaming chairs, the Titan will appeal to you more. 

Who is the Secretlab Titan perfect for

  1. If you need a gaming chair with bigger dimensions, the Titan can accommodate the big and the heavy.
  2. Those who want customizable lumbar support will love the Titan better.
  3. If you’re looking for a more plush seating experience without the bulky foam and padding, this will be a sunrise. 

Who is the Corsair T3 ideal for

  1. Those Who want the hugging feel of a bucket-style racing chair.
  2. Those of us are of average weight and height and stand no taller than 6”1’. This is a slim-fit chair. The dimensions of the seat and the backrest will not be able to accommodate wider gamers.
  3. Those who need a more breathable and cooler gaming chair.

Where to buy them

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