How to remove wheel base from your office chair

Buyer's guide: how to remove the wheel base

If you are like IT guys, freelancers, artists, or most people who are working from home, you definitely spend a good amount of time in your office chair, at least 8 hours a day, for sure. Whether you are working on the computer, talking on the phone, or reading documents, your office chair is probably a critical piece of equipment for you. However, if for any problem you have disassembled your chair, the first thing you need to do is remove the wheels. Actually, there is no only way to remove the wheelbase from it so don’t worry, it’s really easy. We assure you that you can make it.

In this blog post, we will quickly show you how to easily remove the base of your office chair and replace it with a new one. This process is simple and does not require any special tools or knowledge. Keep reading for 5 step-by-step instructions below.

1. First, identify the four bolts that secure the base of your chair to the frame. These bolts are typically located at the bottom of the chair legs.

2. Using a wrench or socket, loosen and remove these bolts.

3. Next, gently lift the base off of the chair frame. You may need to wiggle it a bit to get it free.

4. Now you can take a look at the underside of the base and assess what needs to be done to make your chair more comfortable. For example, if the seat is too low, you can add some spacers between the seat and the base. Or, if the backrest is too upright, you can adjust the tension knob to make it easier to lean back.

5. Once you have made the necessary adjustments, simply reattach the base to the chair frame and tighten the bolts. And that’s it! You now know how to remove and replace the base of your office chair.

If you are not a big fan of text, the video below will help you understand how to do this.

So, any problem? If not, then maybe this could be your new project for the weekend. Have fun!

Next time you are feeling uncomfortable in your office chair, try removing the base and making some adjustments. You may be surprised at how much difference it can make!

Can you take the wheels off an office chair?

Yes, you can take the wheels off an office chair. However, we do not recommend doing this unless you are comfortable with working on chairs. If you are not, we suggest taking the chair to a professional who can help you do it.


Wheel replacement for office chair

If you need to replace the wheels on your office chair, we recommend taking the chair to a professional who can help you select the correct wheels and install them. Alternatively, you can purchase replacement wheels online or at a local office supply store. Be sure to measure the diameter of the existing wheels before ordering new ones, as there are many different sizes available.

How do I fix an office chair that keeps sinking?

If your office chair keeps sinking, it is likely due to a faulty gas lift cylinder. To fix this, you will need to replace the gas lift cylinder. This is a relatively easy process that can be done at home with a few tools. However, if you are not comfortable working on chairs, we suggest taking the chair to a professional who can help you replace the gas lift cylinder. For more info, read this post

How do I know if my office chair is too big for me?

If your office chair is too big for you, it may be uncomfortable or cause you to slouch. To determine if your chair is too big for you, sit in the chair and adjust the seat height so that your feet are flat on the floor. You should be able to sit all the way back in the chair with your spine against the backrest and your knees at a 90-degree angle. If you cannot do this, your chair is likely too big for you. You may need to purchase a new chair that is a better fit.