Top 6 Most Comfortable Gaming Chairs for Big & Tall Guys

Do you need the best gaming chair for tall gamers

So you are a person (with 6′ or even more) looking to buy a comfortable gaming chair for big and tall? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

A lot of the more popular gaming chairs in the market are more suited for people of average size and height. That’s why if you are size XL to XXL, you might find it challenging to find a gaming chair where you’ll really be comfortable. 

How to find an ideal gaming chair for big and tall guys?

If you know your height and how much space is between your ear-to-head while sitting on an average chair, it will help you narrow down your search for a Gaming chair of the correct size.

gaming chair for tall people

Note: The best way to measure yourself is standing up straight against a wall with feet shoulder-width apart.

  • 1) Take out some measuring tape or use a meter stick to determine the distance from just above your head to about 1 inch below your earlobes/neck. Or just ask someone who doesn’t have anything else more important to do at that moment than measure you! This will be your (X).
  • 2) Measure the “height” of your gaming chair. This is basically from the floor up to the bottom of where you sit and includes any footrests, legs, etc. If it’s a pretty tall chair then measure just the height without any attachments and add some inches. This will be your (Y).
  • 3) Find out how much space is in between the top of your head and the top part of your back while sitting down on an average-sized chair so that you won’t feel squished. Subtract this number from your (X), example: let’s say X=5’11” and Y=29”-31” – 5”= 24½” or 24”. Then divide 24½” by 2 = 12”. This is how much space you’ll need between the top of your head and the backrest.
  • 4) Now to determine the actual chair’s height: take (Y) and add (X). So in this case it would be 29”+5’11”=35½”. There are 35½ inches from the floor up to where you sit which means that when looking for a gaming chair, you must find one that has a backrest within that range or taller/lower than 35½” – 29″.

If your desired gaming chair doesn’t have a high enough backrest, don’t worry! You can always attach a pillow or cushion on top so it will be comfortable. Just make sure it’s not too high or else you’ll lose the whole point of getting a chair that fits you!

Respawn comfortable gaming chair

So, now that you know what exactly to look out for when shopping for a comfortable gaming chair, go ahead and find yourself one today. But if you don’t, well we have rounded up our top recommendations for top gaming chairs for big & tall folks. You will find these comfortable enough to sit on for the entire day. 

top 6 best gaming chairs for big and tall guys

Brand Seat height Seat depth User recommended height
Secret Lab Titan EVO XL
(see the price)
18.1″ to 21.9″ 19.7” 5’7”-6’2”
E-WIN Flash Series XL 18.7″ to 22.7″ 22.8″ 5’7”-7’0″
AKRacing Masters Series PRO 19.5″ to 22.5″. 21” 5’7” to 6’5”
GT Racing Luxury Series 18.3″ to 22.2″ 22” 5’6” and 6’5”
Respawn 400 16.75″-19.5″ 28.5” 5’7”-6’2”
Maxnomic NeedforSeat XL 21.7″ to 26.6″ 22.8” 5’8”-7’

Secret Lab Titan EVO XL

The EVO is the most upgraded version of the Titan gaming chairs. It has almost the same features as the 2020 version, except that it has magnetic elements. 

titan evo gaming chair

Both the 2020 and the 2024versions are fit for users who stand between 5’49” to 6’7”. The chairs from this series are suitable for taller folks, but we have decided to highlight the EVO because of its updated features that will also benefit taller users.

The EVO runs in three sizes, regular, small, and XL size. We’ve made a comparison table below:

Seat height 17.7″ to 20.5″ 17.7″ to 20.5″ 18.1″ to 21.9″
Seat depth 19.3” 18.9” 19.7”
User’s recommended height 4’11” to 5’6″ 5’7″ to 6’2″ 5’11” to 6’9″
Titan series>>> check price

The EVO small is already fit for 6-footers. And there aren’t a lot of gaming chairs that those who stand 6’5’ and above will find very comfortable.

One upgrade from the 2020 series is the lumbar support. With the older model, you will not be able to adjust the lumbar height, just the depth. And for those who stand taller than 6’2”, having both an adjustable lumbar height and depth can mean a more comfortable seating experience.

The EVO features lumbar support that can be adjusted in height and depth. So if you need to lower your arch, you can go on ahead.

You can still enjoy the nice features that you loved with the 2020 model. The 4d armrests, the option to choose a Softweave fabric, the nice tilt, and recline. 

Remember how you love the recline function in the 2020 model and how you can just instantly take a nap on it? You will get the same feature with the EVO. 

Another upgrade from the previous model is the magnetic headrests. While the headrest of the previous model is already comfortable with the memory gel foam inside, it is still held by straps, so just the same as other gaming chairs.

 So the brand decided to make it look like a modernized chair by making the headrest magnetic. Not that anyone is requesting one, but it does make up for a nice and unique upgrade. And that also removes the strap. So the chair looks more modern and streamlined. 

Also, the upholstery of the 2024model has a more breathable fabric. 

One of our qualms though is that the material is not stained resistant. So you have to be careful not to accidentally spill anything on it. And oh, the premium price speaks for all the quality materials. This is a premium chair that is very unique and comfortable for those who stand up to 6’7.

Where to buy

E-WIN Flash Series XL

The E-WIN Flash Series XL is praised as a heavy-duty gaming chair that supports up to 550 lbs! While their competitors can bear 300-400lbs at most. This not only means E-WIN is capable to withstand the weight of 550 lbs, but it also indicates the chair itself is qualified with incomparable durability. As the best heavy-duty gaming chair brand, E-WIN achieves advanced pro design and develops premium robust materials for enhanced durability. And it provides users with a superb gaming chair that is ergonomically built for comfort and can withstand 500+ pounds of weight tests.

This Flash Series XL all-black chair comes with a wide and flat seat without the hip huggers as well as a wide back, which helps big and tall individuals find the right position while sitting in the chair. People who are 5’7”-7’0″ will really feel this chair’s ergonomically comfortable.

E-WIN Flash Series XL

What makes E-WIN Flash Series XL gaming chairs the great choice for big and tall guys? Well, their every component, gas Lift, tilt mechanism, base, wheels, and coated steel frames, has been relentlessly tested beyond industry standards and certified for safety and durability.

E-WIN adds a layer of eco-friendly anti-corrosion coating to protect the steel frames from rusting at various temperature and humidity levels. While some brands use wood material or naked metal for the frame inside the chair. Time will tell the difference.

Numerous reviews and videos on this chair can be found. The E-WIN gaming seats are featured in commercials, social media posts, and articles. With a broader seat and higher weight capacity, E-WIN is able to cater to the needs of large and tall players. So, if you’re a big and tall gamer, the E-WIN Flash Series XL is a worthwhile advantage to have.

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AKRacing Masters Series Pro XL

Check price

This AK racing chair is built for the bigger league, this is a big and tall chair suitable for both tall and heavy individuals. And this particular model is the upgraded and the most premium offering from the brand.

The seat depth is 21 inches and the height range of this chair is 47.8″ to 57.4″. So taller users from 5’7” to 6’5” will fit very well in this chair. The seat depth is 21” and the seat width is around 23”.

And in terms of luxury, it can go head to head with the Secretlab Titan chairs. But compared to Secretlab Titan, it has a wider seat, so the overall size of this chair is larger.

The seat is wide and it does not have that bucket-style seat that can restrict movement. Those who are fidelity will adore this design. The chair still looks gaming-ready even without the bucket-style seat.

AKRacing Masters Series Pro

You can also enjoy some of the features that you’ll find in an ergonomic chair such as the 4d armrests, a recline, and tilt function. In terms of functionality, it is pretty much close to Secretlab Titan and other premium gaming chairs. 

One of the gripes however is that the parts are mostly plastic. And oh, it tends to tilt forward if you happen to be picking up something off the floor while seated. It’s a thing to consider if you’re fancying this gaming chair. 

GT Racing Luxury Series

The Luxury series is an upgraded version of the previous GT Racing gaming chairs series. 

We love the minimalist yet sophisticated approach. It does not scream game-ready, but it can be a dual function. You can use it as an office chair or as a gaming chair.

We are particularly eyeing the luxury, GTX320 Black. The seat width of this chair is 21.65” and has a seat depth of 22”. It can go up to 55 inches. So we see this particular model fit for those who stand anywhere between 5’7” and 6’5”.

This is also a heavy-duty gaming chair and is also stable for those who weigh up to 400 lbs. It has an extra wider seat compared to the other series.

It is also backed up by steel reinforcement, so you can be sure that this chair will hold its post for a longer time.

And it does have thick, nice padding that can allow for more movement. It does have a bucket-style seat, but the sides are not too tall and tough. 

Another Luxury series chair that taller folks will find suitable is the GTK002. The seat width is 18.9” and the depth is around 21”. 

The chair can reach a total of 51”. It runs a few inches less than the GTX320 Black. But like the GTX320 Black, it is suitable for those who stand between 5’7” and 6’3”.

Common complaints however have something to do with the stocks and availability of the product. This unit sells like hotcakes since it is rather affordable. So you will often find it out of stock. And the customer service seems to have a lot of backlogs. So don’t expect nice aftercare, that is if you’ll be able to get your hands on one of these units. 

Respawn 400

The Respawn 400, one of the best sellers of the brand Respawn Gaming Chair has a seat height of up to 29”, a seat width of 31“, and a seat depth of 28.5”. So taller people with exceptionally long legs will find this chair the most comfortable. You won’t have issues with your knees going over your toes.

The seat depth is larger than any of the tall gaming chairs we have come across. You might even be able to do an Indian sit during breaks. The seat is just very roomy and spacious. 

This is also a big chair with its 400 lbs weight capacity. It does have a bucket-style seat, but the flaps are low and quite pliable.

This model is similar to the functions and features of the Respawn 100, except that this is a larger version. 

The Respawn 400 also seems to be a more durable version of the other models in the series. It has a more robust and solid frame. Though this is mostly made of hard plastic, it is more heavy-duty than the other models. But we wished that it had more metal parts so it can be in the running versus other heavy-duty gaming chairs. 

The backrest is also quite high and can seat those as tall as 6’2”.

Oh, we had to mention that the Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair is also a promising option from the brand. It does have the same seat depth of 28” and a seat height range is enough to accommodate those who stands 6’2”.  

But we did not highlight this in this section because the flimsy construction versus the cost, is not a fair deal.

This chair is hyped up for Fortnite gaming, hence the more expensive price. But we find the Respawn 400 has a sturdier and more solid build. Though an advantage of Fortnite is that it has a retractable footrest. 

Maxnomic NeedforSeat XL

This underrated gaming chair can seat folks who stand 5’8” to 7’, that’s the tallest of the lot from our list. It also boasts of a large and wide seat. It doesn’t have any side flaps for maximum movement. 

Maxnomic gaming chair

This gaming chair might not be all fancy and gamey, but it prides itself on having several customization options, well for a gaming chair at least. You can choose what kind of base, cylinder, and armest to outfit the chair with.

The look is also minimalistic. But it does offer a recline function and a tilt lock mechanism. 

You might not be able to find a lot of reviews on this chair. But we do think this is decently sturdy and a great option for tall folks. 

Big and Tall Alternatives

For the Extra Heavy Gamer (over 500 lbs+)

Gaming chairs for the big and tall guys are the more heavy-duty options. But most, if not all can bear a max weight of 300 to 400 lbs. So if you weigh 500 lbs, you will find it hard to look for a decent seating solution. What more if you weigh 600, 700, or even a thousand pounds?

While there might seem to be nothing in the market of that specification, we managed to find a few alternative chairs that you can also use comfortably while playing your favorite games.

OFM Core Collection Avenger

If you are in need of a plusher option and find number one lacking, this is the next best alternative. It has an extra wide padded seat that measures 5” thick. It’s soft, plush, and yet very durable. 

You can see the stitches are well-made and tufted for additional comfort. The arms are also padded with a 1-inch thick cushion and can also give ample upper body support.

The seat is quite deep as it is, and it measures 21”-25”. So you have no problems with your long legs getting out of place. But compared to our contender number one, the max height it can accommodate is 6’5”.

The chair is made of almost all steel and metal, so this can be very heavy. 

This tufted chair is also very comfy and you will be able to sit for long hours. It is a workhorse and is built like a tank. 

But if you will notice, this is more of an executive office chair rather than a gamey-looking one. It’s kind of versatile actually and can be used both for gaming and working. If you have been frustrated in finding chairs that can accommodate your weight, then even an office chair can be used for gaming.  

And this will not disappoint if you need extra support for your weight. Albeit the lack of gamey features such as a recline or that gamey vibe going on, this can help you last in front of your monitor for a few more hours without discomfort. 

Sitmatic Big Boss

This is another office chair that can be used for gaming, but it can offer you more ergonomic features. And it’s such a treat to find a few more customizable features in a heavy-duty chair.

It features an Intuitive QuickBack. This allows you to move the backrest through a 6” range in 27 positions. 

So you can also control the position of the lumbar support since it is adjustable. That makes the chair comfortable for a larger group of people, even for those who need more support for their lower back.

In addition, it also has a lumbar bolster, which can give you an added layer of support for those who need it more. It has a gentle contour that can give a nice haven for the entire torso. So you can use this comfortably for the entire day. 

It also has a recline, it can go from 0 degrees to -9. The backrest angle can be adjusted independently, so there is almost nothing to dislike about this chair. You can easily fine-tune the chair to your needs. Oh, we forgot to mention it has air dial-in lumbar support. So you can adjust it by dialing it in.  

You may even find that the adjustable features are almost similar to an expensive office chair that can bear average weight. The headrest is adjustable, the arms are 2D, have a synchro tilt, and it has infinite tilt positions.

This is ideal for those who need a more ergonomic chair. It will be hard to find chairs of the likes of this one. Not to mention, it doesn’t look bulky in any way. It has an unobtrusive design that makes it seem almost sleek and sexy. 

Concept Seating Bariatric

This may look awkward with its 7-leg base, but it makes the chair extra heavy-duty for those who weigh up to 550 lbs. So might not look appealing to most, but it is definitely a strong and very durable option.

Apart from that this chair can tilt to three seat pant angle positions and has separate 2 back angle adjustments. So it still offers a bit more of the ergonomic features that you might be looking for. 

The seat is quite wide at 26.5” and it is deeper too, you may even be able to adjust it. It can go from 19.5” to -21.5”. The seat height is 16.75″ – 20.25″, it may be a smaller margin but it still counts. 

The chair feels quite bouncy and airy, it is very amenable to micro-movements too. The seat can distribute the weight of the user over the entire region of the chair, so this can be very cushy and comfy for the butt.

Hercules Series from Flash Furniture 

Move over everybody, this is the king of the kings when it comes to the weight a chair can bear. This bad boy can bear up to a whopping 1000 lbs. And you might never see any chair of this kind. It will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Check price today

The chair is made of an 18-gauge steel frame, which makes it very durable. It does not look too bulky despite the higher weight capacity. It even looks like a modern and contemporary chair that is often used in receptions.

But of course, this might not look like what you would initially want for your gaming enclave. But this might be one of the few, if not the only choice you have if you weigh nearly a thousand pounds. It might not resonate right away since it also lacks ergonomic features. 

This is a very stationary basic gaming chair. But it is very heavy duty and can be used should you have no other option. Put up some cushy lumbar pillows and it might suffice.

Final Thought

We have not just chosen gaming chairs that can be adjusted high enough for tall people, we have also considered the building of the chairs. Since taller users will weigh more than folks between 5’4-5’8”, the ideal gaming chairs for taller people should also be decently sturdy.