Mirra 2 vs Aeron: Herman Miller Office Chair Showdown

Among the Herman Miller chairs, the Aeron and the Mirra 2 have the most similarities. In terms of the overall design, the adjustable features, the customization options, and the materials used, these two seem to share a lot of qualities. But for course, the Aeron is an iconic Herman Miller chair and desired by a lot of people. But it has a hefty price tag too. The Mirra 2, on the other hand, is a more affordable alternative to the flexible Aeron chair.

So let’s see what makes them different aside from the price. And we’ll elaborate on each similarity so you can decide which Herman Miller chair fits your needs.

Mirra 2 vs Aeron the first showdown – Customization

Both office chairs have customizable features. So you can choose from the color of the chair, the upholstery, and some options to include more adjustable features and upgrades. But out of all the features, the Aero is popular for how flexible it is. And it is also available in three sizes.

You can choose from an Aeron A, B, or C. And this is equivalent to a small, medium, and large size. With this, the Aeron can cater to most people, regardless of their size, you just have to buy the right chair size. And even XL people or those who are quite large can find a comfortable, sturdy, and ergonomic chair with an Aeron C. While the Aeron A is quite comfortable for smaller people, or those who stand 5 to 5’3 .”

Aeron Herman Miller office chair
Aeron Herman Miller office chair

The Mirra 2, on the other hand, boasts of a slim and sleek profile. Even the seat is a bit smaller and slimmer than other Herman Miller chairs. So it’s more suitable for people who are light to average weight. Even though the Mirra chair is quite durable with a  350 lb weight capacity (the same weight capacity of an Aeron C) but the seat can be too narrow for those who are on the bigger side.

Mirra 2 Herman Miller office chair
Mirra 2 Herman Miller office chair

And even if you set the lumbar support and the arm adjustment to its highest setting, taller people might not find the chair as comfortable. So you just purchase the Aeron C, it’s made for the bigger and taller league. And tall people are sure to find a sweet spot of comfort.

Lumbar support and comfort

Both ergonomic office chairs offer adjustable lumbar support. And the two chairs are gearing towards more firm support. Though the main difference is that the Aeron has a mesh flexible back while the Mirra 2 has a more solid and elastic plastic material. 

And both chairs have an S-shaped curve that can follow the contour of your spine. So the Mirra 2 and the Aeron can both provide back and lumbar support. These office chairs are flexible and can support your every movement. But there’s a but here.

The Mirra may feel a bit more flexible but there are times when it feels a bit hard on the back when compared to the Aeron. Sometimes when you flex, you can feel some pressure points on the back when it’s pressed too hard against the plastic material. The Aeron, on the other hand, feels very comfortable, even when you flex. 

So to grade it, the Aeron provided impressive back and lumbar support while the Mirra 2 can give decent back support. Some may find The plastic back of the Mirra 2 a bit hard when seated for long hours. While the Aeron is utterly comfortable.

The amazing back support of the Aeron can be attributed to its re-designed PostureFit SL mechanism. This technology promises to remove any pain associated with seating. The Mirra 2, on the other hand, also offers a butterfly suspension back that provides a supporting framework with mesh. This can be less pressure on your back compared to the all-plastic back.

So you can choose from two types of the back part of the chair. But still have to give it to Aeron for its impressive back and lumbar support This is literally the office chair that you can sit for 8 hours and you won’t feel any pain or aches in your back.

And both chairs also have a waterfall design on the edge of the seat that can provide proper circulation. This prevents your legs from going too numb or too sore from all the sitting. 

Overall, if you don’t have any back or lumbar problems, you’d find the Mirra very comfortable too. But those with back and lumbar issues can benefit more from the Aeron chair.

Mirra 2 chair

Features we wished both chairs had 

Both are customizable, yes. But the Aeron is one notch higher in terms of the optional upgrades. You have a choice to dress your Aeron chair with a headrest. Whereas, the Mirra 2 does not provide this option.

In terms of the seat depth, you’d have more options for adjusting it with the Mirra 2 and the Aeron doesn’t have any options for this. So the Mirra can sit more people with just one single chair, provided that they are not on the heavier side.  

As for the Aeron, the seat depth is fixed and you won’t be able to modify it. But guess that’s what the different sizes of Aeron chairs are for. You can choose the perfect seat depth for you by choosing the appropriate Aeron chair size. 

Another feature that could have made the Aeron a complete package is the adjustable armrests of Mirra 2. The armrests can be adjusted 4 ways so you’re sure to find the sweet spot to relieve shoulder and wrist tension. Whereas with the Aeron, the armrests are adjustable only up and down, so tres just a certain extent to find a comfortable spot. 

More breathable 

Mirra 2 showdown chair with Aeron

A notable advantage we noticed with the Mirra 2 is that it has a more breathable all mesh material seat. Though the Aeron itself is cool and breathable, you’ll notice a significant difference when you sit on the Mirra 2. Though if you have buttons on the back pocket you have to be a bit careful if you’re going to sit on a Mirra 2. The buttons can get caught in between. So you might not have any more choice but to rip it off or it could rip off on its own when you stand.

Also, we’ve noticed that the Aeron tends to be a bit warmer on some parts on its back. The part at the back where the lumbar support and the back support is located can get a bit too warm at times, especially on a hot humid day. It may be because it’s the only spot that doesn’t have the pellicle membrane that was used to cool you off in the other parts of the chair. 

Firm to a too firm seat

Both chairs are known for their firm seats. So it’s a plus as the seat contours nicely on your butt. But the Aeron is more comfortable to sit on. While both have an all mesh seat, but the seat of the Mirra 2 can be too firm for some. It’s too firm to the point that it can be unforgiving. And some people may experience soreness on their butts if they’ve been sitting on the Mirra 2 for hours. 

Compare Price

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Which chair is better?

In our opinion, these two chairs were made almost identical. The Mirra 2 can be a more cost-effective choice if your budget is not yet up with the Aeron chair. As both chairs still feel comfortable, the Aeron can provide more comfort and back support for those with back and lumbar problems. We find the Aeron a bit more flexible and the Mirra 2 is more solid. And the Aeron feels lighter than the Mirra 2. 

The Herman Miller Aeron is indeed an iconic office chair because of the amazing back support it can give, especially for those who are experiencing back and lumbar soreness. In terms of the design, the Mirra 2, with its sleeker and slimmer profile looks more modern, hip, and trendier. So it can be perfect among millennials who don’t have a back problem…yet. As the Mirra 2 can still provide decent back support for those who are still young and agile, it’s a sweet deal.


In a nutshell, we think the Aeron is more popular among older folks or those who have been experiencing back and lumbar problems already. Though a lot of the younger generation would also love to get a Herman Miller Aeron chair, sometimes it can just be out of their budget.. for now. 

So the Mirra 2 is a great alternative. Out of all the Herman Miller chairs, the Mirra 2 perhaps has the closest resemblance to the Aeron. It’s the number one alternative to an Aeron, provided that you’re not on the heavier side.

So which chair is the best for you? It all boils down to your priorities!