Herman Miller Lino Office Chair Review – Adding Sparkle to this Underrated Chair

The Herman Miller chair may be one of the least popular office chairs of the brand. But it does seem promising and it can be a great alternative to the iconic Aeron chair. So let’s shed some light into this simple office chair

About the brand

Herman Miller is a leading innovator of adjustable ergonomic chairs. The brand combines function, comfort, and aesthetic in one. And they have one of the most stylish office chairs in the market. 

Though Herman Miller is known for its steeply-priced office chairs, the brand also offers a slightly affordable one. Not that it’s inexpensive, but it’s more within budget’s reach compared to the Aeron. 

The Herman Miller Lino was introduced to the market in 2018. It bears the same technology as the other Herman Miller chairs. And it’s primarily recognized for its simple and minimalistic design.

Looking at the Lino

Herman Miller Lino


Comfort and back support

The Lino is a minimalist chair but it can be a great alternative to the Aeron. Many find the Aeron super comfortable, but many also find it too bulky. The Lino looks clean, sleek, and slimmer. Though it’s not as comfortable as the Aeron when sat on for a longer time, I can say that it is comfortable. And a cheaper alternative too.

It’s also a great chair if you want the comfort of a Steelcase Leap. Steelcase Leap is a highly adjustable and comfortable chair, but it also bears a steep price. If you’re loving the adjustability and comfort of the Steelcase Leap, I’ll highly suggest the Lino.

The Herman Miller Lino also boasts of an S-shaped back seat that follows the contour of your spine. The Lino also has the patented posture S fit, which is a technology inclusive to Herman Miller. This ensures superior back comfort. 

The backseat of this Herman Miller chair is made of breathable fabric and it’s also infused with a duo suspension technology, this feels very nice on the back. And it also felt like the chair follows your every movement you get support at almost any angle. And of course, the fabric is breathable, it feels cool with more air ventilation.

Along with Mirra, the Lino is also a great alternative to the Aeron. But oh well, nothing beats the Aeron, for now in, terms of support and back comfort in prolonged seating. 

I find the unique sacral support of the Lino very promising too. It nudges you to sit correctly and to have a better posture. 

Where to buy it

Environmentally friendly

The Lino chair is also one of the more green office chairs of the brand. Along with Cosm and Sayl, the Lino is popular among those who are looking to lessen their carbon footprint.

The Lino is made of 97 percent recyclable materials, it’s more “green”, so to speak than the abovementioned office chairs. 


Like the rest of the Herman Miller chairs, the Lino is pretty customizable too. It comes in a range of pretty and perky colors. It also offers different fabric options. It’s available in six colors. 

And I’ve noticed that out of the other Herman Miller chairs, it has one of the most number of options for the upholstery. So it gives you more liberty to choose the finishing touches of your office chair,

You can also choose a different colored base and frame to create some aesthetic striking contrast.

Lino offers a ton of customization when it comes to the adjustable features. Like the Sayl, the basic Lino doesn’t come with armrests, but you can opt to upgrade to one. 


You’ll enjoy a range adjustable feature with the Lino. it has an adjustable seat height, seat depth, tilt limiter, forward tilt, adjustable lumbar support, and the option of fully adjustable arms.

I find the adjustable features such a treat, it’s almost a complete package. And I love the several tilt options that you have with the Lino. Front the tilt limiter, seat angle to the preset tilt tension, you’ll be able to find a comfortable spot for your back. The Lino can also have that slight bouncy motion which can be a breather especially if you’ve been sitting for hours.

A Simple and Clean chair

The Lino is a sleek minimalist and simple chair. It can easily blend in an office of other ergonomic chairs, you’d just know the difference when you’re sitting on it. Though you can make it pop a bit if you get a different colored base from the frame. And get the poshest in eye-popping colors.

But the Lino chair was made for comfort and it was also designed to blend in rather stand out. Though the minimalist and simple design will appeal to those looking for a simple looking yet comfortable chair. It’s actually a rather quiet chair, you can make a little noise with different colored upholstery.

Herman Miller Office chair showdown: Cosm vs the Lino

These two Herman Miller chairs have a lot in common. Both chairs are recyclable, so they’re better options for going green. And in terms of the design, both are sleek, simple, and great for a minimalist office. Though the Cosm has a higher back and it’s available in three varying back heights. And it may look slightly sleek and stylish than the Lino.

Herman Miller Cosm Office chair
Herman Miller Cosm Office chair

The Cosm is also dubbed to be a great transient chair. The Cosm chair is also famous for its dynamic tilt. And the brand claims that it can give a different level of comfort and you’ll feel weightless as if you’re not sitting on any chair at all. And the entire chair is like one unit, so yeah, it felt seamless and can follow your every movement.

The main difference between the Cosm and the Lino is that the Cosm doesn’t offer any adjustable features. What you can do is choose from the three different backseat heights to find the perfect size for you. But if it fits you you can feel an almost weightless experience. Though might not be as weightless if you’re sitting on a fully reclinable chair like the Elysium, it does give that feeling.

The Lino, on the other hand, offer more adjustable features and impressive spinal support. But in the scope of use, I find more people fitting to the Lino than the Cosm, mainly because of the adjustable features. But as I’ve mentioned, if you fit in a Cosm, you’ll never be looking for another office chair. So it’s sort of an acquired taste 

But in terms of style, the Cosm chair can pop out more.

Herman Miller Office chair showdown: Lino vs Sayl

The Sayl and the Lino are both made from recyclable materials, with the Lino slightly more green than the Sayl. Both Herman Miller chairs make use of an innovation that’s unique to them. The Sayl was designed after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. So it has that suspension technology. 

And it does give you sort of a feeling of weightlessness. And with the spineless design, it looks exposed yet bears a more intricate webbed back that’s also durable. And the Say chair can really be flexible too. And it does have several adjustable features.

And both chairs are armless to start with, but both are customizable as well. So you can opt to upgrade to one with fully adjustable arms. But I find the Lino with more adjustable features. And in terms of the scope of users, more people can find the Lino more comfortable than the Sayl. 

Herman Miller Sayl Office chair
Herman Miller Sayl Office chair

Both chairs have the same weight capacity of 350 lbs. But the Sayl chair is slightly smaller. Though the Lino is not bulky and sleek, the Sayl chair can be too tiny for a large man. 

The Sayl chair allows for more movement since the webbed backing is more flexible. Especially if you’re going to get the Sayl without arms, you can stretch in almost whichever way that you want while still seated on the chair. 

I find the Lino chair more comfortable when seated for long hours. The seat cushion is also well padded compared to the Sayl chair.

But in terms of the design, the Sayl chair is definitely a stunner. Both do have a minimalist look, but the Lino chair is gearing towards more simple and plain design.  

But same with the Cosm, if you find the Syal chair a percent fit for your body, you’ll never look for another chair. So then again, it’s more of an acquired taste. It caters to a very specific group of people.


The Lino chair is one of the Herman Miller chairs that are a bit underrated. You would not see people raving about it. But the truth is, it’s really comfortable and a great cheaper alternative to the Aeron. Though the back support of Aeron is quite unmatched, so to speak. But the Lino chair is a great value for your money. It’s perfect for those who want a plain and simple looking chair with adjustable features.