Respawn Flexx Gaming Chair Review – A More Ergonomic Chair for Gaming

The Flexx is Respawn’s newest kid on the block. It’s one of the go-to’s for racy-style affordable gaming chairs. The Flexx, however, can be mistaken for an office chair, with its all-mesh construction. But it might put to shame traditional gaming chairs, and you might be surprised yourself. 

Flexx respawn gaming chair review by Standingdesktopper

So let’s see what you can expect with this latest Respawn addition. 

It’s a sleek and sexy gaming chair but more ergonomic

Move over thickly padded PU leather gaming chairs, mesh is even in gaming. As the temperature rises, so does the need for more breathable material.   

You might have loved the sleek and all-mesh Respawn Specter, and here is another mesh unit that looks quite promising. 

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The Flexx is almost covered with this durable and breathable mesh material. And there the chair looks quite defined and has a lot of detail. Like the Specter, the upper part of the unit looks intricately made.  But the Flexx looks edgier and seems to have a more squarish profile compared to the Spectre’s more round look. Though both Respwan units are quite light, airy, and sleek. 

Like an ergonomic office chair, you can fine-tune the part so that you can make it fit your needs. And that’s something that you can rarely see in a gaming chair. 

Expect more unique features you don’t normally see in a PU leather chair

What is also different from the Flexx chair is it has a  Synchro-tilt mechanism. You could often see this type of tilt mechanism in ergonomic office chairs. This is often the de facto choice when looking for an office chair. It ensures that your feet stay on the ground even if you tilt the chair. Since you can independently adjust the backrest from the seat pan, it can mean more liberty for your back too.

And there are a few gaming chairs that do have this type of tilt mechanism, such as the Specter. That’s why the Flexx can also provide better lumbar support since it can ensure better spinal alignment even if the backrest is inclined or tilted. 

The Flexx also has adjustable lumbar support,  so it has more ergonomic features than your standard gaming chair. 

Respawn flexx red color - an amazing gaming chair with ergonomic

We love the Specter, but is the Flexx something better?

These two Respawn chairs are almost similar. Though you can tell them apart from each other since the Specter has a more round backrest and the Flexx has a more squarish rifle 

But the mesh material of the Flexx feels softer and more premium. Though that of the Specter doesn’t also scratch the skin even if you’re sitting with your legs exposed, the mesh material of the Flexx feels less of a mesh. It feels more like a soft cloth, only breathable.

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It also feels like supportive thin padding. And this is also one of the winning points of this newest addition. Both the backrest and seat are mesh but it doesn’t really feel like mesh. It can hold itself up and we see this chair lasting for many years. The mesh is less likely to deform and become dented.

It’s quite a treat for the bums actually, it’s both airy but not stiff So if you find the Spectre’s seat and mesh too firm, then this will delight you. This is also very comfortable for long gaming hours.  Your bum will not feel numb even if you’ve been playing for 6-7 hours. You’d be able to last longer in the chair than the Spectre.

And speaking of the comfort, the adjustability of this unit is beyond what we see in other gaming chairs within the same price range. It retails for less than 400 dollars, so the more adjustable features are a treat for your back and legs.

Though the Specter also has great adjustability. It pretty much has the same fine-tuning options as the Flexx. It has a Synchro-tilt function, adjustable headrest, and seat depth. But the Flexx offers an adjustable lumbar super. And when you combine this with the synchro-tilt function, more people will be able to find this chair suitable for long gaming hours. 

So if you find the back support of the Specter too firm and unbearable, the Flexx will be better in this department. 

But there are some features that the Specter can offer that the Flexx lacks.  The arms are 3D and the price is a bit lower compared to the Flexx. So this is something to consider.

But in terms of comfort, the Flexx will be a better pick. You can also use it for the office since it has a sleeker and non-obtrusive design.  It can blend in almost any setup. 

Also, the headrest of the Specter can sometimes push way too forward for some people. And the back can be a bit curved at times. So the Flexx will also offer better spinal alignment. 

It could have been a 10 if  not for the Plastic base 

Overall the Flexx is a great value for your money. But of course, there will be drawbacks. The thing is, the chair still has all the plastic parts, pretty much like all of the brand’s offerings.  So we are also not seeing this as a heavy-duty option. 

The Flexx load capacity is 300 lbs. It does feel substantially stable like the Specter. But the plastic base can still tell a lot about the longevity and construction of the chair. So we think this will be best used by those who weigh 200-250 lbs. 

Gaming chairs with steel frames such as the Secretlab can bear more weight. So if you want your Flexx chair to last longer, do not maximize its load capacity. The chair also has a sleeker and slimmer profile. Though it is more robust than Respawn 110 or 200, it’s still not a big gaming chair.  But since the Flexx can go as high as 22.2”, it can be used by those who stand 5’11”-  6’6”

But it is definitely one that you can use for long gaming hours, the chair is just comfortable and airy.