Why The Herman Miller Celle Office Chair is worth a Second Look ?

The Herman Miller Celle chair is one of the lesser expensive ergonomic chairs of the brand. But it may have a lot going for it in terms of adjustability and versatility. It might not be as fancy-looking as the Mirra 2, Sayl, or Cosm. But it can be a great alternative to the steeper priced high-end ergonomic chairs. Let’s take a look at how it fared.

Herman Miller Celle Office Chair review

About the brand

Herman Miller is one popular more high-end brand that manufactures adjustable ergonomic chairs.  It’s a US brand and has its headquarters in Michigan.

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Herman Miller Celle Office Chair ergonomic

Dissecting the Celle

Overall look and design

The Celle chair is one unique looking office chair. Almost all of Herman Miller office chairs have this sophisticated and luxurious look. But the Celle chair might not look too luxurious, but it’s above average. My first impression of this chair is that it’s solid and well made. Though it doesn’t look fancy when compared to other Herman Miller chairs.

The backseat boasts of a transparent design, and this gives the chair this modern eclectic feel. And another feature that I like is how all the levers, knots, and gears were concealed nicely. All the mechanical parts underneath the seat were masterfully covered with round plastic material. 

So it looks different from most office chairs where you can see the edgy appearance of the gears underneath the seat. Most office chairs often have the levers and knots organized in the same way and look similar to the Akir chair and the Ergohuman chair.

The underside of the Celle chair also looks different from the other Herman Miller chairs such as the Aeron and Mirra 2. That of the Celle chair looks more polished and rounded. It gives the chair a unique look and style. It makes all the knots and gears look put together and I haven’t seen many office chairs with such style.


The Celle chair is one of the most flexible Herman Miller chairs, it’s even more flexible than the Cosm or the Mirra. This Herman Miller chair is manufactured using a cellular suspension technique. This allows you to move and flex as much as you want. The chair is typically made of cells suspended together, and this allows for a greater range of movement.

Well, this office chair really lived up to its name. The flexibility score if over the top. As I’ve mentioned, it could have the best flexibility out of all the Herman Miller chairs. The Celle is only available in one size. But its technology allows the chair to conform to almost any shape and size of the sitter. Hence, it has a wider scope and can fit almost any individual. Shorter or taller sitters can still find the sweet spot. Or they don’t need to since the chair’s flexibility will do half of the work for them.


The backseat of the Celle chairs is made of a transparent plastic material that uses the cellular suspension technology. This is the most flexible part of the chair. The backseat feels breathable and cool. But you also have a piton to have it covered with upholstery.

Herman miller celle chair


The Celle has a bit of a cushioned seat. When compared to the Aeron, the Cosm, or the Mirra. The seat of the Celle feels more comfortable. Especially if you don’t like the too firm support that you get from the mesh Herman Miller chair, you’d find the padded seat of the Celle a treat. 

The seat also has a slightly curved design. This distributes weight evenly so you won’t feel any pinching sensation on your buttock if you’ve been seating for longer hours. The shape of the cushion is a bit similar to Staircase Series 2, except that the Steelcase office chairs have a more plush and cushioned seat. So it’s a great choice if you are looking for an ultra-soft cushion.

The seat is also a bit wide and you can also comfortably cross your legs or do an Indian sit while working. The larger seat can be more comfortable for those who are a little rounder or larger at the waist and hip area. 

 In terms of the support, Celle’s cushion can give an average. It sits between the too firm support and the soft cushiony feel. If you need medium support, it’s a great chair. But you might find it lacking if you need a more plush cushion. Then the Aeron or Mirra 2 is a great alternative.


This is the department where the Celle chair would perform well. This office chair is almost complete with all the adjustability options. The seat depth, lumbar support, seat height, tilt tension, forward tilt, and armrests are also adjustable.

Its armrests can also be adjusted up and down, you can also pivot it inwards or outwards. And you can also change the angle. The adjustability of its armrest is almost at par with the Mirra and the fully upgraded Aeron chair. And the good news is, the Celle chair costs much lower than the other 2 high-end chairs of the brand.

So a lot of sitters would be able to find the most ideal setting and configuration for their body size. 


Herman Miller is one of the frontrunners when it comes to office chair customization. And all their chairs can be customized to fit your needs and personal reference. You’d also enjoy the same feature with the Celle chair.

In terms of the color, the Celle is available in other muted and perky colors. You can mix and match them to get a more personalized office chair. You can also choose to retain the cell suspension back or have it covered with an upholstery of your choice.

There’s always something nice about putting up your chair together, it’s like mixing your favorite candies in a bag. But of course, the more you upgrade the higher the total price would be. But the fully dressed up Celle can be within your budget reach compared that of the Aeron’s

Durability and a weight capacity

At first glance, the chair looks like it’s all made of plastic material. But it does have rigid metal frameworks beneath it. So the Celle chair does feel solid and sturdy. And with a carrying capacity of 350 lbs, it’s gearing toward the heavy-duty tier. It has the same weight capacity as an Aeron C, which is fit for whose weight is heavier and taller. 

So there’s little to worry about if none at all of overloading the chair.

What I wished were better

The Celle may have it all in a mixed bag. It also has a reclining position. But I find it quite challenging to lock the chair in place when reclined. The Celle can recline up to 28 degrees so it‘s quite decent. But if you might find it lacking if you want an office chair that can be comfortably reclined. Though an office chair isn’t really meant to be locked in such a way, it can be a bonus. 

If you want a fully reclinable office chair, the Killabee and the Duramont Executive are options. Though these two chairs are bonded with leather and can be a bit hot. They also have a lower weight capacity. 

An above-average chair

The Celle chair boasts of a lot of features that you might want in a chair. First off, it’s customizable and comes in an array of colors. You also get a lot of adjustable features. It’s even more adjustable than the iconic Aeron chair. 

As for the construction and framework, it’s solid and rigid. And with higher weight capacity, even heavier individuals can find the chair comfortable. The cushioned seat and the backrest provide an average and decent support. 

The biggest advantage of the Celle chair is how versatile and adjustable it is. It can accommodate a lot of people even if it’s just available in a single size. And also for the price points, it’s above average but not too steep compared to the other high-end chairs. And you’re getting a Herman Miller chair, so you have to expect also an above-average price tag. 

Celle office chair review

Where to buy

Final takeaway

The Celle chair may have all the features that you might be looking for in an adjustable ergonomic office chair. It can provide above-average support when compared to regular office chairs. And when compared to the support and comfort of high-end Herman Miller chairs, it sits at the average tier. 

So it’s a great option for you if you want a Herman Miller chair but can’t afford yet the steep costs. Furthermore, this is one of the Herman Miller chairs that accommodates a higher percentage of users. Keep in mind that though the chair looks solid and well built, it doesn’t look fancy or luxurious.