[Compare] Arozzi vs DXRacer | Gaming Chair for Master Gamers

Let’s Compare Arozzi vs DXRacer – which one is The Best Chair for the Master Gamer in the market now. When it comes to gaming chairs, two brands are preferred by consumers and gamers. It’s often a battle on which brand is the best. If you’re going to read consumer reviews, it puts you in a dilemma as to which chair to buy.

DXracer review gaming chair

In this article, we’re going to compare Arozzi gaming chair vs DXRacer. Let’s see what feature makes each one stand out from the other.

Arozzi Gaming Chair vs DXRacer (comparison of some features)

Let’s break it down into sections to clearly see the difference.


Arozzi is a Swedish based company, with headquarters in Sweden. But they manufacture their chairs in China. This brand has been manufacturing game equipment since 2013. 

DXRacer, on the other hand, has been in the gaming chair business longer. It’s a renowned brand of luxury sports cars since 2001. And the brand ventured into gaming chairs in 2006. It’s a US brand and they have their headquarters in Michigan.

DXRacer costs more than Arozzi gaming chairs. But in terms of the manufacturer, we are giving two thumbs up to DXRacer. Some items that are made in China often have a reputable tag when it comes to durability.


In terms of adjustability, it seems like DXRacer can offer a lot more than Arozzi gaming chairs. Let’s take the armrests as an example. The more adjustable DXRacer has 4D armrests while Arozzi’s most adjustable series has 3D armrests. But these are also relative in terms of price points. The more adjustable DXRacer costs more than the Arozzi gaming chair.

Arozzi gaming chair
Arozzi gaming chair

But if we are speaking of the convenience that you can get from a highly adjustable gaming chair, we’re giving it to DXRacer.

Weight capacity

Both brands have a heavy-duty chair that can support the weight of a heat game master. But one brand stands out from the other.

The Arozzi Vernazza can support a weight of 320 lbs. And it’s comfortable for someone with a height of 6’3. This Is one of the brand’s heavy-duty gaming chairs.

DXRacer, on the other hand, has a gaming chair that can seat 425 lbs. Two of its chairs are classified as a heavy-duty- the Boss and the Tank. The latter also provides comfortable seating for someone as tall as 6’7.

DXRacer gaming chair
DXRacer gaming chair

So in the battle of the weight, it’s no doubt that DXRacer has more to offer.

Now since pricing is somewhat relative to the features each brand offers. Let’s enumerate the best chair for each brand. So we can see which can offer more value for your money.

DXRacer ( comparison of its best chairs)

DXRacer has been dubbed several times as the best gaming chair in the market today. The brand manufactures about 12 varieties of its chairs. All of which are deemed to be premium and made of high-quality materials. Let’s take a peek at some of its popular creations

DXRacer Boss

With a weight capacity of 425 lbs, this is one of the most heavy-duty series of the brand. This chair is truly living up to its name. The Boss chair isn’t named for anything. The luxurious material made us feel like a boss. It has a plain design yet sophisticated look. Its presence can never be downplayed. 

DXRacer Boss gaming chair review

It seats a 6’2 gamer quite comfortably. We love the comfortable headrest and lumbar support. And it also has a high back, so that’s plus points for your spine. 

This chair has a wider seat that you can even snuggle up in if you’re small. The seat is comfortably firm, as you would expect from a DXRacer chair. It just has some limitations though. The chair can only recline up to 45 degrees. And the headrest isn’t adjustable. So it might not be suited for those who are shorter. 

If you are shorter, you’ll find the DXRacer Classic quite comfortable. Let’s see more of it below.

DXRacer Classic

If you love the comfort and luxurious feel you got from a Boss chair, you can enjoy the same features with the DXRacer Classic. Only that this is more suitable for those who are shorter.

DXRacer Classic gaming office chair

You can also enjoy the same features with light-duty DXRacer chairs. Other light-duty chairs of the brand are the DXRacer Origin and DXRacer Drifting. 

One advantage it has over the Boss series is that you can buy it in two types. You can buy this chair with or without a footrest. That can add up to your level of comfort. Though this is one of the more expensive DXRacer chairs. Check their price at the moment!

If you don’t want to spend that much on a gaming chair, the Valkyrie series is priced a bit lower than the Classics series. But you also get to enjoy the same premium quality. 

DXRacer Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is a light-duty chair. One thing you’ll love about this chair is its unique spider-like design. 

DXRacer Valkyrie gaming chair

It’s perfect for gamers with an average weight and the seat is quite comfortable too. The armrests are adjustable, but they can’t be fully customized. For some gamers, the 3D adjustable arms are enough of luxury. But if you find it lacking you can always opt for the DXRacer chairs that are more adjustable chairs such as the Tank.

The Tank

Along with the Boss series, the Tank series is another popular heavy-duty DXRacer chair. It has the same weight capacity as the Boss. One advantage it has over the Boss is that it can provide comfortable seating for someone who is as tall as 6’7. Whereas the Boss’s maximum height for comfort is at 6’2.

DXRacer the tank series

The Tank may be the complete package. It’s heavy-duty and it’s highly adjustable with 4D armrests. It’s rare to find such adjustability in a heavy-duty chair. And that’s why this bad boy is one of the more expensive series of the brand.

Arozzi Gaming Chairs ( rounding up its popular series)

Arozzi is quite popular in the market for being one of the most affordable gaming chairs. 

Let’s round up some of the popular Arozzi gaming chairs.

Arozzi Gaming Chairs today


The Mugello is perhaps one of the lower-priced chairs of the brand. It may be priced lower than light-duty DXRacer Origin or Drifting. But we find it lacking in terms of features.

We find it a bit shaky and wobbly compared to the light-duty chairs of DXRacer. 


Like the Mugello, the Enzo chair is also very affordable. The price you can check it here now

But despite the low price tag, we find this chair quite okay. If you have an average build, you’d have no problems in terms of comfort So in a way it fares better than the Mugello. 

The only disadvantage it has over the Mugello is that the armrests are fixed.

Arozzi Gaming Chairs setup


The Monza series is one of the brand’s light-duty chairs. At a very cheap price, let’s see how it fares.

Well, apart from its cool sporty look, there’s nothing much to rave about. It’s a basic gaming chair with fixed armrests. The material and the padding also doesn’t seem like it can last for a year with daily use. 

The Milano series might offer better padding than the Monza. But these two brands share something in common- fixed armrests.

Verona Pro 2

Now the Verona Pro 2 is the heavy-duty series of the brand. This, in a sense, is the Tank and Boss’s counterpart.

The Verona Pro has a maximum weight capacity of 290 lbs. It has more durable materials and construction compared to the entry-level chair of the brand. 

Another heavy-duty Arozzi chair is the Torretta. It costs cheaper than Verona Pro 2. The Torretta series is considered as one of the cheapest heavy-duty gaming chairs in the market.

But the Verona Pro 2 has more advantageous features over the Torretta, hence it’s the higher price. It features better padding compared to the Torretta.

And when compared to other DXRacer heavy-duty chairs, the Verona Pro 2 rates lower in terms of comfort, especially the adjustability. But it’s more affordable.


In terms of durability, comfort, and support, the DXRacer clearly is the winning brand. But it does come with a heavier cost. The DXRacer is more suited for long hours of gaming.

But if you’re really tight on the budget but would still want a decent gaming chair, the Arozzi is an alternative. You can get an entry-level chair for greatest price

In a nutshell, the Arozzi is a very affordable gaming chair brand. While the DXRacer is indeed one of the best gaming chairs in the market. Just be prepared for an added cost.