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Allsteel office chairs

If there is one thing Allsteel chairs have in common, it’s their exquisite simplicity and sleek design. The brand has about 17 different task chairs under its wing. They are not referred to as ergonomic ones, but these are the type of task chairs that can replace your Aeron or Leap office chair. Intrigued by this statement? It’s a high claim for a task chair but let’s see below.  

O6 task chair
O6 task chair from Allsteel

What is there to an Allsteel chair?

Most units of the brand may come off as having a rigid and too firm seat.  And because of the more plastic materials, it may look generic from afar.  But it does have a unique vibe to it. It has sleek and thin silhouettes and this monochrome appeal that when you put the different models beside each other you will find it hard to identify which is which. Well unless you’re an Allsteel fan. We can’t blame you since this is one of the underrated chairs in the market. Not a lot have reviews. 

So let us see up close what this brand can offer. We have also cherry-picked some of the more popular mentioned units of Allsteel.

The Evo task chair

From afar, it can mimic other cheap and generic office chairs or task chairs. But when you look up close, you can see details in the materials used and the way the adjustable features are positioned on the chair. And the Evo also comes in pretty color options

This offers a mesh backrest and a cushioned seat. The type of mesh it uses feels quite strong, firm, and surprisingly responsive. This type of mesh is also what you can use for long hours of work. 

allsteel chairs
Allsteel chairs

Albeit the firmer support, you can still feel that the mesh somehow tries to follow your every move. So you can get that nice back support, both for the upper and lower back. As for the cushion, it is soft and firm at the same time, therefore providing solid support for the butt. It’s not cushy but you will not feel like you’re sitting on a piece of plywood.

Ergonomic-wise, this can be a rival of more expensive office chairs. More than basics, you can get adjustable features at half the price. You have the adjustable seat pan, a tilt lock, 4D rams, and lumbar support, and it even has a synchro tilt function. It has a nice set of adjustable features. And everything works well as intended. There is not part of the chair that seems to be off, every piece complements one another. 

The Evo also has a weight-sensing tilt tension. So it can adjust the amount of pressure needed to push the chair back, making it a more intuitive option.

We can also say that it can be a cheaper and less firm alternative to Aeron.

Also, the controls of the chair are found at the front part of the unit. So it is easy to access and very friendly for beginners. 

But keep in mind that it leans back far away. Now, this can either be a pro or a con for you. It doesn’t sit too upright but it can still be used for task jobs since it’s really a task chair to start with. 

Though one of them could have been better, the brand could have made a thicker slab for the lumbar support. This might not be a big issue, but if you love more pronounced support for your lower back, you might find this one lacking a bit. Still, we see it being used by a wider percentage of the population due to the type of support and comfort it can provide. The unit can go from 16″-21” so it can also be used by slightly taller to taller people up to 6’2”.

Lyric task chair

This unit almost has the same adjustable features and height range as the Evo. It also has the same weight capacity of 300 lbs. 

The shape of the backrest is almost identical to the Evo, except that it has a more angled design, but the dimensions are pretty much the same. 

Lyric by Allsteel
Lyric by Allsteel

What we can say about this unit is that it has superb lumbar support, is very solid, and has a bigger range. You can sit on the chair for hours and will still feel nice on the back. It has almost the same material for the backrest and seat as the Evo but we feel that this has a more pronounced lumbar support.

Adjustability-wise, it can give you a lot of options to fine-tune the chair to your needs. The controls are very intuitive too so you will not be overwhelmed by the number of adjustable features it has. It will not make the chair look bulky or thick in any way.

But this can run at a bit higher price. Also, another thing to consider is that this works better on carpeted floors. The caster wheels are so smooth that you might find yourself rolling too easily on hardwood floors. Not that it’s bad but it can be sort of slippery.

And this will also indulge you in a nice recline. So this can also be used for gaming and relaxation. You will also be able to hold that recline position and it will be able to stay put. 

Mimeo ergonomic executive chair

This is an executive chair that has a smaller footprint than the standard executive chairs you can see in the market. But this unit does not come short of ergonomic features. It is highly adjustable and might feel like you can infinitely fine-tune the unit to suit your needs.

The feel of the chair also has a bit of a springy action, so it is quite responsive and we see this being able to conform to the shape of your spine a bit more. The back support is also superb like the other Allsteel chairs that we have mentioned above. 


But remember that just because it’s called an executive chair, it is already accommodating for those with bigger dimensions. It somewhat looks like a junior executive chair, so we see this being too cramped for larger people. 

It has a max weight capacity of 30 lbs but the dimensions of the chair can be perfect for average-sized people. They will still find it spacious and roomy enough. 

Acuity Task chair

This is perhaps the most mentioned unit of the brand. The Acuity shares the same streamlined look and modern design as the rest of the Allsteel task chairs. 

Check price of AllSteel Aquity (Rеfurbishеd)

But it does look a bit more modern and futuristic, and this is what perhaps drove the higher popularity score for the chair. But aside from very urban aesthetics, it is also a chair that you can use for the entire day.  It may have fewer adjustable features, but it is surprisingly very comfortable.

You can still easily shift positions during the day with its sliding seat cushion design and reclining backrest. 

The controls for the Acuity are found at the sides of the seat. Making them easy to access so that even beginners will not have a hard time fiddling through the options.  And instead of knobs or levers, you have buttons to press. So this is a no-fuss chair that can provide great support for the back and butt for long hours of work or play. 

The backrest feels quite supportive as well as the seat. But this is not a cushy chair, it has more of a firm support. But it will not make your butt or back numb after the entire day’s work. and though the chair does not have an adjustable lumbar support, it does a great job at keeping your back in a comfortable position. 

Allsteel chairs ars all star task chairs  

Quite frankly, these are like the all-stars of task chairs. The brand also has other seating options such as stools, their task chairs can give ergonomic office chairs a run for their money.  It is well-built and very sturdy and stable. The warranty of the brand is also quite generous.

Allsteel chair

We almost did not find anything bad, except that it doesn’t fit your height and width dimensions. 

The brand also seemed to focus on more intuitive and easy-to-access controls. And despite a complete set of ergonomic features, the units are slender and have a sleek silhouette. 

The type of support it gives also sits between medium firm to firm. And this type of support appeals to more people. It’s also the type of support you may find comfortable for the entire day, be it for play or work.

Aesthetic-wise, these are very chic and urban-looking chairs. They are sleek and slender and can elevate any home office, be it simple or elaborate. 

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