How to Spot an Authentic Remastered Aeron Chair

Aeron chairAeron Remastered chair

A remastered Aeron chair is a leap higher compared to the classic one. But this one doesn’t have something to do with just the looks, but more with the components of the chair. Though the distinct aesthetic difference is the mesh, it is brighter and the sections of the mesh are narrower and sleeker. As for the other aspects, you will feel it the minute you sit.

And with the higher price, you also would want to know that you’re buying the remastered one.

Aeron or Embody chair

How to differentiate between the Classic and remastered Aeron

  • The remastered is lighter and sleeker

The newer version made use of more plastic materials. Thus making it lighter than the classic. And if you’ll check the underside of the chair, it has a slimmer profile. And the mechanism/ controls are more intuitive too. 

  • The mesh looks more polished

This is one of the easier gauges. The mesh of the remastered Aeron looks more shiny and polished.

Remastered Aeron Chair

  • One is more ergonomic than the other

Both Aeron chairs make use of the same mesh but the way that it is stretched out made the difference in the appearance and ergonomics. This mesh then creates four zones of support that makes the newer version more comfortable for sitting longer. 

  • The remastered has better back support

The pads on the sacral and lumbar region are independent items. So you can get better and wider support for your entire lower back.

  • The classic has multiple tilt position

This is one of the features that was toned down with the remastered chair, it only has 3 tilt locks. You have multiple tilt lock positions with the classic one. 

  • Recline tension is more pronounced in remastered

The tension control of the new chair feels more sublime on the back. It is more responsive compared to the almost recline tension of the classic. 

Herman Miller Aeron Remastered chair

Now that you know the difference, here’s how to spot the legit remastered vs the fake one

  • Always buy from legitimate sources

If you’re buying from the brand site or legit manufacturers, chances are you’re buying the genuine remastered Aeron. So not much to look out for here

  • Check for the serial number

Check for the model and the manufacturing date

For all Herman Miller chairs, the first 2 letters in the model numbers pertain to the chair model. So you can also use this gauge to check for the authenticity of other models. 

  • Look for the braille-like bumps at the back of the chair

Aeron, classic or remastered, comes in 3 sizes, A, B, and C. And this is distinguished by Braille-like dots found at the back of the chair. A fake chair will not likely have these very distinct features.

  • Check at the customer service

Herman Miller has one of the best customer services. So you’re likely to get assistance for your queries, even if it’s a refurbished one. Once you have located the serial number or the label, go check with customer service to see if it’s a legit one. 

  • Check for the certificate of authenticity

Steeply priced chairs like Herman Miller come with a certificate of authenticity to verify the legitimacy of every unit. Check for this when you purchase your remastered chair.

  • Check these resources online

For prime brands, several websites can also verify authenticity. You can check with ValueMyStuff, Treadway Gallery, or WorthPoint. 

  • Get a good look at the chair 

It might take a keen eye for you to see if it’s legit just by looking at it. But it’s worth a try. Aeron is a very distinct chair. Check for the entire build and they must not have lots of bolts and screws. Remastered or Classic, they have to look sound and feel hefty when sat on.

Herman Miller Aeron Remastered

How about buying second-hand chairs?

Buying a refurbished ergonomic chair is now becoming more popular. High-end chairs such as Herman Miller and Steelcase are among the popular preloved ergonomic chairs

There is no shame in buying preloved chairs. And there are several reasons why one would rather go for a secondhand steeply-priced brand rather than a cheap brand new one. 

  1. When you’d have it no other way
Size B >>> Check price

 One, you may be dead set on having an Aeron and you’d have it no other way around. Unfortunately, these chairs don’t come cheap, not even in the mid-price range. And saving you for a brand new Aeron is not tangible for most. Thus, a refurbished one is the fastest and more economical way to get your hands on an Aeron. 

  1. There are just too many options and you don’t know how to choose

Number two, the choices of ergonomic chairs on the market can be too overwhelming for some. And not all can pinpoint the best value. And though there are reviews and resources online, it’s not easy to see the genuine ones. 

  1. When you just can’t wait

Saving up for an Aeron can take time, especially for those who are just starting a job and on budget. You have to make do with a less stellar chair that costs cheap. But for those with specific needs, it may be non-negotiable. Some may not want to buy a cheap chair that will just find its way to the trash in a few years. 

So a refurbished Aeron is an easier and more economical way to get a premium chair for less than the price. But buying preloved items, regardless of the brand, can be tricky. Unless all previous owners are trustworthy, then there’s no more discussion here.

But unfortunately, there are also fraudulent sellers of second-hand items ( yes there is such a thing). And to protect yourself from this, here are some factors to consider.

What to keep in mind when buying refurbished Aeron or other ergonomic chairs

  1. Ask the previous owner for the manual 

This may be a long shot since not all owners are keen on keeping a manual, but it’s worth the try.

  1. Look for the serial number

Look for the serial number underneath the chair Aeron and other premium brands surely have, along with the manufacturing date.  Also, you can do the same thing when buying brand-new ones. 

You can check with customer service if the serial nebris is legit. This is best done before handing out the payment to the previous buyer.

  1. Check for the brand logo in the manuals 

Knock-offs don’t bother themselves with the nitty-gritty details. And the same goes for printed materials. So most manuals of knock-off items, if there are any, will not have the right logo of the brand.