The 3 Best Cooling Laptop Stands for your Treadmill

It is getting more common that people nowadays want to continue using their device while exercising. Normally, they use their phone because it is the only way they can listen to music without bothering themselves for having big gadgets. The easier it is for people to use a device, the better. But how about a larger device, such as a laptop? Is it comfortable to use a laptop while exercising?

laptop stand for treadmill

This new way of working out has recently become popular as some people want to stay fit but can’t be away from their laptop for too long, whether it is for work or for entertainment purposes such as watching movies. However, the only way to do so is to run on a treadmill while keeping the laptop attached on top of it. You will be able to continue working or enjoying the entertainment on the laptop while doing exercise at the same time.

If you are one of these people, you may want a laptop stand to put your laptop on top of the treadmill. This is because there are buttons on the treadmill’s display that you cannot access with the laptop right on top of it. Laptop stand comes with a solution in this case, holding the laptop in place without blocking the buttons so you can still access it easily. Not only that, but you also keep your laptop steady when the treadmill is working. To get a good laptop stand, consider the following features.

  • Material

The material of a laptop stand is extremely important factor to consider. Choosing a model with poor material quality is always a bad idea. Not only will it not last long, but it will also cause problems with your laptop, such as heating or might break during the usage which may harm your laptop on top of it. As a result, it is better to take your time deciding which one provides the best material quality rather than rushing into one that does not meet your expectations.

The materials used to make the stand are typically aluminium, plastic, and wood. Every one of them has advantages and disadvantages, so you should make up your mind of what you need from the stand itself. Wooden material has a really nice look, giving you a stylish laptop setup. Furthermore, depending on the kind of wood used, this material can also be sturdy. The environmentally friendly aspect of using wood as the material is one good reason of choosing it. We will be contributing to the reduction of non-renewable resource usage for a better world since it is a renewable one. Sadly, because it can be harmed by water exposure, this kind of material is also not resistant to it. The cost of wood is another factor to consider when choosing a laptop stand material. For something you don’t use very often, the price could be expensive, so you should consider whether buying it is worth the value.

laptop stand material

Because it is lightweight and strong, aluminium is also one of the best materials for laptop stands. This gives you flexibility to easily place it wherever you choose. Aluminium is also a good heat conductor, which means that it will take in the heat produced by your laptop and spread it across the surface so that it can release the heat effectively. You should set aside money for it, though, as a laptop stand made of this material might be a bit pricey.

Plastic is the last material that you may want to think about. It is always a good choice in terms of the price because it is made of plastic. In general, plastic is the least expensive material among the two materials that are previously mentioned, making it suitable for those on a limited budget. Furthermore, this material is both lightweight and resistant to water exposure. It gives you a sense of security because you will not have to worry about spilling water on it. The durability of plastic material is one of its downside though. Although it really depends on the quality of the plastic, even the best grade plastic is typically less durable than the other two materials. Furthermore, it doesn’t leave a premium impression because, in comparison to the other two, plastic appears to be the least luxurious.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is the second most important factor for a laptop stand, right after the material. This refers to the height and viewing angle adjustments that are possible for the stand. Good flexibility will allow you to customize the stand to your ideal position, making it more comfortable for you to use the laptop for any purpose. Although everyone has different preferences when it comes to height and angle, it is generally agreed by everyone that having the highest adjustable stand that can be adjusted to multiple viewing angles is always beneficial.

  • Stability

A flexible laptop stand doesn’t mean it has good stability. It is normal to expect vibrations from the treadmill when you are using the laptop on top of it because it moves the belt. Thus, if you plan to mount your laptop stand on it, stability is non-negotiable aspect to think about. It will help in reducing or eliminating the vibration on the laptop in order to prevent it from falling down or shaking. This means that if you find a stand that offers decent stability, you are minimizing the chance that your laptop might breaks.

Now that you are aware of the important factors, you can try to find one that meets those three areas. We recognize that there are plenty options available to you, so we have included some suggestions below that you might find suitable for your needs. But remember that each stand on this list has been chosen subjectively, so there may be other options that you like better but are not mentioned on this list.

Let’s get started with the list of top laptop stands for treadmills.

Lifelong Upryze

If you want to get the best laptop stand on the market, Lifelong Upryze is a good option. The stand is extremely durable and can support even the heaviest laptops. As a result, this model is one of the strongest stands on the market right now. The stand can be extended up to 20-inches tall for added flexibility when installing it on the treadmill. It is also adjustable in terms of viewing angle, allowing you to easily adjust it to your preference angle. Due to the stiffness of the hinges, extending the stand may require a bit more effort. This is understandable because the hinges stiffness is what gives the stand strength and stability. A hole for laptop airflow can be seen on the surface where the laptop is placed. It allows air to circulate around your laptop, keeping it cool. One thing to keep in mind about this item is the weight, which is nearly 4.5 lbs and quite heavy for a laptop stand.

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Nulaxy C1

Although it is not the best option on the market, Nulaxy C1 deserves to be included because it has features that support your laptop for treadmill use. The first consideration is the material used to build the stand. It is made of aluminium, which gives it a nice and premium look. It also functions as a heatsink for your laptop due to the ability of material to conduct heat and thus spread the temperature from the laptop to the stand.

c1 laptop stand

Not only that, but it also has an air circulation hole to keep the air flowing in and out without anything blocking the way. Nulaxy C1 can support a device weighing up to 44 lbs, providing enough strength to simply keep the laptop on it. One thing to keep in mind is that the height extension is not the highest, but it should be sufficient if you intend to use it on the treadmill because it has adjustable legs for a better viewing angle. Based on the mentioned factors, this device is definitely worth buying. Even if it doesn’t provide the best height, it has no issue on the main purpose, which is to support the laptop while you exercise.

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Loryergo LELSO7

If adjustable height is not an important feature for you, the Loryergo LELSO7 could be on your short list. This laptop stand has a fixed height design that cannot be adjusted. However, this is also good news because the build is sturdy and capable of holding the laptop without sliding when attached to the treadmill. Since it lacks on many features, such as height and angle adjustment, you should expect the price to be cheaper compared to the others, and it is. This is one of the best budget laptop stands because of the affordable price, modern design, and ability to get the job done. If the functionality is the only thing you care about when doing the exercise, then this is an ideal choice for you.

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So there you have it

A recommended list of laptop stands for you to consider. Though functionality is the most important thing to consider before purchasing something, other factors also play a role in determining whether or not you need the specific model. It is not difficult to get the best one if you have an unlimited budget, but if you only have a limited budget, you may want to select the right one that best suits your needs. Finally, it all comes down to personal preference, so you can choose which one you believe can do the job well while also meeting your expectations.