Can You Sit in this Håg Capisco Quirky Chair Longer?

Håg Capisco chair

The Hag Capisco is not your ordinary office chair. It has this uniquely designed backrest that enables one to achieve a horseback rider’s posture, so you’re going to be seated in a more upright position. 

The saddle seat also ensures that slouching is not tolerated. So you can see that his chair is definitely defined to keep you more in the proper posture. But since you’re going to be in a slightly more upright position, is it that comfortable?

Let’s see if this ergonomically designed stool can be used for longer hours.

Offers a different kind of comfort

Traditional comfort means a squishy soft chair that you can lounge at. So if that is your idea of comfort, then you will find the Capisco HAG utterly uncomfortable.

It does not have that soft padding that can hug your butt in the right places. The newer version of the chair has a more thin cushion. 

Though you can also opt for the model with slightly thicker padding, if you’re going to compare it to the standard soft office chair, it’s a far cry,

So you can expect very firm to moderately firm support for your butt. Hence, this is not the chair that can cradle your butt.     

It also will not be comfortable if you will just sit on it in the same position for several hours. Given the very firm seat, your butt will surely go numb.

And oh, you can opt to get the set and a cloth or a leather cover. Our advice is to get the one in cloth. Especially If you’re not keen on sitting on a seat with very firm padding. Though the cloth option itself is quite firm, the leather is a whole different level of firmness. 

A great pick for the fidgety ones

håg capisco

As mentioned above, the Capisco HAG will not be comfortable if you’re the type of person who does not move at all. The chair is designed for movement. It allows the user to sit in various positions and still have that sublime support. 

It allows the user to sit in different, even non-traditional positions, and still have that proper posture. So you can be assured that if you want a choir that will prevent you from slouching, then this is one of the best out there. But it does need a lot of getting used to.

Normally, if you’ve been sitting on the chair for 40 minutes or so, you’ll find the need to shift into another position so that your butt will not get numb. So you can see that this isn’t really for the majority. Or rather, there is a specific group of people who will find this chair very comfortable or even useful. 

Those who love to move a lot and get up from their chair every once in a while will find this a very playful, fun, and supportive chair.

If you are also transitioning from standing to sitting, then this is also a great option. That’s why it is also highly recommended to use the Capisco HAG with a sit-stand desk.

Many who use the Capisco HAG with a traditional desk find that it does not offer them the best use for the product. They may also find it very uncomfortable.

Who will benefit from the Capisco HAG the best?

If you are on the hunt for a chair that allows you to shift into different positions, then this is it. This chair is designed to move, every hour to say the least. 

Those who are fairly flexy and agile will also get the most use out of this chair. There may be certain sitting positions that you might find hard to get into if you have tight muscles or if you are not quite flexible. So this is also one thing to consider if you have your eyes on the Capisco HAG.

Those who have a standing desk that can go higher can also explore the siting options the Capsico can offer. You also find it very nice to use the chair while perched on the top of the desk. You can sort of use it as a chair for transitioning into active sitting. 

hag chair with standing desks
The Capsico Hag chair with standing desks

What’s the difference between the Capisco HAG 8106 and the 8020?

The seat of the Capsico is quite small and thin compared to the standard office stool or chair. But if you opt for the 8020, it will be a slimmer thinner seat version of the 8106. And this is perhaps what sets these two Capisco chairs apart. 

HAG Capisco 8106

They have the same design, the same ergonomics, and all. The slimmer silhouette is most likely what will set the 8106 apart from the 8020. It’s like a mini-me or a junior version.

We can also say that the 8020 is a modernized version of the 8106. It has sleek, contoured lines in a polypropylene construction. It has a slimmer profile and is a tad bit lighter than the 8106.

So this is also perfect for thinner and smaller individuals. If you also have a slightly smaller space, then this is the HAG chair that can fit nicely into your small dorm or apartment. 

But also keep in mind that it will have firmer support and the cushion tends to be thinner compared to the 8106.

The Capsico HAG may be an acquired taste 

Looking at the seat, you might think that no one will be able to find the Capsico HAG comfortable. Shaped like a saddle seat and designed to keep one in a horseback posture, it may not seem very appealing to a lot since you will most likely be upright most of the time. But there will be a certain group of users that will find this chair very comfortable. It is also very unique and not mentioned, amenable to a lot of movement.

And those that we have mentioned above will not only find the chair fairly supportive, but it is also a fun way of injecting little movements into your day. And if you’re transitioning to active sitting, this can be a fun way to get started. 

The chair also offers a quirky traditional way of sitting. You may also be able to mount the backrest the other way around and have your chest rest on it instead. So that is an interesting and fun way to sit. 

Some may be able to sit in the Capsico HAG longer after all

It is very uniquely designed. But keep in mind that it is not a conventional chair nor is it a cheap or affordable one. You still have to shell out more moolah to score one of these quirky chairs. 

So keep in mind that it is built for movement so that you will not be wasting your money.  You have to change your sitting position every hour or so. This is also the best way for you to enjoy the full benefits of the chair. And the support is very firm so that should also be one of the top things that you have to consider. 

But if you do find that it works for you, it will provide you with a unique and sublime type of support. You’ll be surprised at how fun active sitting can be.