Logitech Embody vs Regular Embody: How To Differentiate Two Very Identical Chairs Apart

The difference between embody and logitech embody gaming

The Herman Miller Embody is one of the most comfortable high-end office chairs that we have sat in. It’s a cushier and less restrictive alternative to the Aeron. And with the brand venturing out into the gaming realm with the release of Logitech, this can be a start of a whole new dimension to gaming chairs. We can hope for more ergonomic gaming chairs in the future, not just for expensive brands as most may follow suit.

This is something to look forward to. But let’s pause for a while and see what the differences are between a Logitech Embody and the Classic one. They sure do look like two peas in a pod. 

How are they the same?

Apart from the looks, both chairs have great ergonomics and have this classic pixelated back support which the Embody is known for. 

It does have a lot of similar features except for the ones that we are going to talk about below. For instance, the backrest may look exactly the same. But you might be surprised that even if they look identical, they offer a different type of support, they actually feel very different from each other. 

the Embody office chair

Let’s take a look at the distinct differences between the Logitech and the Classic Embody.

What are the differences?

  • The Classic Embody has a smoother feel to it

These subtle differences may or may not matter. Those who are keener on the ergonomics of the chair would not mind the Logitech having slightly rougher surfaces. It has some sort of grooves into them thus the rough feel. Though it’s not irritating like a scratchy mesh, you will be able to instantly tell the difference if you have already sat on the Classic Embody.

Apart from the smoothness, there is also a slight difference when it comes to the feel of the material used in each chair. 

Embody Office Chair

The Logitech has an extra layer of copper-infused foam while the Classic Embody has a scrim foam layer. 

This makes the Classic one feel softer and bouncier. It kind of hugs your butt and allows you to sink a bit into the seat more compared to the Logitech. But this doesn’t mean that the Embody is a cushy one, it just allows you to sink a bit more but both chairs still offer a firm seating experience. 

As for which is better, it normally depends on the user. But we did find the classic one better as it prevents the pixels underneath the chair from digging into your butt. If you don’t like to sink in the pixels, then you’ll find the classic Embody better. 

  • The Logitech has an extra layer of cooling foam

The Classic Embody is already comfy to sit on for a bit longer. But if you’re gaming, you might need to sit on the chair longer and this is where Logitech stepped it up a notch. It has a cooling foam on the seat that is intended to keep gamers more cool and airy during an intense game. So you may be able to feel this difference if you have been sitting on the chair for several more hours.  

Embody Gaming chair
Embody Gaming chair

And oh, the cooling sensation is also because of the copper-infused foam. 

  • The backrest also offers a different type of support

Both may look the same, but like the seat, you can instantly tell the difference. 

The Logitech has a strip foam in the backrest, it runs along your spine from the upper back to the lumbar part. 

This aims to help you maintain a straight posture. Now, this is where the decision-making also comes in.

This strip that may help you stay in a straighter position can also make the chair feel too demanding. It can put too much pressure on your back, especially if you are sitting on the chair longer.  So by the end of the day, you may feel tired. 

As for the classic, it gives you that cradling sensation and the weight is evenly distributed. So these are very different types of support.

Embody by Herman Miller  company

So the choice to make is between one with even weight distribution and cradling support versus one that pushes you to maintain an upright position.

  • The Logitech seat has extra layers to it

Aside from the cooler seat, Logitech kept in mind that players need extra support when they are playing an intense game for the entire day. 

That’s why the seat of this gaming chair has multilayers. Players need a more active sitting posture when playing. And the multiplayer allows this to happen. Thus it will really feel a bit firmer than the classic Embody chair. 

The classic is for average users whilst the Logitech is for straight sitters

With all the differences mentioned above, it can become clear which chair to choose. The Logitech, with its almost gamey appearance too, can benefit gamers more and those who are used to sitting up straight. 

You may also use it as a trainer chair but you have to get off the chair every couple of hours or once the chair is becoming too much to bear.

The Classic Embody, then, is made for the average users, those who want to feel that their back is supported whenever they move but don’t like being pushed too much to the right direction. Thus, it can be used for longer hours too. 

Is the Logitech similar to the Aeron then?

With the Logitech Embody being more aggressive and pushing you to sit up straighter, is it then similar to the Aeron? 

The Aeron is known for being a tad bit too firm and straightforward, but the Logitech still is not the same.

It is yes, firmer and straighter than the classic, but it still has that curvature that the Embody chair is known for. So you can still lean back and feel supported with the Logitech, you can’t do that much with the Aeron. 

Aeron or Embody chair

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