Are You Looking for Best Headsets for Working From Home?

These days, headsets are becoming a popular device. People wear headsets for various activities, such as working, playing video games, or simply listening to music. This item has been one of the top devices, right after the phone, based on how frequently it is used. For this reason, people are searching the market for the best and most comfortable headsets as their investment. Personally, it is a better choice to spend more money on something long-lasting than to save a bit more yet made a wrong decision by buying things that are uncomfortable and break easily.

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There are a few aspects to think about

To find the ideal choice, it is important to consider the primary features, regardless of whether you intend to use it for business, games, or any other purposes. Though they may be more important factors to take into consideration, the other extra features which are not as important might also be useful to think about before you decide to buy one specific item among all the available options.

  • Audio Quality

The audio quality is the main and most significant aspect to consider. The quality of a headset is determined by the audio quality. The price itself doesn’t always guarantee the audio quality from the device. This means that even if you spend a certain amount of money for a new headset, you might be able to find one that is more affordable while still offering better audio quality. Unfortunately, you will not be able to test the headset before buying it.  Looking for reviews of the product written by other people who have testified might be one of the few options you can take. You can also check the audio quality by watching a YouTube video about the specific headset you are looking for from a reputable channel. By doing so, you will have accurate information before making a purchase, giving a bigger percentage of you making the right decision.

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  • Comfortability

When selecting a headset, comfort comes in second place, right after the sound quality. Before buying one, this needs to be kept in mind as an important consideration. People typically wear headsets for a longer period of time, and after wearing it for a while, they may start feeling a little uncomfortable on their head or in their ears. Therefore, if you want to prevent yourself from regretting your purchase of a specific model that doesn’t make you feel good, then comfort needs to be carefully considered. The head adjustability, cushion material, and weight of the headset itself contribute to the comfort. In this case, a lightweight headset is definitely what you need. You will feel less fatigued after using the device for a while if the weight of the headset is lighter. For the ear cushions, it subjectively depends on the preferences of the user. Some material may feel better on others’ ears while some others don’t. Still, a high-quality cushion will typically have a durable, smooth material that feels comfortable when you put it in your ears. The head adjustment comes right after the cushions as the important aspect to see before buying a headset. Since everyone has a different head size, it is inconvenient that some headsets don’t have this adjustment. By stretching the headband for a better fit, the head adjustment feature allows you to extend the device to fit with their head size. Although it may not seem so significant, wearing the headset will be uncomfortable if the size of it doesn’t fit with your head.

  • Connectivity

A good thing that deserves to be mentioned is the connectivity. Traditional headsets typically only have a 3.5mm audio jack and a cable for connectivity. Most of devices and computers have this sort of connection, but USB type-C is being utilized in place of the audio jack in newer phone models. A USB C connector, which you can get from an online marketplace and may not cost that much, should be able to solve this issue. However having Bluetooth seems like a reasonable addition to a modern headset. There are plenty of models available that offer both cable and Bluetooth connectivity, giving you an extensive selection of options.

  • Microphone

The microphone is the main reason why people are searching for headsets rather than headphones. The position of the microphone itself is the one that makes these two devices different from one another. While the microphone on headphones is integrated inside and is not visible, the microphone on headsets is attached so that you can see and adjust. Headsets tend to be used for communication rather than for watching movies or listening to music, although it can also be used for the same purposes. This explains why the majority of people who are wearing headsets use it for online gaming or conference calls that require clear communication rather than entertainment purpose.

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You may take into consideration a few elements from the headset microphone. The sound quality is the first thing that comes to mind. A good microphone should produce clear sound with the lowest level of noise because it is meant for communication. Generally speaking, a more expensive headset, including the microphone, has better overall components.

The directionality decoding is something else worth taking note of. Although some people may not be familiar with it, this is a crucial feature, particularly if you are using the headset for a conference call with a large group of people. With the help of this feature, you can direct the sound pickup of the microphone. By doing this, the background noise will be significantly minimized and the sound coming from your intended direction will be more amplified. With the right headset, you can reduce background noise without sacrificing the sound quality of your voice during this situation.

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  • Purpose

Once you decide on all those factors, you have to go back to the original purpose of what you need from a headset. Even though majority of high-quality headsets are not cheap, it will be less expensive if you buy one that meets your needs and eliminates the unnecessary features that you don’t need. This is the most affordable approach for you to get the model that best suits your budget.

All you need for office work is a headset with microphones and decent audio. Since you won’t be using the headset for very long as it is usually just used for online meetings, you don’t need the best ear cushions, but for more general purposes, a decent and soft material ear cushions will be a good choice for you to keep you comfortable. As you will be doing tasks during the call, Bluetooth connectivity is also a very important feature for this, as it will minimize the number of cables on your desk, giving a clean look which helps you to get a better mood when working.

It is not proper to treat gaming the same way as office work. Clear sound with little delay is important when playing online games. Because a few milliseconds of latency make a big difference, headsets with low latency allow you to communicate more effectively during the game. Therefore, headsets with a cable are better suited in this case. They tend to have less latency, which is crucial when playing games.

A few choices that are considered to be the best available

However, this is going to focus particularly on the headsets that are required for remote work. This is the result of an increase in mobile jobs, which let people work from home or anywhere else they want to. The need for headsets is growing as more people work remotely and hold most of their meetings virtually. Thus, you can consider the following list if you would like to have one for your work from home job.

Jabra Evolve2 65

Jabra Evolve2 65 is a good option for people who perform a lot of online meetings at home. It will be easier for you to speak clearly if your microphone produces a good audio output. Recognizing the importance of microphone sound clarity, Jabra make sure that all of their products are of the highest standard in this area. Furthermore, stereo audio is yet another outstanding feature. The entertainment system capabilities from the device, such as playing online games and listening to music, are also covered by the excellent audio quality which makes it pleasant to listen to.

In terms of design, the headset has a simple yet elegant looks. The ear cushions which is made of silicone-coated foam make them feel more comfortable for users, especially since you can adjust the angle of the cushions to make them fit into your ears perfectly. If you have to wear the headset for an extended period of time, the light weight of the headset also helps you feel less fatigue.

The headset includes a USB type-A dongle for pairing it to other devices. There will not be any problems connecting it to your laptop or PC because you can do so at any time effortlessly, just by plugging it into the USB port. Yet, depending on which port your phone has, you may need a USB connector in order to connect it to your phone. All you have to do to answer or end a call is turn the microphone up or down. There is a dedicated button as well next to the microphone that you can press to mute the call. To unmute the call, simply just press it one more time. Lastly, there are three dedicated buttons at the back that are specifically for playing and pausing music, volume up, and volume down.

You should be aware though, that since this is a Bluetooth headset, it requires constant charging. Although the battery might seem impressive, some people could find it annoying to place the headset on the dock in a proper way as it seems not as easy as it looks.

Logitech Zone Wireless 2

When it comes to computer accessories like keyboards, mice, and headsets, Logitech has been a well-known brand for years. The Logitech Zone Wireless 2 headset is currently one of the best choices if you want to use it to work from home. With just two hours of charging time needed for a full charge, it offers an impressive 22 hours of listening time and 15 hours of talk time. This means you will not need to charge the headset regularly and you will be able to use it more frequently for longer periods of time.

Another thing you should know about this headset is comfort. The headband adjusts to the shape of your head because of its flexibility. This allows you adjust the device to your preferred position without having to worry about breaking it. The ear cushions have a good grip, and this gives the headset to take full advantage of noise cancellation. However, after a few hours, especially if you wear glasses, you will find it a bit uncomfortable wearing the headset due to the structure of the device tightens to your head for a better fit.

Among the most interesting aspects of this headset is the audio system. This device is capable of giving a good touch of your voice because of the built-in AI voice support. While it may not be the best if compared to the others, the sound quality is decent for both making calls as well as listening to music. With the help of this active noise cancelling feature from the headset, you can listen to the output sound more easily by minimizing the noise coming from outside.

This headset can be a good fit for any kind of purpose, with the exception of working out exercises. Although it can be used for fitness, there is a lot of other headsets that work better for this kind of activity. Yet, since it is comfortable for short periods of time usage and has excellent bass for music, this is one of the recommended options for you if you want an all-arounder headset.

Shokz Opencomm 2 UC

This is the ideal headset for the average users. You can wear the device anywhere you want and still easy to carry in your backpack as a result of the slim design. Unlike other headsets that come with ear cushions for every purpose, this one is made with simplicity in mind and is suitable for use at work.

This headset appears to be good deal with the option of Bluetooth connectivity, but what is particularly interesting is that it can pair with multiple devices. You can quickly switch the connection between devices because of this feature. In addition to giving the headset a clean look, the cable-less design gives you greater flexibility without causing you any issues with the device connection.

The most appealing feature of the device is the audio section. The headset does not have a speaker on it. Yes, you read it correctly, this one produces the sound in a different way. Bone Conducting Technology is the name of the technology used in this particular device. In simple terms, this headset works by vibrating the ear bones, passing the vibrations through the nerves and finally reaching the brain which detects it as a sound. Not to mention the audio input is as excellent as the audio output. Noise cancellation technology built in the microphone helps to reduce background noise and amplify voice sound coming from a particular direction.

The IP55 water resistance prevents the headset from water damage, which is perfectly suitable for people who intend to wear it anywhere, even on the outside when it is raining. Although swimming is obviously not the main reason for people to buy this headset, it is still useful to have the additional feature that provides better protection.

It is one of the best headsets you can get for budget, especially if you want to use it for remote work. It weighs just 35 grams, which is incredibly light. Because of the compact shape and lightweight, you might not even notice if you put it on your head. The fact that it is Zoom certified, which allows you to get the support from the program for better sound clarity, is the last bit of information you need to know before you get this one.