The 5 Best Treadmills without subscription that can help you Get Pumped Up

Sometimes, you don’t want any app access or subscriptions included in the treadmill that could waste $1k+ that you might never use

Treadmills without subscription

It’s nice to be able to access different types of workouts. And subscriptions present one the opportunity to get a hold of various interactive features. It’s fun and indulging yeah,  but not all are willing to pay extra monthly. 

And if you’re one of them you might want to get a hold on treadmills that do not require subscription. We’ve just the list for you.

Treadmills Max Speed  Motor power Incline levels  Weight capacity Belt size Size
Xterra TR150 10 mph  2.25 HP  3 250lbs 16 “x 50” ‎63.4” x 28.75” x 51.4”
NoblePro Elite e8i 20 mph 4.2 HP 20 297lbs 20” x 59” 74 “x 38” x 57”
Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT 12 mph 3 HP 7 325lbs 20” x 60” 76.5″  x 36″  x 59″ 
REEBOK JET 100 10 mph 2 HP 12 242lbs 16” X 52” 44” x 30.5” x 58” 
Jlls300 10 mph 4.5 HP 20 265lbs 16” x 48” 62” x 27” x 50” 

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NoblePro Elite e8i

Our top Pick
NoblePro - Elite E8i Treadmill NoblePro - Elite E8i Treadmill

If you want interactive features and built-in entertainment apps without the need to pay monthly subs, this NoblePro is perfect (but also more expensive than the other options we mention below). It has all these features built-in and once you purchase the unit, you don't need to pay extra to keep enjoying them. 

This is also a more powerful treadmill that can be used by elite runners and those with longer strides. It feels very solid and stable too. At the same time, even beginners or novice runners will be able to use it since it is quite easy to figure out.

The downside is, the speakers are not loud enough, so you might not enjoy running to your workout jam that much. Also, we hoped that the fans were a bit more powerful. 

This is a hefty treadmill, it’s quite robust and has interactive features and an array of workout options to choose from. 

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT

Our experts recommend
Horizon Fitness 7.0 at Studio Series Horizon Fitness 7.0 at Studio Series

This is our budget option for reliable treadmills you can use at home. Despite the affordable price, it is teeming with wonderful features. 

When you get this treadmill, you’re running on a longer running belt yet not a very techy one. It does not have a video screen but it does have all the buttons you need to make it work. It’s kind of old school yeah, but it still is Bluetooth enabled, so you will still be able to connect it to your favorite apps.

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It does not have an impressive incline or decline, but it can support the sprint running of a 200 lb adult. So those hefty runners looking for a steady program may still find it disabled. It feels stable and strong.

And in lieu of the techy features, you will get a reliable treadmill with a very forgiving running surface. It feels nice and gentle on the joints and knees

Overall, this is an old-school treadmill. If you don’t mind not having a screen to watch films while you run, then you would be rather happy with this uncomplicated unit. It’s very comfy and a great option if you’re looking for reliable yet budget-friendly running equipment.

Xterra TR150

This budget treadmill does not have any learning curve. It is straightforward to fold and unfold. It has clear instructions and you’ll also be given the tools that you need to set up the treadmill.

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There are just a few wings to consider. Portability is one of the strengths of this unit, it has a small footprint, so it can fit quite in any space. Those who are living in dorms and smaller apartments will be able to love this. 

It also has a sufficiently large LCD screen that makes it easy to read. Despite being a smaller treadmill, you can enjoy a decent-sized screen. You’ll be able to see the information you need conveniently such as speed and time. 

The increments are at 0.1 mph. And you may be able to use the direct access preset speed buttons. So you can change the pace anytime, making it ideal for interval training.

Of course, with the smaller footprint comes a smaller and more narrow belt. It is quite narrow actually. Thus, it is ideal for walking and jogging, and I don’t feel that luxurious for running. Though if you’re petite and thus have a shorter stride, the treadmill might be able to accommodate a light run.

Also, this treadmill can be quite finicky. It lacks a gas shock that can cause it to slam to the floor when you’re unfolding it. So you have to be careful when you’re using it around children or pets. Or better yet, have it in a room where the little ones and furry babies will not be able to go near it. 

And the three inclined speeds need to be adjusted manually. This means that you either have to preset the setting or stop and pause your walk if you want to change it. Just keep in mind that shorter people will have the most use of it. This Is not a treadmill you can use regularly use for running.


JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill
  • Max 4.5 HP
  • Speed from 0.3-16km/h

Sub-free doesn't have to mean boring and redundant. It can also be a budget-friendly treadmill. This unit packs in 15 program options and customizable workout sessions for you. The running belt is also very supportive, and comfortable, and can absorb shock rather impressively.

Also, you can connect it to your phone and enjoy seamless music while completing your cardiovascular training. The speakers are quite clear and loud, thus helping you keep yourself pumped up.

However, this is not a very powerful unit and can only go up to 10 mph. So this might not be sufficient for advanced runners or those who are looking to progress in their programs. 


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This compact treadmill is a great option if you are looking for a treadmill with lots of program settings and incline functions. This is not the most powerful treadmill on our list, but it will serve you well if you’re lighter and looking for a smorgasbord of workout options. 

It is more of a medium to lightweight treadmill with a less powerful motor, so we see this as a great suit for those who are skinny or of average weight. What’s nice about it is that you can connect to the Reebok fitness app for tracking your progress and setting real-world routines. 

You’ll also love how it feels on your knees and joints. It feels comfortable and has a nice cushioning technology to shield your knees from pain and shock when running. The treadmill also has a soft drop hydraulic folding mechanism for easy storage.

No monthly subs – no problem

A monthly subscription to health and fitness apps can level up your orgasms. It can give you access to a wider array of workout programs and a smorgasbord of running trails. But it can still pack in more cost. And if you’re not up to adding more bucks to the monthly utility bills, then we hope the list of treadmills mentioned above matters to you.