Vari Active Seat review: Is it more than just the Hype?

vari active seat

To be able to practice active sitting, you have to use a chair that not only pushes you to a more ergonomic position but makes you comfortable as well. There is a surge of office chairs that offer this function. In conjunction with sit-stand desks, these seating solutions are the in thing when it comes to promoting wellness and fitness even in a busy corporate world.

So how does the Vari Active seat fare?

We’ve tried them out and here’s what we’ve got to say

It can be flexible

This simple piece of what seems like a barstool can have a bit of sunrise wrapped up under its seat.

At first glance, it just resembles a simple black and small bar stool you often sit on when you’re enjoying drinks at the bar by yourself. you friends. But there’s more to it.

The design of the chair enables it to be more flexible. You will not be coerced to stand all throughout, so you still have an option to sit from time to time. In essence, it might feel like a stool chair, more of a saddle-type seat that can push your hips forward so you can assume an upright, more ergonomic position for your spine.

This works in the same way as you rest your tush on a saddle seat. But you can opt to rock the chair back and forth into a more ergonomic and mobile position.

Now these mini-movements are essential, especially if you are trying out active sitting for the first time. This does not come easy to those who are sedentary, so a little bit more help will mean a lot.

It breaks the redundancy of having to sit or stand all the time.  Introducing micro-movements while seated is essential in preventing pressure points and soreness in the legs, hips, and butt, even on the neck.

vari active seat 2

Let’s explore further some of the features of the chair.

It is height-adjustable

The chair is height adjustable between 25.5 inches and 35 inches. This enables you to take the chair all the way down and assume a normal sitting position. Or use it at a higher height to be able to sit, stand, and engage your core a bit more.

This design of the chair enables one to take rests in between active sitting. If you’re working for longer hours, this is bliss and can help you get a rest for a while. This makes active sitting more flexible for a lot of people.

Comfort is decent but not exceptional

The seat is okay but it does not have a thick layer of padding that your butt will find dreamy. The seat cushion is more on the firm side, but it can still provide support and an average comfort to your butt.

This may or may not work for you depending on the level of softness you find comfortable.

The base is pretty heavy, which is what it should be. This is crucial in making the chair stable even if it rocks back and forth. So expect this bad boy to rack up some weight. Though it comes in all assembled and you don’t have to do the dirty work.

Another feature we love is that it has a tilt guard, so you can rock back and forth to your fancy but you won’t have any worries that you might flip forward. This function prevents that from happening.

Is it worth the buy?

With all the hype on active sitting and encouraging a more healthy lifestyle even at work, it can be a hype right? Is the Vari active seat just another hype?

From our experience, it does have a lot of advantages and uses and can help one be successful in transitioning to a more active lifestyle.  You just have to put up with the few cons,  which may or may not be a biggie for you.

One, the seat may be too firm for some. You can also feel the thick plastic material beneath.  So this might be a deal breaker for those who are used to sitting on a more plush office chair. Though you can opt to buy an additional cushion to render the seat softer, it’s all up to you.

Two, if you are hoping to lean on the chair 80 or 90 percent of the time, this might not be the best. If you lean forward most of the time, you might find yourself slipping off the seat. And this can sometimes be uncomfortable for some and can drive that wedgie.

We see this best used as a training chair.

When you need to transition between regular and active sitting, this will help you a lot.

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