What make a chair ergonomic – The defining features of an ergonomic chair!

Ergonomic chairs are a great type of chairs, and this is what you probably talk about a lot of times. A lot of people talk about how beautiful these chairs are and how classy they would look in their workspace. However, only a few know about what actually are the things that make a chair to be ergonomic. Therefore, many people make their choice of these chairs out of their taste for the look and not really on the comfortability interest of the chairs.

A great deal of our time is spent doing a lot of active sitting either in our place of work or at home. Working in your office or behind the machines in your company typically involves spending a lot of times in the chair. This is, of course, a position that puts a lot of pressure on the spine. Because of how common it is to sit, people don’t really care much about their seating habits because of the assumption that it is not very important

If you indulge in poor sitting habits, it may seem harmless but their overall effect on your body is definitely negative. They are the major source of most pain you experience in the backbone. They usually lead to serious health complications which include deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and cervical spondylosis due to reduced blood flow rate in the body. However, these things can be avoided in advance with the use of these chairs. They have been fashioned to combat these problems and to offer comfortability to everyone.


Not all office chairs are ergonomic even though they look nice. This is because of the features they are designed with. In contrast with traditional chairs, there are features that these chairs are built with which really makes them be what they are, one of which is their adjustability.


Adjustability as a factor is very paramount and it is basically the core upon which these chairs are built. The parts should be adjustable to help you sit comfortably and in the most neutral position while working. The featured parts of a typical ergonomic chair are as follows:

  • Seat height adjustment: the seat height of the chair should be adjustable and adaptable for balanced sitting purposes. This implies that these chairs should be built with an adjustable feature to increase or reduce its length so as to be perfectly fit for the body shape of the person sitting inside it. It should be adjustable so that your knees would be below your hips with your while your feet are comfortably resting on the ground.
  • Seat pan depth adjustment: this is also referred to as seat slide. This feature was added to allow you to adapt the seat pan depth such that the distance between the back of your knee and the seat edge is just around 1-4 inches. This specification should therefore allow for free flow of blood hence helping to avoid deep vein thrombosis which results mainly from poor blood flow in to and fro your legs.
  • Back angle adjustment: with this feature, the back of your chair can be switched to a desired position which you deem comfortable. The best thing to ensure is that you do not allow the back angle static or you should switch between different positions during the day. This is an ideal feature which helps to prevent putting pressure on your spine as a result of sitting with the same posture for a long period of time.
  • Back rest height adjustment: this feature allows you to adjust the back rest of your chair and you can switch it in different directions to get the best position for your back. Therefore, the tendency of future pains is eliminated because your back would be less strained and undisturbed.
  • Quality casters: the entire weight of your body is supported by this feature at the two instances of entering or standing up from the chair. There are usually one or two castor of which the durable ones offer you the best support over a long range of time.
  • Arm support adjustments: this adjustable feature provides a support for your arms to rest on. They also give support to the shoulders and helps to avoid any experience of strain in the arm region. The arm support also features width adjustments which enable you to adjust the distance of the armrests to be closer or farther from you. This feature helps to eliminate strain and have a comfortable time when typing.
  • Headrest adjustment: although this feature is not a must have, but it has to be adjustable if a chair comes with it. This headrest adjustment would help prevent the possibilities of having a stiff neck while sitting and working in your chair.
  • Back tilt tension: the back tilt tension knob enables you to regulate the pressure needed to safely roll back while sitting in your chair.

Ergonomic chair


Comfortability is key and that is the top reason why this chair are made. Of course, a ergonomic chair may look nice and elegant at first glance but the fact is that looks aren’t everything. The chair must be made with a good seat material and soft cushions. This is featured in ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous which is an exceptional chair made with breathable and responsive Korean mesh back. It offers the best blend of seat materials for you to have a comfortable experience while sitting and enhance your productivity at your workspace.

What make a ergonomic chair

Finally, it is now obvious as to what makes a chair to be ergonomic. As a matter of fact, the benefits of having these chairs at your workspace cannot be ignored and overemphasized. Coupled with the use of these chairs should be a good sitting habit in other to avoid impending health risks. You can completely avoid developing or intensifying back problems with the use of these chairs in your workspace. Therefore, knowing what makes a chair to be ergonomic would help you in determining the best for yourself when making a purchase.