Top 5 Best Office Ergonomic stools 2024 & Complete guide for buyer

There’s a movement in the working world to switch from traditional office chairs to other, more progressive seating options. It turns out that sitting in a chair – that time-honored tradition we commonly associate with rest, relaxation, and recuperation, and yes, the 8-hour work day, is actually bad for us.
According to the American Heart Association, it’s the prolonged periods of being sedentary that are the most harmful — the type that typically takes place at a desk job.
It’s easy to get swept up in a task and lose track of time, and it won’t be until a couple of hours have gone by that you realize you’ve been glued to your computer screen and before you know it, you’ve been spending the entire day stuck to your chair.
Exercise won’t undo the damage done from hours of sitting. So if you think you’ll combat the time you log in front of the computer screen with a sweaty cycling session or hot yoga class, it doesn’t quite work that way.
It might seem dramatic, but the damage is real and can be combated by choosing a good office chair or using the modern adjustable standing desk
Standing desks are good one option. However, standing all day can have its risks as well and of course, nobody can stand all day. That’s why people have another option: active sitting with an ergonomic office chair. This type of seating promotes movement, improves posture, and activates your core while sitting, and they can work in tandem with a standing desk, so you can find the perfect combination of sitting and standing throughout the day.
But here is a new problem if you have been hunting for a new office ergonomic chair for quite some time, you know how expensive some of these office chairs can be. That’s why you should consider the ergonomic stool if you don’t have a lot of money
At an affordable price, picking a new way to sit while you work in the office and get healthier, why’s not?

Office stools active seating
Office stools are what some call “active seating”, and can help with the problem of extended periods of sitting.

Why Skip the traditional Office Chair and Grab the Stool

Most of the problems occur for people who sit in office chairs will not happen when using ergonomic office stools. Because the Ergonomic Stools allow you to keep a proper posture that traditional chairs cannot allow.

Sitting on an office stool can improve stability and balance because you must constantly engage the core abdominal muscles to stay upright. Stronger ab muscles protect the lower back and promote better posture, and can be the result of using the stool. Sitting on a stool may also increase your daily calorie burn, which is a positive. But only by about 32 total calories for the entire day. It has also been proven that staying in one position, will make you more tired, while moving around and being active with giving you more energy. With an office stool as a chair, you will feel much more energized after you finish your work.
The backless design increases muscle activation—much like a stability ball or kneeling chair—and the saddle will rotate your pelvis forward, which maintains the spine’s natural lumbar curve.
Ergonomic office stools are also the only office chairs that effectively prevent slouching: because the stool is available to be raised higher than a conventional chair or stool top, leaning forward would make sitting at a desk feel unnatural, which means you’ll naturally want to be in a good posture for your workday.
An ergonomic office stool is also great at preserving the lumbar curve. The only downside that exists with some options for office stools is not being able to adjust them to where you need them to be. Luckily, in these posts, almost office stools mentioned are fully adjustable and tailored to be as user-friendly as possible.

Things to consider before buying an ergonomic office stool

Do I Really Need the office stool?

By now, you are probably contemplating if you’ll need this stool in your office or not. If your office is one that is always busy with loads of tasks to complete on a daily basis, you definitely need to consider purchasing this stool.

Attractive Design and Finish

A lot of people love products that are not only useful but also adds a touch of beauty to their offices. The Ergonomic office stools come in a lot of different colors and they all look really attractive. You need to choose the most appropriate color so that there is an instant blend with your office designs.

Features of the best Ergonomic office stools

Soft-Cushioned Seat

The cushion is made from a durable polyurethane material which is not too hard nor too soft. It feels quite comfortable to sit on and though it compresses after several hours of use, it regains its original shape immediately after use.

Adjustable Height

With an adjustable height range of 24 and 34 inches, you can basically use this stool with any desk regardless of its height. This makes the stool more versatile than the regular ones out there.  The control lever is located just below the seat of the stool and is used to adjust the height of the seat appropriately.

Solid Base

The Ergonomic stool doesn’t use casters like the regular office chairs. It uses a thermoplastic elastomer sole which is stationary, yet able to tilt in all directions. The base pad provides the stool with a firm and secure grip across a wide range of floor surfaces. Although you’ll definitely need your feet as support when sitting on the stool, you are unlikely to fall off even while in a tilted position.

Maximize Movement with the Best Ergonomic Office Stools – Top 5 Picks for 2024

Ideally, you will be looking for an ergonomic stool that keeps you moving. If your goal is to build strength in your back and core by sitting up straight without the support of a chair and “wobbling” gently while you sit, here are some suggestions for you

We’ve rounded up the best ergonomic office stools that are hot in the market right now. Start scrolling to see our best picks.

Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool

It’s a sit-stand stool that encourages you to be active. The Varier might look dainty and small. And we hesitated for a while if it can support someone who weighs 100 kg. But we find it durable. The brand claimed that it can support up to 110 kg and weight. And we were not disappointed.

Furthermore, It felt stable too. The saddle seat hugs your butt in the right places. The seat is padded too. So the cushion adds another layer of protection and comfort. And since it’s European made, it’s well built in all aspects. 

Another plus point for us is the fabric. If you’re big in recycling, you’ll appreciate this stool even  more. The cushion is made out of a 100 percent recycled polyester, which the brand named Revive. It won’t contribute to air and soil pollution. And the cushion is made of a fire redundant material. So that’s an additional safety feature. 

Varier Move Tilting Saddle Ergonomic Stool standingdesktopper

Moreover, it has a round circular base. So you can instantly see that it can allow for a wider range of movement. You can even move in all directions while seated. Fidgeting is highly tolerated with this chair.

Also, you can easily adjust the height of this stool with the seat high lever. It offers three varying seat heights. Thus, making it usable for both a regular desk and a standing desk.

In terms of the design, we find that it has one of the most unique designs in the market today. Varier is based in Oslo Norway. And most of their products have a unique patented design. So you won’t normally see copycats on their chair quite anywhere. And the interesting design of the stools adds a perky touch to your home office.

All in all, it’s ideal for those who would benefit from active seating. We love how you can learn and sit at the same time. Even if we were fidgeting and reaching for stuff from anywhere near the table, we felt fully supported.


  • Versatile
  • Durable and European made
  • Has a patented design
  • Comfortable saddle seat with cushion
  • Portable and light
  • Promotes active seating
  • The wide base allows for a greater range of motion


  • Some find the seat too warm
  • The seat can compress easily if you weigh over 250 lbs

Where to buy

Uplift Motion Stool

The Uplift Motion Stool is an ideal chair for a sit-stand desk. It promotes active seating and looks posh too. It’s also one of the most affordable ergonomic office stools in the market.

This stool has some unique features. One, it has a round rubber base. At first glance, it might look too bouncy because of the rubber material. Yes, it did feel a little bit bouncy but in a positive way. That prevents your body from being static. It encourages and supports movement too. 

We love how we can perch, lean, sit or stand. The padded cushion also feels comfortable. The dome convex shape prevents you from sinking into the chair. So it helps you get off the stool when needed. 

Uplift Motion Stool - best ergonomic stool 2024standingdesktopper

Also, it’s fully adjustable. Though If you’re less than 5 ‘2 you might find the lowest height option still too high. 

In terms of the design, it looks posh and it’s quite light too. So it’s easy to move from one room to the other. It’s quite a space saver too. You can easily stack in below your desk when not in use. 

In a nutshell, this ergonomic stool can inject a bit of fun in your office. It looks perky and is more of the unconventional office stool. But it’s highly ergonomic. It’s a recommended ergonomic stool if you want to benefit more from active seating. 


  • Ideal for taller people
  • Easy to assemble
  • Engages your core at the same time
  • Perfect match with a sit-stand desk
  • Fabric is spill-resistant
  • 360-degree full pivot


  • Not ideal on carpeted floors
  • Can’t go low enough for shorter people

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Swopper Height Adjustable Stool 

While active seating can engage your core, some people might not have a perfect balance yet to start with. That’s why we love how you have an option to add a backrest to the Swopper stool. 

We felt a slight bouncing motion. This makes you comfortably move to the sides, lean or perch forward. We were also able to stretch your hips. The hip rotation feels invigorating when you’re in the middle of a stressful paper works. The seat height is also adjustable and comfortable enough for those with long legs.

It also looks and feels well-built. The C- shaped metal base adds a technical look to this stool. 

Swopper Height Adjustable Stool ergonomic chair

As a conclusion, the Swopper chair feels like you’re sitting on an exercise ball. It’s healthy for your spine and body. If you don’t have a great sense of balance yet, you can install a backrest. That makes this stool quite versatile and customizable


  • Easy to assemble
  • No tools needed
  • Offers 3-dimensional movement
  • Has an option to install a backseat


  • Some find the seat too firm
  • Without the backseat, it’s not for those who are new to active seating

Where to buy

Modway Veer Drafting Stool 

The Modway Veer stool combines some features of an ergonomic chair and a standing stool. So you can still enjoy one of the features that you love in an ergonomic office chair. And you can also benefit from what an ergonomic stool has to offer- more range of movement.

One, we always love that adjustable backseat. And this office stool also has that feature. You can lean it back and increase the tension and resistance at the same time. The backrest is made of mesh material. The cushion is also covered with mesh material and has a waterfall design. Thus it feels cool and breathable. Of course, there are the padded flip-up armrests

Second, since it has a can be adjusted higher, it pairs well with your standing desk. Our legs felt comfortable with the waterfall design of the seat. And the foot ring is also a nice addition. You can perch your legs on it in case it gets tired. 

As for the installation, it doesn’t have many pieces, so it’s quite easy to put this baby together.

In conclusion, this is an ergonomic stool that combines the comfort of an office chair and the benefits of active seating. 

Modway Veer Drafting Stool ergonomic standingdesktopper


  • Has an adjustable backrest
  • Equipped with a foot ring
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not comfortable for taller people
  • Armrests are not adjustable

Where to buy

Ergo Impact Lean Rite 

You can conveniently transition from standing to sitting position with the Ergo Impact Lean Rite office stool. It features a unique tilt function. Hence, you can convert the seat to back support or flip-down and it easily transforms into a seat.

The biggest advantage is that it gives you several options. If you feel your tailbone numbing, you can switch to standing position, and convert the seat to back support. Your legs are bound to get tired if you’ve been standing for some time. That’s why the anti-fatigue footrest is a nice addition. 

We just find the footrest a bit bulky and heavy. So it might be challenging if you want to move it into another room. And it can eat up more space in your office. 

We tried perching on a table while sitting at the edge of the seat. It feels nice and you don’t have those sharp edges that can be uncomfortable for your thighs. The padding may be too firm for some. So it’s not for those who are looking for a soft plush cushion. This stool is quite different from your regular office chair. But we love how you can use it in 2 ways.

Ergo Impact Lean Rite ergonomic stool review

As for the range of movement, we’re 50-50 on this one. If you’re seated at the edge of the seat, it can allow for a bit of movement. But if you are fully seated, it can be static. To make up for this, the stool offers 5 varying positions

We love how you can choose from 5 different positions. You just have to adjust the seat height and change the angle of the seat. So even if it doesn’t pivot, you’re not stuck in a fully seated position. 

Though the adjustments consist of two steps. You have to step on the pedal at the bottom of the stool and push or pull the seat.

Overall, it’s a great option for a sit-stand desk. And if you don’t like a stool that’s bouncy and pivots, this is a great alternative. 


  • Large height range
  • 5 positions to choose from
  • Has an anti-fatigue footrest


  • The seat may be too firm for some

Where to buy it


An ergonomic office stool can give you the best of both worlds. It can support your body in both a sit or standing position. And it also encourages your body to be active all the time. Not to mention, it forces you to engage your core. You might not like the idea of it, but it’s good for you.