Kaiser 3 vs Phantom 3 Series – The AndaSeat Gaming chair showdown

Ergonomic gaming chairs are not easy to come by. It’s rare to find one that can tick all the boxes on your list. And AndaSeat has some ergo units up on its list. The Kaiser 3 allows for a lot of liberty and support. You can easily fall in love with this chair. And today, we’re going to compare it with a newer offering from the brand, the Phantom 3.

andaseat gaming chairs - kaiser 3 vs phantom 3

Let’s see which will fare better. 

Gaming chairs Kaiser 3 Phantom 3
Seat height range L and XL:

17.52”- 20.08”

L only:


Seat depth L: 18.31”

XL: 19.29”

Seat width L: 20.67’

XL: 21.06”

Tilt Multi Standard
Lumbar support 2D Fixed
Recline 90-165 degrees 90-160 degrees
Wt Capacity 265 200
Arms 4D 1D

to buy

https://www.amazon.com/AndaSeat-Kaiser-Premium-Gaming-Fabric/dp/B0B2T752PV/ https://www.amazon.com/AndaSeat-Phantom-Premium-Office-Gaming/dp/B0B2TG23RN/

Kaiser’s lumbar support is a rather aggressive one

The Kaiser 3 is one sleek-looking gaming chair that feels comfortable to sit on for longer hours. And it also looks a lot like the premium Secretlab gaming chairs. Andaseat perhaps took its inspiration from one of the more ergonomic and loved gaming chairs. The chair also offers tons of adjustable features. You may be able to find the chair in more ways than one. 

One of the best features of the Kaiser 3 is its innovative backrest. Like the Secretlab, it has its lumbar support integrated into the built of the backrest. It is also adjustable via knobs. And you can change the height and depth of the lumbar support. There are two knobs for adjusting the height and the depth separately, though it could have been fancier if the knobs were color coded. 

Our Budget Pick
Anda Seat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chairs Anda Seat Kaiser 3 Gaming Chairs
  • Large size: 260 lbs of weight capacity. XL size: support up to 395 lbs, suitable for big & tall guys
  • Max height: 6'2"
  • 90-160 Recline & More features

Function-wise, it was able to give substantial support for the lower back. It is also built well and you feel very supported.

But keep in mind that it is a more aggressive type of support and not a soft curve. Also, the cushion that covers the backrest is thinner than what you can find on the seat. So the back will feel firmer, and some may find it too hard. With that, it’s clear that while the lumbar support may be one for the books, it is subjective. Not all will find it comfortable, or nearly sufficient for their needs. 

andaseat gaming chair review
Andaseat Gaming chairs

Let’s explore this a bit more below.

The lumbar support can feel horrible for some

As much as the lumbar support feels sublime, some may feel quite the exact opposite. Those with a straighter spine will not find the Kaiser 3 lower back support comfortable. The lumbar support feels more like a small cylindrical cushion rather than a soft curve. So imagine if you have a straighter spine, this contraption can press against your back in the most uncomfortable way.  And no amount of adjusting can make it any better for you. And added the thinner cushion on the backrest, then you would really feel the bar digging into your back. 

Kaiser 3’s armrests did not disappoint as well

kaiser 3 chair

There’s a lot to love about this unit. It has one of the more ergonomic arms we have seen in a gaming chair. Gaming chairs are notorious for just having flip-up arms or height-adjustable ones. It’s not common to see ones that can be adjusted in multiple ways. 

These also allow a lot of flexibility. It has an impressive range of motion. These are 4D arms, but you can make them more flexible than they already are. The arms have bolts that connect to the bottom of the chair seat. You can loosen them and move the entire arm assembly in or out. That gives you more space.

Kaiser 3 feels like clouds on the bum

The cushion on the seat of the Kaiser 3 is rather soft, but it is unyielding. Meaning it doesn’t flatten out easily like most padded gaming chairs do. So you can experience the same softness and comfort as day 1. You can also get the same amount of support for your hips, spine, and shoulders for a longer time. 

The chair is well cushioned in every part. So even if the entirety of the Kaiser 3 is all steel, there isn’t any part where you’d feel the metal parts at all. The chair looks very sturdy but it feels very comfy and decently soft. This gives meaning to a whole new level of comfort when it comes to gaming chairs. 

The Kaiser 3 is a comfortable gaming chair but…

This gaming chair packs in a lot of comfortable features. It also has a recline of up to 180 degrees and a tilt lock. You get almost all the things you may want and need in a gaming chair. And to top it off, each feature works well and you feel supported and stable all the time.

The tilt and the recline function hold pretty well. 

the kaiser 3 chair for gaming

Many may find Kaiser 3 very comfortable but it’s either a yay or a nay. You either love it or hate it. 

Some may find the lumbar support too tough and aggressive. 

And oh, this is the biggest bone that we can pick with the Kaiser 3. Despite the soft cushion on the seat, the overall material of the chair feels quite tough and rough, almost akin to tires. Those who are used to a firm chair might not see this as a big turnoff, but some will. 

So while it may look like a Secretlab gaming chair and may have almost the same features, it feels entirely different. Secretlab chairs are still the more comfortable ones. 

What of the Phantom 3?

Now here is where the debate happens.

andaseat phantom 3 chair

There’s a new kid on the block that looks almost the same as the Kaiser 3. The Phantom 3 also seems like a promising addition to Andaseta’s line of ergo gaming chairs. 

So what about it? Is this newer AndaSeat gaming chair better than the Kaiser 3?

The key differences

To put it in layman’s terms, the Phantom 3 is a dialed-down version of the Kaiser 3. Almost all the features are toned down. But in terms of comfort, they can be both used for longer hours. 

Here are the toned-down features.

The seat is smaller

The seat dimensions of the Phantom 3 are significantly smaller than that of the Kaiser 3. It can be called a junior version of it But in terms of the softness of the plush padding, it feels almost the same.

So it can be a better choice if you want a smaller seat. Slimmer individuals may find a too-large seat less comfortable.

The Arms are 1D

Phantom 3 has one directional arm. So it has less range of motion compared to the 4D arms of the Kaiser 3. This can be a limiting factor for some. But if you do fit into the Phantom 3, you can still find it quite comfy, especially if you are looking for a cheaper option. The Phantom 3 has a lower price tag given all the dialed-down features.

It has a traditional lumbar support

Instead of a built-in and integrated lumbar support, the Phantom 3 has a traditional nonadjustable lumbar support, it also has a lumbar pillow for those needing to add more depth. So you have to fit into the chair to appreciate the lumbar support. The lumbar pillow seems to work as intended.

Here are other things you need to know. The recline function of the Phantom 3 can be reclined up to 165 degrees, a bit less than the 180-degree recline of the Kaiser 3. Also, you will be able to lock the tilt of the Phantom 3, and it only has a standard tilt. So you can still rock the chair but you will not be able to change the tilt. 

And if you love the magnetic headrest of the Kaiser 3, you’ll be missing that with the Phantom 3. Thus, we’re looking at a less fancy chair. 

The installation process is a breeze

The  Phantom 3 is very simple and easy to set up. To begin with, it has a very in-depth user manual that can walk your thigh through all the steps. Even if it’s your first time setting up a gaming chair, you will be able to do it on your own. The user manual comes with clear pictures along with directions, this helps make the process much easier for all. We love the magnetic covers that go over the screws. It makes the chair sleek-looking and snaps off really easily. It can also be removed quickly should you need to tighten or loosen the screws. All in all, it may take around 30-45 minutes to complete the entire process.

The Kaiser, at one point, is also easy to set up but it will take longer. It’s just that you have to account for the weight of each piece, especially if you’re getting the XL size. 

Why buy a junior version over a more sophisticated ergonomic chair?

Now it’s clear that the Kaiser 3 is amore ergo, a more glammed up AndaSeat gaming chair. So why buy a junior version of it if this chair has all the bells and whistles?  

Well, it is because of personal needs and of course the price range.

The price is a big determining factor in any purchase. And oh, the max seat height range of the Phantom is about an inch higher, so if you feel like the Kaiser 3 lacks a little bit of height, the Phantom 3 may be a better option. 

Also, if you dislike how the lumbar support of the Kaiser 3 hits your back, it’s well worth checking the Phantom 3 out. Despite having a nonadjustable and more traditional lumbar support, it can feel more comfortable for some.

Buying an all-glammed-up chair if you don’t have any need for one can be an overkill. Not to mention, a waste of money. 

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