Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Steelcase Leap v2 – Which Second-Generation Chair is More Comfortable?

Mirra vs Leap v2 showdown

Herman Miller and Steelcase both have a large range of ergonomic chairs. And these two premium brands are also head to head when it comes to cost. They are also some of the more intricately designed office chairs. 

These two office chairs have something in common. Both the Mirra 2 and the Leap V2 are the sleeker and more modernized versions of the Mirra 1 and the Leap V1. These second-generation office chairs are also lighter and less bulky. So we are going to put these to the test to see which of the two is better.

Let’s get started!

Features Herman Miller Mirra 2  Steelcase Leap V2
Material Triflex plastic Fabric and cushion
Seat height range 16” – 20.5” 16” – 20.5”
Weight capacity 350 lbs 400 lbs
Seat width 29” 19.25”
Seat depth 16.25” -18” 15.75″ – 18.75″
Arms 4D adjustable arms 4D adjustable arms
Lumbar support Height adjustable lumbar Optional height-adjustable lumbar
Tilt function 3 positions 5 positions
Headrest none optional
Warranty 12 years 12 years

If you’ll take a look at the features of each premium ergonomic chair, both are highly adjustable. They have almost the same adjustable features with just a few exceptions. One, the V2 can go an inch lower for petite users. And two, the Leap has more lockable tilt potions. 

Mirra 2
Mirra 2 – white

The Mirra 2 has lumbar support that comes with the basic unit, but you have the option to get this or not with the V2.

But we did notice a difference that can affect the user’s experience. While the Mirra 2 and the Leap V2 both have knobs and levers for adjusting chairs to meet your needs, the V2 is easier to adjust.

We had, shall we say, some uncomfortable experience with the Mirra 2 when we were trying to adjust some parts of the chair. To adjust the tension of the backseat, you need to rotate the knob. But it took us like forever to rotate the knob and nothing much is happening, it didn’t budge that much. 

Compared to the Leap V2, you only need to make several turns on the knob and the char will adjust. 

The handle on the right side of the Mirra 2, for the tilt adjustment, sticks out too far. And we did find that it is awkwardly positioned. So if you tend to place your foot under the chair, you might always be bumping this part. 

Mirra 2 – Check price

Another instance we had was when we were adjusting the arms. Though we aren’t sure if everyone was able to experience this, or we just got unlucky with the unit that we have. You have to get off the chair to adjust the arms and it wasn’t a smooth adjustment. We had to put a bit more force to change the angle of the arms. 

So when this may not be a big deal, those who are older, and are physically challenged may find this bit very frustrating. 

We also encountered the same problem with the Aeron. The Mirra 2 is actually like a cheaper and inferior counterpart of the Herman Miller Aeron. So the problem also seemed to be more prominent with the Mirra 2. 

Mirra may be a more comfortable option during the summer but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea

The Steelcase Leap V2 can get quite hot during the summer. And unless you have the AC running, then you’ll find either comfortable.

Mirra 2 might look like a mesh chair, but it’s made of a different type of material. It’s made of a rubber-like plastic that also has cutouts like the mesh. So this makes the chair airy and comfortable.   

Now, while the material of the Mirra 2 is undoubtedly a better option for summer, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. For instance, the Mirra 2 uses a sort of rubber and flexible material for the arms. While this is softer than the plastic arms of V2, it is a bit grabby and can be almost sticky. So if you are hairy on the arms, the rubber-like material sort of pinches your skin and pulls your hair. 

The Mirra 2, still shares a bit of the drawback of some mesh chairs. The edging of the seat can be too firm or too tough for some users. 

And if you’re used to sitting on a cushioned chair, this will become one of your primary complaints. If you lean on the side you can feel the edging pressing against your skin and it can be really uncomfortable. And if you’re heavier, you can feel the seat bottoming out under your thighs.

That’s why we also recommend the Mirra 2 for average size users. Even if the chair has a wider seat and has a 350 weight capacity, the seat can bottom out when sat on by someone taller and heavier. And the plastic edging is more likely to pinch against your flesh if you are heavier.

Also, the arms of the Mirra are sloped down a bit more. So it feels like your elbows can slide off at any moment. 

So when it comes to the comfort of the material, you have to choose which is the lesser evil for you. 

Steelcase leap v2

The Steelcase Leap v2 is quite comfortable. But the risk of sweating during the hotter season is always there. So here, you have to choose the lesser evil. And we’re going for the Leap V2. The plastic material of the Mirra makes it uncomfortable for sitting for longer hours. 

Which has better back support?

The Leap V2 offers optional back support and we did find it a must-have. We don’t recommend you buy the V2 without one. It’s like we can sit in the chair for the whole day without having to worry about back pain.

Steelcase Leap – check price

The Mirra 2 features an adjustable lumbar. It comes with a basic unit. While the lumbar is doing its job, there is something about the plastic material of the Mirra that we just focused on how rigid it was. 

If you’re going to sit on the Mirra 2 for 1-2 hours, this won’t be an issue if you are going for firm support. But as your butt sinks into the material and your thighs dig into the edging, you’ll start to feel uneasy and uncomfortable. It can make your butt feel sore after 7-8 hours.

The Mirra 2 is a cheaper version of the Aeron

The Mirra 2 uses a Tri-flex material. It is flexible, yes, but it does feel cheaper and flimsy. The Aeron is very expensive and the Mirra is the cheaper alternative, it’s the Herman Miller chair that has the closest resemblance to the Aeron in terms of functions. 

So if you find the Aeron too stiff already, you’ll definitely find the Mirra 2 rigid. Though you have the option to outfit the chair with a mesh-like fabric instead of the Tri flex rubber, it will be more expensive

What does Mirra have ahead of Leap?

The Mirra 2 does have a forward tilt, and the Leap V2 lacks one. 

leap v2
leap v2

The forward tilt allows you to tilt the chair up to 5 degrees forward. 

This is ideal for those who love to lean forward when they work. And though the Leap V2 lacks this, we don’t see it as a disadvantage because only a few would like to work this way. Most will find it very stressful on the back. 

Though from afar, the Mirra 2 looks very stylish and is intricately designed. The Leap looks just like any basic ergonomic office chair.


Overall comfort, the Leap didn’t fail. It offers nice support for the back and the chair is easy to adjust. The knobs and levers are situated in the right places. It doesn’t get in the way so your legs or toes will not accidentally ram into them. 

And though the material tends to get hot in the summer, The Leap still wins. 

The Mirra 2, looks unique and appealing, though up close, the rubber plastic material tends to be tacky. 

And the comfort of the Mirra 2 is more of an acquired taste, it’s not for the general population. So even if it is more airy and breathable than the V2, we don’t see it as comfortable for sitting for longer hours.