Corsair TC60 vs TC70 Gaming chair showdown: How the slight Difference Matters

Corsair chairs are definitely eye candy. It has a nice silhouette and a fancy look that doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. And it’s not just about the looks, these gaming chairs can be quite comfortable too. And we’re going to compare two Corsair chairs that can pass off as twins, the TC60 and the TC70. You might need a very keen eye for details to be able to spot the difference, so allow us to make it for you.

Corsair TC60 gaming chair



Seat width Backrest shoulder width Upholstery 
TC60 17” 22.2” Fabric
TC70 17.12” 20.6” Fabric and faux leather

Fabric vs faux leather /fabric

Choosing between these two types of upholstery is mostly a matter of personal choice. An all fabric upholstery will feel more breathable and softer. So it can appeal more to those who live in hotter regions. Or hot and sweaty gamers might find a more comfortable choice in an all fabric chair. 

Fabric has smaller holes where air can go this can keep one cooler during longer gaming hours.

A mixture of faux and weather can either be a nay or yay for you. Aesthetic wise, leather, albeit faux, can lend a more posh and premium look to any chair. It can give off that sleek bossy look. 

And a lot of gamers love the look of faux leather. It can amp up the gamey vibes too. But this can get really hot and sweaty, especially once the temperature rises. But since the TC70 is a mix of faux and leather, it will not get too hot compared to gaming chairs that have all faux leather upholstery

Corsair TC70 gaming chair

The TC70 has a soft cloth exterior for the backrest and the side of the seat, but the rest are faux leather. The fabric upholstery has the same degree of comfort as the TC60. But given that some parts are leather, it can be less breathable than the TC60. Although the leather material doesn’t feel sticky or icky, it is decently comfortable. Though  if you tend to get sweaty easily, this can still lessen the comfort level , especially if you are playing long hours.

Wider chair vs a slimmer one

Another notable difference between these two Corsair chairs is the width and the silhouette. They basically have the same shape but have some exceptions. The TC60 has a wider frame. The backrest has more of a rounded curve that can catch your entire back, especially if you have broader shoulders. It also has a slightly wider seat. This slight difference in framesize can mean a lot to some, the wider chair can be more comfy if you have wider dimensions. Or if you prefer to sit on a chair that can indulge you in more micro movements , for instance can rest one of your legs on the seat, then the TC60 can be a more accommodating choice.

The TC70 then will have a slightly slimmer silhouette. The backrest sort of has a sharper shape at the top and not  a rounded one like that of the TC60. It also has a slightly narrower seat. So if you prefer to feel a bit more compressed in the chair then this can be a fitting choice.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the TC70 is better for skinnier folks given the narrower dimensions.  It depends on what type of comfort you’re looking for. Do you want to be bugged in a chair or do you want a more roomy one?  

But when it comes to the overall comfort of the cushioned seat and backrest, they both feel the same. These two Corsair chairs have the same comfort level. It is in between, so it’s  not too soft nor too firm. And this type of comfort appeals to more people. So  a lot will also be able to find these two comfortable for longer hours of gaming. You just have to also discern how the slight difference in size and dimensions of the backrest and seat affects the ergonomics.

The arms are also different

Here’s another area that can help you decide between these two chairs. The armrests. Both Corsair chairs have 3D arms and they can be easily adjusted.  But eac chair used a different type of material.

The TC60 has cushioned arms that feels nice and comfy. We cannot say the same with the TC70. 

They are relatively short and made of plastic with very thin pads. So this might not be fit for some people , especially when playing for longer hours.  If you are finicky about arm comfort, you might find these too hard.

The neck support of the narrower chair is better 

Since the TC70 has a slimmer silhouette in the top part of the backrest, the neck support is more contoured and  has a narrower  shape that cushions the neck better compared to the wider TC60. So if neck support is one of the priorities in your checklist, then the TC60 will be a more comfy  gaming chair  than the TC70.

What else to expect from these two Corsair chairs

Other determining factors can be the price. The TC60 is slightly cheaper than the TC70. although not by  a mile, you can expect about 1 to 5 percent difference in the price tag.  Here are other things we liked about these Corsair chairs.

Both also have a reclining feature that allows you to recline. You can lean the chair back to 105 degrees. This fire feels the same in both chairs, there’s no difference.  You can also adjust the tilt tension of both.They both have a built in foam lumbar support. It can easily prop you up  and helps you assume better posture. You can tell that it’s there and it will help you last longer in the chair. The same level of comfort goes for these two Corsair chairs. 

But if you ask us if this is a chair that can provide sublime lumbar support , not really. It can give enough support but not a dreamy one. The lower back  support is noticeable, yes, but it is not that pronounced. So if you need something a bit more pushy and aggressive, you will find these two lacking. 

We also have the same irks when it comes to the tension dial. For both corsair chairs, it can be finicky to use. It’s difficult to access since it is at the base of the chair. So these are just some of the things you have to live with should you decide to  purchase any of these two units.  

Durability wise, these are not heavy duty chairs but are decently and substantially built.  Given the price range, there ought to be less complaints. Though we find that if you save a bit more for the other premium units of Corsair, you’ll be able to get more value for your money. They are not the best in terms of ergonomics and durability. But aesthetic wise the Corsair chairs are looker indeed.

TC60 vs TC70: which is more comfortable?

Though not premium and heavy duty chairs, for the cost, these two  can be good for your money.. The recline function is  substantially stable.This is one of the make or break features of a gaming chair.It’s easy though to choose between the two. If you want a more roomy one and prefer a breathable chair, the TC60 is good for you. But if you want a more hug in mug comfort, the narrower TC70 is better.