Top 3 of the Best Office Chair that Reclines for Naps in 2024

Office Chair that Reclines for Naps

Most individuals overlook the need for the reclining feature when looking for the right office chair. However, an office chair that reclines for naps offers many different benefits than a standard chair as it allows you to take breaks within your working hours. This helps improve productivity by enhancing your health and focus. Besides, a reclining chair enables you to lie back in a comfortable position while performing your daily tasks and also stretch a bit while working.

Office chairs that recline for naps feature a design that exudes great traits, including quality relaxation, ultimate comfort, and sprawling luxury. Usually, these pieces of furniture include an adjustable footrest and headrest and are generously padded for angling optimal comfort and whole-body support.

Apart from being multi-functional and ergonomic, they also provide a wider range of recline with the adjustable footrest offering support to the lower limbs in a reclined position. Here are the best office chairs that recline for naps

Merax Reclining

The Merax office chair is the ideal All-In-One multipurpose chair that suits all your needs in various workplaces. Moreover, the office chair is one of the most popular products in the market today.

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It features a black tilt design that gives it a classy and highly professional look, which makes it a great addition to any office. The reclining chair comes with adjustable height and a well-extended footrest to ensure that it meets all your needs in multiple postures.

In addition, the chair offers a complete 360-degree axis feature and double padded cushioning for ultimate relaxation and functionality. The ergonomic design helps support the natural contours of your body while reducing shoulder and back strain. It also comes with a built-in adjustable lumbar support cushion that can be lowered or raised for customizable support.

This Merax office chair includes a 170-degree reclining feature that allows you to relax in multiple positions or lie down for a nap while taking a break from your daily tasks. Besides, the reclining office chair is built with a heavy-duty and quality metal base and frame, which allows it to withstand the stresses on a regular basis.


  •   Includes an ergonomic supportive cushion for extra support and comfort in any position
  •    Made from high-grade PU leather
  •    Offer a customizable seating experience
  •    Provides a complete 360-degree axis
  •    Perfect office chair for people with back pain issues
  •    Meets all the BIFMA/ANSI standards
  •    Comes with adjustable height and a well-extended footrest
  •    Professional and stylish tilt design

EvoChair Reclining Office Chair with Footrest

The EvoChair is the latest office chair and one of the most premium chairs. It features a smart blend of top-tier engineering from all around the world, including the unique Italian design and the advanced German textiles. Besides, the premium reclining office chair includes the intuitive, seamless Korean-built mechanism that makes it stand out. With the great blend of engineering, the furniture offers multiple dimensions of support, free range and most importantly endless adaptability.

The Best 3 Office Chair that Reclines for Naps in 2019

In addition, the EvoChair is designed with a unique mesh that moves with you. The miracle mesh is breathable, durable, self-supporting, and is found in the seat and backrest of the chair. German textile engineers Krall + Roth create the mesh, and it adapts automatically to offer the support and optimal resistance required for any position and posture. This helps in distributing your weight evenly for enhanced focus and health.

With the ergonomic design, the piece of furniture offers a full executive experience as it is also designed with an extendable footrest. The feature is optimized at a 55-degree angle to release tension and stimulate circulation while allowing you to take naps during your breaks. It is also equipped with a 3D adjustable headrest that enables you to find the right spot where perfect posture is effortless. This allows you to experience full support for your spine in both relaxation and deep focus.

Besides, the ergonomic chair is built with an auto-balance mechanism that allows you to adjust your position smoothly to anywhere between a 16-inch focused forward lean and a 128-degree relaxed back recline. The creative Italian-built mechanism gives you full control of the height, tilt, and multi-directional seat incline. This unique mechanism includes responsive external controls that help you to adjust position and direction, regulate tension and lock that ideal spot in the place.

The office chair is built with performance-focused materials for a premium experience. These materials are carefully selected and tested for durability, sustainability, and pressure and heat distribution. This means there is no foam, earth-costing leather or unfriendly fabrics.

Moreover, the EvoChair allows you to customize multiple configurations to protect your spine and improve your posture. The chair comes with flexible lumbar support and adjustable height as it acknowledges that one size does not fit all. It also includes 4D adjustable armrests that guarantee adequate comfort no matter the body type.


  •    Features an intelligent blend top-tier engineering from around the world
  •    Breathable, durable and self-supporting mesh
  •    Offers full executive experience
  •    Equipped an auto-balance mechanism for multiple optimum postures
  •    Built from performance-focused materials for a premium experience
  •    Endlessly adaptable and multi-dimensional

HomCom High Back Race Car Style

This is another excellent example of the best office chair that reclines for naps. The HomCom reclining office chair stylish and modern design and an extendable footrest that makes it popular with many users. Moreover, the chair is covered with high-quality PU-leather, which adds extra comfort and support to this furniture.

This HomCom office chair features a 360-degree swivel function and includes smooth-rolling casters. In addition, the furniture offers multiple adjustments as it allows you to adjust the footrest, armrest height, seat height, and backrests up to 180 degrees. The maximum reclined position is a perfect spot where you can lie down for a nap.


  •    360-degree swivel function
  •    Padded PU leather upholstery for extra support and comfort
  •    Zero to 180-degree adjustable backrest
  •    Modern and stylish design
  •    A retractable footrest that folds perfectly when not in use

Our recommendations

Buying an office chair that reclines for naps may appear as a luxury, but if you work in a sector where you are required to spend long hours, you need to consider acquiring any of the products mentioned above. These chairs feature a great design that allows you to work comfortably and adjust to a reclined position to take a deserved nap or relax.

We recommend that you buy these reclining chairs that offer excellent ergonomic features like flexible armrests, headrests, lumbar support, adjustable height, and endlessly adaptable mesh. This ensures that you enjoy more benefits than using standard chairs, which improves your productivity and health.

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