The 10 Best Folding Treadmills in the UK

Are all Foldable Treadmills Flimsy? 

The biggest challenge with foldable treadmills is that their build quality is inferior compared to less portable units.  The folding hinge means there can be a play in the tread. 

If space is a challenge, there’s no other way to get around your fitness routine but by using a foldable treadmill.  But of course, you don’t want to run or walk on anything that rocks or sways. That can be dangerous for your knees too, not to mention, a total waste of your money. So we have compiled 10 of the best foldable treadmills in the UK that can serve you well.

Echelon Stride treadmill

Treadmill Models Dimensions Weight capacity Running surface Max speed Max incline
Echelon Stride 74”x31”x53” 308 lbs 55” x 20” 12 mph 10 
JLL T350 62”x27”x50”  264 lbs 48” x 16” 11 mph 20 
Walking Pad X21 43”x31”x10” 242 lbs 47” x 18” 7.5mph n/a
NordicTrack T9.5 41”x35”x59” 275 lbs 59” X 20” 13.7mph 15 
MuscleSquad P200 76”x34”x58” 300 lbs 60” x 20” 11 mph 15
ProForm Pro 2000 77.3”x35.3″x59.6” 300 lbs 60” x 20” 12 mph 13.7
Decathlon Run 100E 61”x 30”x45” 286 lbs 47 x 17” 8 mph 3
Mobvoi Home 53”x27”x43” 265 lbs 40” x 16” 12 mph n/a
JTX Sprint 3 62”x28”x58” 264 lbs 50” x 18” 10 mph 12
Dynamax RunningPad 59.1”x28.3”x 35.4” 240 lbs 47” x 17” 6 mph 9

Foldable Treadmills – What to look for

Intended use

Before making a purchase, consider the intended use of the treadmill. Is it for running or walking only? Treadmills that can be used both for running and walking should have a speed of at least 8 mph, anything less may be too slow. 

You also have to consider who is going to use the treadmill. Elderly people often would need a slower-paced one as they mostly do walking. If this is you, then a treadmill with a lower max speed will suffice. Buying one that can go as fast as 10 mph can be overkill since it also has a higher price. So why buy one that got up to 10 mph if you’re just going to walk on them?

intend use treadmill


While we are listing the portable and foldable treadmills here, you should still consider the space that you have, both for working out and for storage. 

The treadmills on our list take little space but they also vary in dimensions, with some being rather smaller than others. This is a better solution if you are living in a very cramped space.

Treadmill Specifics and features

Here are some treadmill features that you can look into.

  • Incline

An incline function allows you to add variety to your routine. And not all foldable treadmills will have this. We have listed units that offer such convenience, but some can be adjusted manually and some automatically. So you have to look into what suits your goals best.


Also, a decline function is a bonus, very few foldable treadmills have this. But we do have a handful on our list that has it.  

  • Weight requirement

This is a very important factor if you are heavy. Using a treadmill way beyond its weight capacity can result in injuries and the machine bailing out on you sooner than expected.

  • Build quality

While foldable treadmills are not king when it comes to durability and longevity, our list has the most decent ones that can serve you well. 

Also check for the cushioning system, especially if you need a low-impact run or walk. It should not feel too rough on the knees and joints. 

Best Folding Treadmill Recommendations in the UK

Let’s see our expert’s suggestions

Echelon Stride

Our Experts highly recommend!
Echelon Stride Treadmill
  • Max weight capacity recommend for you: 300lbs
  • You can also get the 30-Day Free Membership
  • Up to 12 mph

This compact and foldable treadmill has a longer running surface. So even if it’s foldable and can easily be stowed away, you will not feel too restricted. Echelon Stride treadmill folding

The larger running surface will not make you feel like you’re running in a portable unit. It can also go as fast as 12 mph, quite suitable for running. And the max incline is up to 10 degrees so you can add more variety to your fitness routine.

The downside is, it doesn’t feel as sublime on the knees and we wished the shock absorption system was a bit better. So we recommend it for skinny individuals with average weight. Those who need more cushioning and a low-impact workout may find this a bit too hard on the joints and knees. 

This treadmill also lacks a screen. But it is compatible with apps such as Strava, ZSwift, Apple Health and Fitbit

ProForm Power Series

Our Experts highly recommend
ProForm Power Series Folding Treadmill ProForm Power Series Folding Treadmill

This is a walking pad that can make your routine more immersive. It has a 10-inch touch display. You can easily access the iFit videos that come with a 30-day trial. So you can expect more upgraded and modern features with this small treadmill. 

ProForm Pro 2000 uk treadmill

Also, it has an incline as well as a decline function. Few units of this size have both features. And having both gives you more areas to explore your progress.  

JLL T350

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill
  • Power of the Motor 4.5HP Motor
  • It has 20 Incline Levels
  • Speed from 0.3km/h - Max 18km/h

This basic-looking treadmill may have a less aesthetic design that some may find uninspiring. But it is packed with more functions that can make your fitness routine a more challenging one. The best selling point of this treadmill is its max incline, it can go up to twenty degrees.

You’d also be happy to know that the cushioning system of this treadmill is rather impressive. It has a 16-point cushioning system for added shock absorption. So if you’re looking for a more friendly on-the-knees run, you’ve got this. 

Walking Pad X21

Our experts Recommend
WalkingPad X21 918W Double Folding Treadmill WalkingPad X21 918W Double Folding Treadmill
  • Max speed 12km/h
  • No need to assemble
  • Max weight capacity 110kgs
  • Perfect for a small space

This is a small but terrible running pad that you can use for faster-paced workouts. Albeit its smaller and more compact size, you will be able to run seamlessly on it. 

walkingpad x21 folding treadmill

But keep in mind that more portability has some downsides, this lacks an incline function so it might be limiting for those who are looking to progress into their daily run.

You will be able to change the speed of the treadmill via a speed dial. So it might be kind of old school for those who are used to running on commercial treadmills. But if you need to multitask or run while watching TV, then this can do you good. 

Where to buy

Mobvoi Home

Also Great
Mobvoi Home Treadmill Mobvoi Home Treadmill

This is portable and offers a quick solution for those who live in cramped spaces. Out of all the foldable treadmills on our list, this has one of the smallest footprints. You can easily snuck it wherever and whenever you need to get a good walk.

This is portable and offers a quick solution for those who live in cramped spaces. Out of all the foldable treadmills on our list, this has one of the smallest footprints. You can easily snuck it wherever and whenever you need to get a good walk.

Despite the smaller size, it still has a console. And you can also conveniently walk on the treadmill even if the central console is folded down. We see this as a great choice for home offices where you often need to multitask. 

It also has more features than the basic treadmill. You will be able to control the speed via a remote control. It also has Bluetooth functionality. The LED screen shows time, speed, distance, and calories burned at a glance. A display on the base of the machine also tracks speed. It also has a safety belt that you can attach to your clothes while running. This prevents slipping should you fall. 

JTX Sprint 3

JTX Sprint 3 Folding Treadmill JTX Sprint 3 Folding Treadmill
  • Max weight capacity recommendation: 120kgs
  • 2 years of warranty

This is a nifty entry-level treadmill. The max speed may be lower than 10 mph compared to the other treadmills on this list.

But it offers over 40 built-in fitness programs. It gives you tons of options to progress. So beginners will find this a very liberating treadmill.

It’s also very smooth to run on and feels nice on the knees. The base of this treadmill has enhanced suspension which reduces the impact of walking and running on your knees and joints. 

You can also hope for a more immersive run with the built-in speaker. You may be able to plug in your device via the USB port and enjoy your favorite workout jam. But keep in mind that this is still a basic unit that most beginners will be able to appreciate more.

Others – Recommend by testers 

Dynamax Running Pad

We’ve got another running pad up on our list, and this is quite reliable. It offers ample space where you can walk and run without feeling too constricted. That’s the common problem with walking pads, either they feel too flimsy to run on or they feel too cramped up. 

This is also a budget option and has a max speed of only 6 mph, so this is viable for walking but not so much for running. 

NordicTrack T9.5

If you need a foldable treadmill but want something a bit similar to how bigger treadmills feel, then this NordicTrack treadmill will serve you well.

This has bigger dimensions compared to the other options on our list. But this is foldable still and can easily be stowed away when not in use. 

It has a lot of features that can tick your bucket list. It comes with a larger touchscreen display that can make your running more immersive.

This is also a workhorse and has a rather robust and steady build. 

It also has a max incline of 15 degrees, so this is something that seasoned runners can use. 

MuscleSquad P200

This treadmill may look uninspiring and has a basic design. But it does have features that are more than what basic treadmills have. 

It has a maximum of 15 percent incline that advanced runners can utilize to add more spice to their running routine. 

The LCD is also quite large. The 10-inch display allows you to keep track of your progress and you can easily choose from the built-in programs that you can easily access. 

And oh, it has a USB port for charging your devices and two speakers that can make your routine more immersive. 


This is a simple yet steady treadmill. It feels quite stable and the running deck is big enough for those with longer strides.

This might not be a running treadmill. but it may be amenable for brisk walking given that the max speed is only up to 8 mph. So those looking for a good walk or brisk walking will find this a very solid solution. Though runners looking to speed up may find it lacking.

This treadmill also has 3 incline levels. However, you have to adjust it manually. So this is more of the basic treadmill. But if you’re looking for something more robust, then you will not be disappointed. 

It may be a simpleton, but you also have the option to connect it to a fitness app where you can get access to over 30 fitness programs. 

Foldable treadmills can still be built decently

Compact foldable treadmills don’t always need to be flimsy, they can be reliable too. While space is an issue and you can’t go with a standard-size treadmill, you can still get your money’s worth. You don’t have to settle for anything cheap.