Levit8 Standing Desk Review – is it Really Portable?

Levit8 Standing Desk Review

A stand-up desk that you can use anytime and bring with you anywhere seems like bliss. And if it doesn’t need accessories or any equipment for the setup, that can also be a freelancer’s dream. 

You can work comfortably anywhere even if you’re on a vacation. 

The Levit8 looks very unique, right? And since it comes in various sizes, you might think that you will be able to find the perfect height and dimensions for your needs. But Isn’t it really? Let’s find out below.

It may look portable but it’s not ideal

The Levit8 is a twistable stand-up desk that easily lays flat when not in use. Dimensions-wise, it is very easy to sneak into your purse or tote bag. It lays flat and you don’t have to worry about the thickness if it would take up too much space in your bag.  

But when we say ideal, it doesn’t really tick the box of what a portable standup desk is. Yes, it has a smaller footprint. But when you say portable, you have to consider the ease of transport. So it means that the item must not be too heavy so that you can really easily bring it wherever you go.

And this is where it failed to deliver the promise of being 100 percent portable. The Levit8 is a tad bit too heavy to be considered portable. So even if you can easily put it in your bag, you might be hassled with the weight. It’s not something that you can forget having in your bag,  you’ll be reminded of the hefty weight.

But it is indeed sturdy and durable

The heftiness of the Levit8 had something to do with the overall sturdiness and durability of the product. From afar it looks rather thin and something that can fall off the desk easily. It does not look like it would be able to hold itself pretty well. 

But looks can really be deceiving. This twisted design stand-up desk is very sturdy and feels very stable. And to ensure that, it has or has some weight. So you may be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s either a flimsy yet light unit or a heavy and durable one. And there is where the portability is also compromised. 

levit8 desk

The desk is made of nylon but you can tell that it is well made and will last longer.  And something as heavy as this is not a great idea to carry around. That’s so much for being portable. 

The dimensions seem to be off

 Levit8 is available in 4 sizes so you will be able to get the one that works for your height right? But not really. The dimension of the standup desk is a bit weird. Not a lot will find it suitable for their height.

Here are several problems we have encountered when using this “portable” standup desk. 

As mentioned, the Levit8 is very sturdy and will not flip to the side. But there are times when the unit doesn’t seem even at all. one side seems to be higher than the other. Maybe this is because of the twisted design. We’re just not sure if it goes for all the other units or if there is just some kind of quality control issue. Anyways, it just seems like our laptop is not able to lay flat. 

You can get a unit in several sizes, but we find it not suitable for slightly taller to taller people. Even the largest one will not be comfortable for someone who stands taller than 6 feet. It will feel that it is still too short. 

Even for average-size users, it’s not a guarantee that everyone will find it suitable, this will also be dependent on the height of your working surface. You might even find the smaller size too short and the larger size too tall. So it can be tricky to find the best size, or you will not really. 

You may not be able to use a mouse with it

Another thing too, the surface seems too narrow to comfortably use a  mouse. We don’t also see it as ideal for typing jobs since the laptop will not be able to lay flat on the surface. So we’re seeing this is suitable if you need to review videos or watch movies.

Also, you might experience your hands hitting the edges of the desk while typing. So this is a no-no to use for typing. 

levit8 standing desk

It’s not that easy to assemble

The Levit8 seems like an easy-to-pull-off stand-up desk, but it’s the opposite really. Folding the twisted patterns of the unit requires some learning curve, especially for the last part. 

And thinking about it, not being able to perfectly connect the pieces, especially the last part, may account for the desk not being flat. Though you may hover through YouTube to see how to successfully set up one, for some, it might feel like doing origami. And not all like doing origami no matter how stunningly creative it is. So with that said, this is not for those who do not have any patience. 

So what is Levit8 good for?

We’ve covered the bases and it’s now time for the final verdict.

The ones that ticked the list are the size of the unit, its ease to put in a tote bag, and its sturdiness and stability. It is also a creative idea for a stand-up desk.  But it did not translate all too well.

It has more cons rather than pros for it to be considered portable so it’s not something we would like to bring during travel if you need to work. It is too heavy and takes time to assemble.

Though the setup is the least of your worries since once you are able to figure it out, that’s a done deal. But the dimensions of the desk are not ergonomic. it is definitely not for taller or even slightly taller people. But even those who are of average size might still not be able to use their laptop comfortably on the Levit8. 

It’s not portable at all. 

So it would be better used at home. But it will not be a versatile one, it does have a specific use. The space is too narrow to type or even hold a mouse.  So it can be a second monitor where you review charts and stuff. 

It’s also a great stand for watching Netflix movies while in bed.