Yoomeemm Kneeling chair review – Is a Highly Adjustable Enough?

Here is another kneeling chair that looks quite different from the usual design most are accustomed to. It is quite similar to the Co-z with the base having caster wheels similar to that of a traditional office chair.

Yoomeemm Kneeling chair review
Image source: Yoomemm.com

We have mentioned before that we really aren’t into keeping chairs of such design. It’s either an office chair or a kneeling chair since you will need both in your office. But the Yoomeemm does have more leverage over its contemporaries. Also, it looks charming and can add an interesting look to any space. 

So let’s explore it a bit more.

It gives  off a very rustic yet professional vibe

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The Yoomemm is a  notch higher than kneeling chairs with the same design. It has this backrest that’s made of walnut and the faux leather looks more luxurious than the Co-z or the Geosunny. It looks more expensive, but surprisingly it costs less than 200 dollars. It’s even more affordable than the Co-z.

It is highly adjustable but will still not  be enough for taller users

Most kneeling chairs within its price range will just have an adjustable seat height. Even those that cost 200 dollars such as the Balans or Sleek Form do not offer more adjustable features aside from the seat height.

The Yoomemm is one of its kind. We must say that it’s not every day we come across a highly adjustable kneeling chair. 

The seat height range is 19.6inch 23.6 inches. It’s similar to what the Co-z has. But even if this will not be enough for those who stand taller than 5’8”, you will be able to fine-tune the chair to make it more comfortable for you. 

You can adjust the angle of the seat. In addition, you can also change the height of the knee pads independently.  Though you will not be able to securely lock the knee pads in place, that’s why this isn’t for heavy users as well. 

The swivel and the footrest are also a nice treat. Though the Co-z does have a base of a traditional chair, it lacks a footrest. When using a kneeling chair, you can feel some sort of numbness on your feet if you were not able to transition to an office chair, and the footrest can help you flex out those toes a bit. So it’s an added bonus for comfort.

It has a backrest but hey it can be removed

The Yoomemm has a backrest. The design had us at hello, to be honest. It looks very rustic, and even resembles a designer char. It is also shaped to fit the curve of the back. And when you press your back against it, it can tilt. 

And though we don’t really advise using a kneeling chair with a backrest, you can change the angle of the seat so that you can still take advantage of the backrest without compromising proper posture. Also, you can have it removed, so that is the best part of it. 

But be careful not to press your back too much against it, otherwise, you might fall over.

Who will love the Yoomemm?

The Yoomemm has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, so we still recommend this for average-sized people. And though the weight capacity can accommodate those who are slightly heavier, the knee pads do not really lock in place well. So it’s better to not fill the chair to its max. And heavier users will not really find kneeling chairs comfortable, let alone fitting into one will be such a chore.

But if you are taller than 5’8”, the seat can’t go high enough for you so petite users or those with average height will be able to take advantage of this

Though some users who are slightly taller opted to use a cushion just t=make the chair fit them. Because the chair itself is very sturdy, solid, and does not rock. 

And it’s seldom to see kneeling chairs within this range to have several adjustable features. Also, you can adjust the kneepads independently.

Even the padding itself is luxuriously cushy. So this is a very indulgent kneeling chair. 

But don’t forget that despite the more adjustable features and a cushier seat, you still have to use this as a supplement and not a replacement for your office chair.

What’s not to like

There are still several things that this chair falls short of. 

One, the setup is very, very tedious. It is the number one complaint among users who bought it. Especially the backrest, this will require a lot of patience to pull through. 

There are also a lot of issues with not receiving the complete set of tools or parts. So this can be a huge turnoff especially if you’re all giddy and up to use one. 

So you must also have the DIY skills, and more patience, otherwise, doesn’t bother getting this chair.

Two, albeit the more adjustable features, this may not suit everyone’s taste, even if they fit into the chair.

With options on the angle, the kneepad height, and the seat height, you have to know the proper alignment so that you can maximize these settings. Or you may also try all the options to see what works for you best. And that can be a turn-off for some people.

So that can lead you to use the chair at an improper angle. Thus you will not get the full benefits if you are kneeling in a different way. 


As with all keeling chairs, this is not going to be everyone’s favorite despite being highly adjustable. 

It’s easy to find an ergonomic chair that a lot will love. But with kneeling chairs, it’s going to be a different story albeit with more ergonomic features. And fidgeting through the settings might be harder than with an office chair. So this unit is more for those who are accustomed to kneeling chairs and they must also know the proper alignment.