A laptop comparison: Lenovo Legion 5 Pro vs Legion 7 – Which one is worth to Buy this 2024?

There are moments when you are unsure of which of two options to select even though they both provide excellent value. This is what happens when Lenovo offers two models from which it is difficult to select the one that gives you the best value. The AMD Ryzen processors that power both laptops have different price tags. Lenovo Legion 7 is a bit more expensive than Legion 5 Pro because it is a newer model, but is it still worth it to upgrade if you already own Legion 5 Pro? Or is getting the older model, which costs less and provides the same value, a wise choice? Finding out which option is best for you in each situation is always interesting since we will learn some things from both perspectives. With this, you can finally learn a few important details about the laptop that you should know before making your choice.

Lenovo Legion Pro-7
Lenovo Legion Pro-7
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro


Both laptops are available in different specifications with lots of models. For easy to compare in this post, we pick an example for the Pro 5: the 2024 newest model, with the Intel core for the same base version (16GB ram, 16″ 2k display, 1tb SSD) and the same with the Pro 7 2024. 

While both Lenovo Legion 7 and Legion 5 Pro have Intel processors, the newer model with i9 13900HX processor performs better than the older one with i7 13700HX CPU. The CPU code indicates that the HX series outperforms the H series in terms of performance, which means you can handle more complex or multiple tasks at the same time.

The GPU is another aspect to consider. Legion 5 Pro comes with Nvidia RTX 4070 while his elder brother is completed with RTX 4080. Not only that Legion 7 is better in terms of the graphics card, the TDP is also higher, consuming power up to 165 Watt in its maximum performance. The older model has the maximum TDP of 140 Watt, not bad at all for most heavy tasks, but if you compare them side by side, it is clear who the winner is.

Both models are installed with DDR5 RAM as memory, enabling them to get similar speeds at peak performance. Legion 7 has more RAM upgradeability as it comes with a 16GB RAM stick by default and can still be expanded to a dual channel. On the other hand, the 16GB RAM that comes with the Legion 5 Pro by default is decent and can be expanded for better performance.


From the display, they both have the exact same panel and there is nothing to differentiate them in this area. These laptops come with a 16-inch monitor with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600. Because the monitor supports both FreeSync and G-Sync, it improves motion smoothness and reduces screen tearing which is a great value for gamers. Legion 7 has a refresh rate of 240Hz and definitely better than 165hz of the Pro 5

Dimensions & Weight

For those who always carry their laptop with them, measuring the dimensions and weight is important. While this does not mean that everyone prefers lighter and more portable laptops over larger and bulkier models, it makes sense to say that weight and size have a significant impact on user portability. In this regard, the Legion 5 Pro weighs 2.58 kg, which is slightly heavier than the newer model, and weighs 3.62 kg when the charger cable is included. The Legion 7 weighs less than the previous model, 2.49 kg for the laptop alone and 3.53 kg with the charger on top, even though it has more power. The slight difference does not affect much with the weight of the combination of both laptop and charger. This means that even if you choose one over the other, you cannot really feel the difference. Weighing heavier than Legion 7, Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is also slightly larger in size, giving the impression of a more solid built. 

RGB Customization

Gamers who bought a laptop may wish to have RGB lighting built in. In comparison to the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, the Lenovo Legion 7 provides a superior RGB light customization, even though it does not seem to matter or impact the performance. With Corsair iCUE software, the backlit LED underneath the keyboard, as well as the lights encircling the laptop, can be customized freely.


The connectivity from both laptops are similar to each other. At the back, they have the same number and types of connectivity, including Ethernet Port, USB 3.2 Gen 2 type C, DisplayPort, 3 ports of USB 3.2 Gen 1, HDMI and power input. On the right, both are the same as well which only have Audio Jack and USB 3.2 Gen 2. The only difference comes from the left side, giving both each a Camera Disconnect Switch, but Legion 7 has a USB type C port while Legion 5 Pro has USB 3.2 Gen 1.

Gaming Performance

When buying a gaming laptop, the most important thing to look for is the gaming performance. However, both laptops have been upgraded to dual channel models in order to achieve the maximum performance. This will improve the overall performance when used in gaming.

Battlefield V is the first game to be tested. The Lenovo Legion 7 runs in 151 frames per second on average with 92 frames per second on 1% low settings and 1080p resolution. However, Legion 5 Pro performs less better than recent version, averaging 145 frames per second while still managing to achieve a 1% low frame rate of 111 frames per second. This indicates that the Lenovo 5 Pro is still doing a good job compared with his older brother in the most demanding scenes.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is another name to be tested at its highest settings in 1080p. With an average of 128 frames per second and 122 frames per second between Legion 7 and 5 Pro, both are doing fairly well. Better framerates are achieved by the newer model, but the difference is not very noticeable.

The last one for the test, Far Cry 5 in 1080p ultra settings, concludes how well both laptops are doing. When comparing Legion 5 Pro performance which averages 112 frames per second to his older brother, the differences are not that significant. With an average frame rate of 114 frames per second, Legion 7 blurs the gap between the two sides.

Our conclusion

So if you really need a faster laptop and budget is not your problem, Legion 7 performs better in every aspect, plus the design boldly shows its identity as a gaming laptop.

Despite being outperformed, Lenovo Legion 5 Pro has done perfectly well by coming close to the newer model performance. This laptop is better for you if you want to save a bit more money to upgrade or buy any other parts. However, both laptops are great and worth looking at if you need a new one.