[Compare] Autonomous Ergochair 2 vs Wayfair Mesh Desk Ergonomic Office Chair

An office chair is a part of the furniture that defines your work ethics, stature, and commitment towards the work. Whether it’s sitting idle in your office for long hours, or working for long hours without any resent, the office chair always remains synonymous to your routine. But how important it is to select a chair that best fits – your requirements, your passion, and your class?

The answer is simple, it is the most essential part of selecting your office furniture, and creating an indigenous workspace. Without an efficient work chair, no employee can work at an optimum rate, which can impact the performance and output of every company. However, the bigger problem is the choice of the best product out of an ocean of options. Over the past few years, with the incorporation of state-of-the-art engineering processes into the designing of office chairs, the outcome has been great. Now, you have office chairs that provide you with an abundant number of features and functions, available at a reasonable price.

To troubleshoot the process of selecting the optimum ergonomic office chair for your workspace, we present a comparison of two remarkable pieces of furniture that will help you to filter out your choices and select the best office chair for yourself. We understand the fact that office chairs are not only an important requirement for the individual but it must match the decorum of the particular workplace where it is placed as well.

Importantly, this article compares two distinct office chairs – Autonomous ErgoChair 2, and the Wayfair Latitude Run Thigpen Mesh Desk Chair. Both the chairs are head-to-head in comparison and provide you with a great number of features to enhance your working hours with elegance, comfort, and style. However, we have detailed them for you so that you assess and evaluate the best option for your workplace.

Compare the best Ergonomic Office Chairs- Autonomous Ergochair 2 vs Wayfair Mesh Desk

Important Consideration for the best Office Chair Selection

It is essential to understand that an office desk chair is not only a piece of decoration. It serves a great utility in providing the support and comfort to the individual so that he/she can dedicate his mind and body to the work. Even if an office chair is placed in a non-conventional place such as a bedroom, living room, library or an institution, it serves an equally important function.

With the changing paradigms of the business and commerce sector, having plush interiors and state-of-the-art furniture has become a benchmark for every company. The office decorum is the typical style, coloring, and theme of a workplace that reflects the philosophy and values of a company. Hence, it is important to select the chair which best suits the entire office decorum.

Another important consideration that forms the basis of chair selection is the posture, and various health effects. As we know, incorrect posture and positioning can be consequential for our back, neck, and head. Long-term effects of incorrect posturing can lead to problems such as cervical issues, spine problem, and disc relocation. Besides, incorrect positioning is the major cause of back pain in more than 5 million people in the United States.

The last important consideration is the price of the particular office chair. Today, one can find hundreds of expensive office chairs that provide a large number of benefits and aesthetic appeal. However, they are of no use if they are creating a dent on the financial condition of your company. Therefore, office furniture must be purchased by sufficiently considering the budget and financial health of your company.

Autonomous Ergochair 2

The Ergochair 2 by Autonomous is an elegant piece of furniture for your office. Visually, it is pure hi-tech and gives you the feeling of sitting in the cockpit of a space shuttle! The chair is available with a 30-day return period as well.

Assembly: Coming to the assembly, it hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes to assemble the complete chair. Importantly, the company provides all the required tools to assemble the product in the package. In addition, the instruction booklet is top-notch with minute details to assemble the product with ease. The interactive images in the instruction booklet make the entire assembly process hassle-free.

Design and Ergonomics: Design wise, the chair is a mixture of Italian and Korean styling. Primarily, the tilt tension mechanism implemented in this chair is a trademark of Italian craftsmanship. This unique feature allows comprehensive back support, and flexibility to meet your requirements. Further, the mesh back is an all Korean design that allows you to stay in harmony with proper ventilation, and cooling. This feature allows your back to be aerated and minimize any precipitation to keep you work-ready throughout the day.

Ergochair 2 Autonomous

Features: The company has focused intensely on the seating comfort and comprehensive back support. The chair boasts of a highly durable construction with a plethora of customizable features that provide an effective solution to your diverse needs. The exquisite Korean mesh provides an all new level of ergonomics to the ErgoChair 2. It has a unique breathable fabric that provides you with matchless comfort and support for long working hours. The company believes that the chair would bring an enhancement to your lifestyle, and productivity at work. The entire structure and ergonomics of the design are based on the company’s philosophy to achieve an advanced art of seating.

Autonomous Ergonomic Chair

Other important features of the chair include – the full-scale capability to rotate at complete 360 degrees. In addition, it has a full-body support feature which is available in any seating position or posture. The flexible design allows you to rotate, move, and adjust the chair in virtually every possible angle and direction. Such flexibility and full-body support maintain a good posture of the body ensuring a healthy and comfortable seating experience. Moreover, a healthy posture also helps you to improve your blood circulation and keep your mind sharp.

The company has also taken care of the people with a chronic lower back pain problem. The ErgoChair2 provides an adjustable lumbar support that provides a comforting experience to your lower back while sitting for a long period of time. Besides, the adjustment process of the chair is a very simple process. You just need to pull down the side handle to seamlessly adjust the back support.  

Pros: The ErgoChair 2 by Autonomous provides a number of benefits to its users.

  • Wide-range of ergonomic adjustments.
  • Durable construction that provides prolonged reliability.
  • 30-day return period.
  • The high number of customizations to adjust the chair as per your neck, back, and head resting position.
  • Highly easy assembly and modern designing.

Cons: There are some areas where the ErgoChair 2 requires improvement.

  • The high number of customization options are great, however, gaining control over all the features and functions can be time-consuming.
  • Some users have complained about the delays in shipment.

Wayfair Latitude Run Thigpen Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair

The Thigpen Ergonomic Mesh Desk Chair by Latitude Run is an intelligently designed product. The chair has a full-scale mesh design which adds to its uniqueness. Even with its traditional styling, the chair reflects highly professional workmanship.Thigpen+Mesh+Desk+Chair

Assembly: The chair comes in a solid packaging. The assembly time of the chair is approximately 40 minutes. Although, you require considerable expertise to unpack and assemble the entire chair. Further, it is essential if you can arrange a hex bit with a distinct torque setting option to join all the parts. The instruction booklet is full of images but lacks a considerable text-based description to aid the users. It is important to note that all the screws and strip threads must be tightly fastened.

Design and Ergonomics: Design wise, the chair delivers a contemporary feel. It is an aesthetically designed product which provides a rich number of features. Interestingly, it has a closed loop arm style and a streamlined shape to provide a great level of recognition. Besides, the build materials used by the company are discerning and provide a long-term durability. Further, the chair is a remarkable piece of furniture that suits every office, home or workplace. In addition, the all-mesh design provides a unique look to the chair. Typically, the chair is not particularly a wide one, but it is sufficient for even the big persons weighing up to 230 lbs.

Features: The chair provides multiple adjustment options that allow you to adjust its height, tilt, rocker resistance, backrest position, and armrest position. Intrinsically, the ratchet back height adjustment feature allows you to customize the lumbar support as well. The designers of the chair have deliberately shaped the back of the chair in a curve form to promote a healthier posture. Ideally, the all-mesh form of the chair provides ample firmness that makes it a durable piece of furniture for many years of usage.

Pros: The Thigpen Ergonomic Mesh Chair available at Wayfair has a number of important benefits that make it a unique and favorable piece of furniture.

  • The biggest advantage of this chair is its all-mesh design that adds a layer of elegance to its aesthetic appeal.
  • It offers adjustable arms with optimal positioning that provides a great level of customization to its users.
  • The framework of the chair is solid and provides a great level of durability for long-term usage.
  • The dedicated lumbar support keeps the user healthy, and tireless.

Cons: There are some crucial points that decrease the overall value of the product.

  • The biggest disadvantage of the chair is its difficult assembly. Although, the overall packaging of the chair is solid the assembly requires a certain degree of expertise which is not common among the average users. Moreover, the user also requires a hex bit drill to screw the product, making it a hectic-task for the average user.
  • The second disadvantage of the product is the lack of a full-scale claim cover provided by the company. It doesn’t provide any cover if the damage to the chair occurs due to a natural calamity.


Both the chairs are highly stylish, elegant, and durable pieces of office furniture. The main philosophy to compare both the products come from the fact that office furniture is one of the most important elements of every business. Without an effective furniture, no set of employees can maximize their performance and output. Typically, an office chair is an important component of the office furniture that sets the tone and pace of every company.

The office chairs have been compared on the basis of three main criteria – style, health effects, and price. Both have performed extremely well as per the above-mentioned criteria. However, the ErgoChair 2 is a notch better than the Thigpen Mesh Desk Chair.

In terms of styling, the all-mesh design of the Latitude Thigpen Chair offers a unique outlook but it is nowhere close to the Ergo Chair 2’s futuristic and ultra-modern design. The Ergo Chair 2 is an effective design as well as elegant which can suit any office or workplace. On the other hand, the Thigpen Office Chair is more of a common design.

We have also evaluated that the assembly time and process of both the chairs are different. In the first case, the Ergo Chair 2 has a fluidic assembly procedure, and the company has provided all the required tools with detailed instructions so that any layman can assemble it without a hassle. On the contrary, the Thigpen Mesh Office Chair has no easy assembly. It requires additional tools and its instruction booklet is a lot less helpful.

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