Do you play basketball? Everyone who is tall has been asked that annoying question. Being tall, believe it or not, does not make you a star athlete. However, whether you play basketball or not, what tall people do have in common is back pain.

Why tall people need to take care of their back

Tall people are at an increased risk of injury: The further you are from the ground, the harder a fall is on your body and the more likely that you will get injured. Even if your body is strong, no one can fight gravity. And as a result, the back and neck are common places of injury that can ruin your day.

Poor posture can cause injury over time: Poor spine posture occurs more with tall people due to manufactured objects that are not specially fitted for all heights. Tall people also have less relative strength in the back that causes an eventual deviation from the neutral spine posture. The result is a sudden or gradual pain that may have been building up over years.

A bent spine from hunching: A deviation from spine posture happens when the spine is in a constant state of bending. This is a problem because the pressure that is applied unevenly to the spine affects the discs. This uneven pressure pushes the soft contents that cushion each disc to the side, which sometimes creates a herniated disc (usually at a later age. These issues are caused by constantly hunching day-to-day over the computer or at a physical job.

Are you slouching without noticing?

The taller you are, the more back pain you will experience in your life. It has to do with the fact if you are higher up you have to reach farther down— which usually means slouching.

The worst time to be slouching is for while relaxing for hours, such as while watching TV or working on the computer. While you are busy on the computer, you back is not being supported. You may notice when lying down to sleep that the lower back is always in an uncomfortable position. The reason for this: tall people slouch. The funny thing is, you don’t even notice it until one day when you feel aches and pains.  

In some cases, this results in Herniated disks which cause intense pain. The pain may not always come from the damaged disk. It may be coming from the pressure that herniation’s place on the nerves outside the disc, which are highly sensitive. The pain increases the tightness in the back, stressing the discs out even more. This is how the cycle of chronic pain begins.

Ergonomic chair for tall person

Why not take better care of your body?

It makes no sense why people don’t start thinking about how to support their backs at an earlier age. Bodies are fragile. It is human nature to need to slow down as we age and provide our physical body and mind with what it needs to function properly. We workout to keep our blood pressure low, eat a good diet to keep a healthy heart, and take vitamins for extra nutrients. It’s curious how we spend so much time thinking about our health; yet forget to take care of our muscles, joints, and spine, which we rely on every day.

For those with long bodies, the back is one of the main physical areas that need attention. By reducing the amount of stress on the back with ergonomic chairs, back pain could be avoided in the future. In life, when we think in advance about our upcoming problems we can save time and energy, leading to a more successful career and feeling better all the while.

Any person at any age can get stronger. Anyone has the power to improve their body’s performance. And while some try improving their posture, it is often not that simple. Just like some of us need a treadmill in the basement to work off those extra pounds, a chair that is specially made for you is needed to prevent back pain.

8 hours per day on an uncomfortable chair

Most chairs are not made for tall people: if your chair is not adjustable, then it is not meant for you needs. As we well know, designers tend to make products for those of average height. As a result, people who are outside the normal range suffer from a product that is not well designed for their needs. The ergonomic chair allows for complete adjustment to customize the angle to best fit your back. This is especially a necessity for tall people, so that the back can be lengthened and positioned to best support while typing.

In the workplace, hours of work every day require extra thought into how comfortable you are making your body. While you are working your mind by checking emails and making phone calls, you are also working your back without even realizing it. At an office job working on the computer, the average person spends eight hours sitting down in the same position. If this position is not a good one, then you are spending 40 hours a week slowly weakening your spine.

You may not have a choice of what chair you use while at work. However, at a home office, this should be the main consideration when choosing the furniture that will create a work environment in the home. When buying a chair that you want to last in your house for a long time, there is something to be said for going for quality. An ergonomic chair is a good investment, as it can be an essential part of your office for many years.

The best ergonomic chair for tall person is one that is highly adjustable. The ErgoChair 2 is fit for custom needs. It is fully adjustable, with a tilt tension that allows for the needed support of the spine. With the ErgoChair 2, there is no need to worry about if your posture is damaging your back because your body will be supported, as it should.

At the end of the day, don’t we deserve to be comfortable at work? There is enough stress in running a business. There’s no need to have the additional problem of being in an uncomfortable position during the work week, and paying for it on the weekend when you want to enjoy yourself playing golf or going for a walk with friends.



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