Choosing an appropriate standing desk can be an issue when there is multiple numbers of options available in the market. Inherently, it depends on our requirements, budget, and available space to select the best piece of furniture for us. Generally, the standing desks are designed to provide you the best of both worlds – the ability to work while sitting or standing. What makes a standing desk reliable is its ability to be adjusted in terms of size without a hassle. If the process of adjustment gets hectic, then the users would have to spend a considerable time only in resizing the standing desk. Such a scenario can be consequential for the individual if he/she wants to increase the output.

So, here in this article, we have reviewed three different standing desks from three different companies – Fully, Varidesk, and Autonomous. All these companies are well-established and renowned for manufacturing state-of-the-art office furniture. As a result, all these standing desks provided in this article are unique and provide a number of distinct advantages.

We have reviewed all the three standing desks that are available in the same price tag. However, with our detailed reviewing and real-time testing, we have also concluded a winner at the end of the article.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk by Fully

Price: $395

standing desk review

The Jarvis Bamboo standing desk by Fully is undoubtedly a work-of-art, at least ergonomically. The design of this furniture item will leave you shell-shocked. It is a beautifully assembled standing desk with a bamboo top. The finishing and the quality of contours are breathtakingly elegant, and it looks to be crafted to perfection.

The bamboo used in this standing desk is specifically harvested without using any sort of pesticides, insecticides or any artificial fertilizer. Thus, providing you the ability to work in a healthy and environmentally friendly space. The bamboo wood for the desk has been carefully scrutinized and prepared without using any chemical dyes or stains.

Ergonomics: The standing desk is deliberately made to get your attention. With the use of peculiar Bamboo, which is environmentally and aesthetically safe, the desk offers you a mixture of natural and modern features. The design of the desk is smooth, stylish and svelte from top to the bottom. The company has laid a lot of emphasis on minor details such as the smoothening of edges and the contours. The design and looks of the standing desk resemble that of a furniture priced at four or five times its price.

Setup: The Jarvis standing desk requires you to have a power drill and an L-shaped Alan wrench. However, if you don’t have a power drill, you can also use a Phillips-head screwdriver. The company has provided specific directions on the instruction booklet which provides well-detailed information about each and every aspect of setting up your standing desk. However, the tricky part is to set up the legs of the desk. After which, screwing the top of the desk is rather easy and fast.

The company has provided wooden screws and pre-drilled holes for your convenience. Once you are able to line everything up, plug in the electronics and use the provided cable clips to organize the wires in a neat bundle. The overall time spent in the construction of the desk is about 20 minutes. Although, it can be a little more or less depending on your ability to understand and implement the provided instructions.

Features: The standing desk is peculiarly made from 40 to 100% pure bamboo wood. Moreover, the desk is Greenguard certified that ensures that it will never emanate any harmful VOCs. Intrinsically, the desk is completely electric and automated from top to bottom. Unlike most of its competition, the desk provides you the ability to control it using its dedicated control panel in a hassle-free manner. So, whenever you need to change its height – sitting or standing, you just have to press a single button.

The dedicated control panel is equipped with seven different buttons, out of which two are for up and down controls, while the rest of the four are for different presets. While the use of the presets depends on the current height of the standing desk.

The desk also provides you the feature of Powered-Grommets that allows you to connect all your devices to the desk. It saves you a lot of hassle, as running all the wires from a different direction can create a clumsy environment around your desk. While it can become hectic by adjusting the size of the desk. The company claims its weight carrying capacity of 350 lbs. which is more than enough for you to stack your desk with multiple monitors, your stationery, your food, your electronic gadgets and what not!

The product is available in two different shapes and seven different size options. Along with that, you also get a ton of accessories to choose from. Importantly, the contour is available in three different – 48’’, 60’’, and 72’’ tops.

Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36

standing desk review & compare

Price: $395

Varidesk provides a number of standing desks that provide different features and functionality. The Pro Plus 36 is an allrounder in terms of performance, price, features, and durability.

Ergonomics: Ergonomically, the standing desk looks high-tech and crisply modern. It is peculiarly designed and delivers a subtle aesthetic appeal. The edges and contours of the standing table are smooth and elegantly chiseled. There a total of four unique color options – Black, Butcher Block (Light Brown), Darkwood, and Oriental White that add a peculiar effect to the ergonomics of the furniture.

Setup: The setup time of the standing desk is about 30 minutes. The product comes with an instruction booklet which is adequate about the details required to assemble the desk. However, there is lack of pictures within the booklet that is a considering factor. Further, the product comes with all the necessary tools and equipment to assemble it effectively. You can attach the base with the top rather easily as the product allows ample maneuverability.

Features: It provides you the capability to place multiple monitors, including a special tray for your keyboard, mouse, and headphones. The table provides you the ideal maneuverability to raise your peripherals as you extend the height of the desk. Although, the weight carrying capacity of the desk is only 35 kg, which can be a concern if you want to load heavy devices on it. However, the capacity is adequate to hold two monitors with ease.

To check its durability, we checked it by placing two monitors over it. The desk showed no sign of stress and maintained a solid stance. Construction wise, the desk is well constructed. With its number of color options, it allows you the ability to select the piece which best suits your décor. To add to its durability, the desk is manufactured from the best available materials. Apart from that, it is certified by GreenGuard, GreenGuard Gold, and BIFMA Standards.

To adjust the height of the desk, you require a little effort due to its spring-assisted construction. You just have to engage two clips on both the sides of the desk and pull them in an upward direction. This will trigger the mechanism and you can easily transit between different heights as per your preference. Although, it is not as convenient as the electric ones; its mechanical action is noise-free that is an advantage over its electrical counterparts. This ability can be particularly important if you work in an office where silence is mandatory. Further, the company also provides a 30-day risk-free guarantee. With the guarantee, you can return the product within the first 30 days of the purchase and the company will provide you a complete refund of the money.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 – Business Edition

Price: $399

Electrically motorized desks are always ahead of their mechanical counterparts. No matter how durable or sturdy your standing desk is, it is still primitive if it doesn’t allow you to adjust its height with the touch of a button. The SmartDesk 2 Business Edition by Autonomous is one such design that provides you features of the premium standing desk at a price of budget one.

Ergonomics: Standing desks provide you the comfort of working both ways – by sitting or standing, and this desk makes your life really smooth by providing you an effortless transition between the two positions. Ergonomically, it is designed like a perfect piece of engineered furniture. It provides you 5 different coloring options to choose from, with an ability to select a different color for the top and the base, respectively.

Design wise, it is smooth edged and spacious. Its aesthetic appeal can be visualized from the fact that it is a special business edition, with its designing tailor-made to grace your office space.  

Setup: The setup of the standing desk takes approximately 20 minutes. Kudos to its construction, it has a straightforward and direct design that attributes its easy assembly. The product comes packaged into two different packages, each for the table top, and the sit/stand frame.

It takes about 5 minutes to extract the components of the package and read the instruction booklet. The detailed instructions printed on the instruction booklet allows you to understand it completely. To add to your understanding, the company has also provided detailed pictures of the assembly process.

Features: The product provides you a number of features and functions at its price. The biggest feature is its electronically adjustable height, which is undoubtedly best in its class. Further, there is also a dedicated control panel on the right side of the standing desk. The control panel has different direction adjustment buttons which allow you to adjust the height without a hassle. Besides, it also provides you with four different presets that can be used to adjust the height of the desk. It also allows you to customize the presets as per your preference.

On the opposite side of the control panel, you get a display that provides you to show the current height of the standing desk. It provides a considerable weight carrying capacity along with a whopping 5-year warranty period. It has to be admitted that such a warranty period cover is hard to find even in the premium standing desks costing you a ransom.


All the standing desks covered in this article are feature-packed, budget-friendly and provide a number of distinct functions and features. However, each of the provided standing desks is unique and has its distinct advantage. Hence, it is important to understand our analysis and consider your personal requirements to consider the right choice of standing desk. Besides, we also ensure you that all the standing desks reviewed in this article were top-notch at their price.

The Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk by Fully provides you electrically adjustable positions along with an ergonomically beautiful design. It is both – convenient and budget-friendly. It also provides a classic finish.

The Varidesk Pro Plus™ 36 is a smaller standing desk but provides you with great durability and strength. Its smart design allows you to place maximum equipment within a small space. It is ideal for offices that are low on space and require a smart solution. Its urban styling and elegant color options make it a highly preferred piece of furniture.

The SmartDesk 2 Business Edition by Autonomous is a standing desk that can be considered as the master of every requirement. It’s beautifully designed with a number of subtle color options. It is sturdy and provides a competitive weight carrying capacity. Not only that, it is also affordable and allows you to select different colors for the top and the bottom. However, the biggest feature of this standing desk is its ability to be transitioned from sitting to standing, and vice-versa positions. It is electronically powered and provides the best transitioning experience in any of the standing desks available in its price range. With its overall optimized performance, it is our pick of the designs.

In the end, we recommend you the SmartDesk 2 Business Edition by Autonomous, if you are looking to purchase a standing desk for your home, office or workspace.



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