Interesting Facts about Away Luggage and Reviews


Away Luggage is another dynamic baggage manufactured by the company, Away, which has been on the market for years now and has made sure there is an improvement in the quality and function of their products each year. This company was founded in 2015 by two individuals whose aim was to drive the use of luggage into the media world; hence, its signature product is called “The Celebrity Luggage.” It had come this far through a series of collaboration with celebrities who not only promote the product but also make sure it is advertised through other active channels.

Away luggage

As soon as the company saw a change in the demand for luggage on the market, they started making limited editions with attractive designs and styles. All these make people wonder what this Away Luggage has to offer asides the publicity hype. In this luggage review, end-users will understand what it means to use a product like this, specifications, benefits and few limitations it has that may affect its use.

Away Luggage – all sizes

This is lightweight baggage with a fancy design which can hold as many items as possible required for a journey, without breaking. It is a very durable product that comes for nothing higher than $400. They are available in four different sizes either as a Checked or a Carry-On Luggage.

Medium Away Checked Luggage

As the name implies, it is a mid-sized 26” luggage which has been built to last for as many years as you can count without losing its qualities. Just as we expected, it comes very light in weight, all thanks to its polycarbonate shell. Inside the baggage, you will find an internal compression system, as well as its unique removable laundry bag which is both suitable for different purposes.

Medium Away Checked Luggage
Image: lebunnyroux

The lock system is a series of combinations which is TSA-inspired; this feature brings about safety and security of items in the baggage, and one doesn’t need to worry about being thoroughly searched at security checkpoints. In addition to this lock, there are multi-directional, i.e., moving in a 360-degree direction spinner wheels for smooth movement. Easily, you can drag your baggage to whatever side you are going to, and it will come just right behind you. With a lifetime warranty, and 68.8 Liter capacity, it is indeed an excellent product for all travels.

Large Away Checked Luggage

Almost synonymous to the medium checked-on luggage, it is the largest size of the bag that can ever be offered by a brand like Away. With a capacity of 29”, it can hold so many items without feeling cumbersome or stressful to carry. It has a lifetime warranty which is one thing every buyer tries to look out for when buying a product. It has a compression system on the inside as well as a removable laundry bag.

Large Away Checked Luggage

The same way with the former, it has a TSA combination lock for gaining access to items and valuables in the bag, as well as spinner wheels that can move in any direction it is put towards. Traveling with this baggage is so much fun because there is an opportunity to pack as many clothes as possible. If you are worried about its durability, it is the least you should think about because it is made of a polycarbonate shell that can withstand all external forces that comes against it. It has a capacity of 99.2 L which is the biggest ever seen.

Original Away Carry-On Luggage

This size is quite small, but standard with about 21 inches, and weighs about 7.6 lbs., which is why it is light and portable. It is the perfect carry-on luggage that can be used for your getaway trips or vacations. Because of its small size, it becomes easy to put in the overhead bin of almost all airlines; hence, it is airline-friendly. Since it is also an Away Luggage; it is made of a durable polycarbonate case which makes it strong enough to hold off the impact from external forces.

Original Away Carry-On Luggage

Also, it offers a lifetime warranty coupled with other features that comes with the product. Some of these features include; an ejectable battery that can power up mobile phones, a hidden laundry bag, an internal compression system, and as usual, as TSA-lock system. All these make it an excellent product worthy of commendation. Also, the highest capacity this away luggage can hold is 39.8 L.

Big Away Carry-On Luggage

This is a more critical type of Away carry-on Luggage, almost similar to the Original size, but with 22.7”. It has all features the conventional carry-on has, including; the ejectable battery, distinct TSA combination lock, hidden laundry bag, and a compression system on the inside. Also, with a polycarbonate durable body material, and a lifetime warranty. However, it has a capacity of 47.9 L.

Big Away Carry-On Luggage

Why do we like Away Luggage?

  • It is a smart luggage

Being smart luggage, that means it has a lot of super features that ensure a pleasant travel experience. So far, so good, the incredible feature we have seen so far is the ejectable battery that can charge phones to an optimum or maximum level. They last well before they are being recharged again for further use. On the flight, it will come convenient.

  • It is powerful and durable

Also, the baggage is robust, and this is all due to the polycarbonate ABS material which was used to make the shell/case. Unlike many low-quality products that get deformed when in contact with an external force, this withstands anything and still retains its shape and beautiful look.

  • It has a lifetime warranty

One more thing people check out from any product, most importantly, luggage is the warranty period. The warranty shows how long it can be used without developing faults. Fortunately, Away Luggage offers a lifetime warranty either as a checked or carry-on luggage, and this is one of the best seen or recorded in the world of travel bags.

  • Its features are advanced and modern

In general, all features that come with the baggage is purely superior and topnotch. As you can see, it is advertised via media platforms, mainly by celebrities because of how sleek and improved it is. If it’s just like every traditional bag, we doubt if any celebrity would love to promote such a product.

What are the limitations of Away Luggage?

There are so many praises that have filled air concerning this product, but no matter how perfect it is, there are still going to be some ‘buts.’

  • The laundry bag often has issues

There is a laundry bag that comes with the baggage, and there are frustrating moments with this particular feature. For instance, the zipper gets stuck within the container, especially after being washed and it becomes even painful to use the kit to satisfaction.

  • Problems with wheels

Not all multi-directional wheels are great at movement; this bag just proved that. They don’t lock in place as they are expected to, which is a big issue since stability is involved.

  • It is a little expensive

Lastly, they are available in different sizes, someone with a tighter budget or something less than $100 may not find an Away Luggage as a perfect choice because it costs $200 and above.

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Away Luggage is mainly dominating the entire market, especially when celebrities on Instagram are the one promoting it more than the manufacturers. It is excellent luggage worth every penny you lay down for it. It has everything you need in a suitcase, and even in unfavorable conditions, such as lack of power supply, it has a battery to help power your device.